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Hey! Guys, this post is all about the NETFLIX Subscriptions Plans in Nigeria. It is meant to show you guys how NETFLIX subscription plans are way more cheaper than you would expect. All the hype that Netflix are for heavy data users or people with loads of cash or for first world country will be debunked in this post.

You would get to see how anyone, whether you living in Nigeria or elsewhere can actually subscribe Netflix with an affordable monthly plan.

What Prompted me to Write this Post:

Initially I wasn’t quite a fan of paid TV streaming subscriptions. But was rather a proponent of free TV access with the option to download to your device.

But all this changed when I was looking for a Spanish TV Show, by name, Locked Up (Vis a Vis).

I literally searched several websites with much hassle and couldn’t get it nor to think of downloading it.

The ones I saw on some sites had no English subtitles and downloading them would take almost forever on a download speed that’s quite crappy assigned by the hosting service of the TV show.

Since, it was a Netflix show, with 4 seasons. I decided to go for the easier and simple option, Netflix because I really wanted to see the Show.

Thus, I found out anyone can also use Netflix even though you’re trying to minimize cost of streaming and subscription.

There is always an easier way around. And, I’ll share with you guys my findings in this post. Stay tuned!.

What’s Netflix

For those that don’t know what Netflix is, there are chances you might have come across some movies or TV shows that usually begin with the Netflix logo.

It means those movies or TV shows are actually Netflix original shows.

Thus, Netflix is more like a TV streaming service. It brings to it’s subscribers movies and TV shows ranging from different categories, countries and language.

Netflix can be accessed via: smart TVs with streaming services, its android app on Playstore, its iOs app on the Appstore and as well on the web and several smart TV casting apps or sticks.

How Netflix Work

Netflix is an internet service TV subscription service that brings to end users and subscribers several forms of TV entertainment and informative videos.

It’s that TV streaming service that you would want to have to keep up with the release of classic movies and TV shows as they are unveiled.

Thus, Netflix uses internet to bring to you, all of these services.

Therefore, for you to use Netflix, you would need to have a device that can connect to internet and as well an active internet connection or Wifi.

If you are in Nigeria there a loads of affordable internet broadband subscriptions you can opt for depending on your budget and the amount you are willing to shell out.

Those internet subscriptions in Nigeria ( MTN Data, Glo Data, 9mobile Data, Airtel Data, Spectranet Data) are mostly monthly based.

So for you to access Netflix, first you need to have an active internet connection with streaming ability and also subscribe for a Netflix sub which would be given in the next line.

Though what has made some people to be complacent on opting for Netflix and other paid streaming TV services to keep update with trending TV shows, is because they feel they can pay for the subscription and as well pay for an internet data connection that can stream Netflix.

Instead, they prefer going for either free Streaming services or websites they can download these shows or TV movies from as a way to save cost. Websites like: Pahe, Toxicwap, Tfp movies and a whole lots of others.

But in this post we would show you how you can easily save cost too and also enjoy Netflix like anyone out there.

Below is a list of the 3 categories of Netflix subscription you can opt for in Nigeria.

List of Netflix Subscriptions Nigeria

  1. Basic Netflix Sub
  2. Standard Netflix Sub
  3. Premium Netflix Sub

NETFLIX Subscriptions Nigeria

Basic Netflix Subscription:

  • Cost 2900 Naira
  • No HD
  • No Ultra-HD
  • One screen at a time
  • Can watch on laptop, TV, Phones and Tablet

This means in the basic Netflix subscription, you get no HD (high definition) streaming, instead you get SD in lower picture quality. It cost around 2900 in Nigeria and can only be used on one screen at a time.

This means, you can’t share the subscription with you friends to stream at the same time.

Standard Netflix Subscription:

  • It cost 3600 Naira per month
  • HD available
  • Ultra-HD is excluded
  • You can watch on 2 devices or screens at tht same time
  • Can watch on laptops, phones, TV and Tablets.

This means on the standard Netflix sub plan you get access to HD videos and as well ability to watch on two different screens.

This means you can share the cost of subscription with your friend to save cost by dividing the cost of the standard subscription by 2 while both of you share same account.

Thus, since the cost of the standard subscription on Netflix is 3600 Naira, when you divide by 2 you get, 3600/2= 1800 Naira per month.

This helps to save cost, since two devices can use it simultaneously.

Premium Netflix Subscription:

  • Cost 4200 Naira per month
  • HD access
  • Ultra-HD access
  • 4 devices or screen can use at the same time
  • Can watch with laptops, phones, TVs and Tablets.

The premium Netflix subscription comes with HD and Ultra-HD access with ability to stream on 4 devices or screens at tht same time.

This means on the premium package, you can share the cost of subscription with 4 persons to minimize cost while still taking advantages of all the premium perks

When you share subscription cost with 4 of your friend, that means when you do the Maths, each friend pay 4100/4= 1100 Naira per month.

Final Conclusion:

Going by all of the descriptions of the 3 subscriptions for TV streaming on Netflix, I’ll advice you go with the premium package and share the cost with 4 of your other friends or family member.

So you guys can use the same account to access Netflix on 4 different devices simultaneously.

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