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ToxicWap is a movie, music, tv series, video and wallpaper search and download sites. These means all of the above mentioned can be searched for in Toxicwap and downloaded.

But, the tiny looking website have been around for ages and well known for timely updates on Movies and TV series.


For most TV series and movie lovers you might have heard or come across this site even without taking cognizance of it.

Toxicwap like all other movie/tv series sites like, tfpdl, o2tvseries, Pahe, Fzmovies etc are non-conventional ways of downloading movies-streaming on the internet and not like in the case of Netflix or Hulu that is a premium service.

Thus, you may not often see them popping out of search engines there and then. But, they often have this large fan base with direct daily visitors in hundreds of thousands.


In this post, will just give a small insight on movies and TV shows in Toxicwap and how to go about downloading them.

ToxicWap is among top non-conventional sites on the internet where you can get mobile optimized movies/series as well as HD movie format for larger screen.

Video File Formats:

Downloads in the Website is free and video file formats of series and movies are mostly in the 3GP, MP4, MP4 (HD) and Avi file formats.

Website Interface:

ToxicWap has a small website easy looking and simple design. Which will hardly take up to 10kb in file size on the Home page.

Like most popular movies/series downloading sites where you see movies and series tattered all over the home page as a form of display. This site rather creates an abstraction by rather encapsulating all contents contained in the site into the categorization listed below.

Categories in Toxiwap:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Videos
  • Wallpapers

In order to create simplicity and abstraction for users. Especially for the ones with feature smartphone and low internet bandwidths. Thus, this website attract thousands of users from Africa and Asia.

Since, the essence of the post is on movies and TV series will just focus on the 2 categories. And how you can get stuffs from them in Toxicwap.

How to Download Movies from ToxicWap:

  1. Go to your browser and type and go to
  2. In the homepage, scroll to movies
  3. Once in the homepage movies are listed serially with also a next page tab to continue browsing and browsing for movies
  4. You can also scroll down to use the 3 categorization options to get the preferred movie you want to download (Search, Old to New, A-Z and Z-A)
  5. Select the movie of your choice and click
  6. Next click on the Proceed to download button at the bottom of the movie
  7. Next page brings up the video into various parts you can download to your mobile phone or computer
  8. Select each part and click to download.

That all about downloading movies in the site. This brings us to downloading series from Toxicwap.

The steps of downloading series or TV Shows from Toxicwap is similar to the steps you would use to download movies too.

How to download TV Series from Toxicwap:

  1.   In the homepage of, scroll and click on TV Series.
  2. Takes to TV Series page
  3. Select any series from the listed. Or use various categorization given like, A-Z, More updates, Top, Search, Recently added, numbers and cartoon
  4. Click on any TV Series you want to download
  5. Select the Season you want to download
  6. Select the episodes you want to download and click
  7. Download by clicking.

All done. So that’s how to quickly download movies or TV Series from the popular website built with mobile consideration in mind.

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