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Pahe, with url is a popular movies, TV shows, Series, Anime, Drama and Comedy drama websites. With quite a simplistic easy to use interface for users.

PaheThis websites attracts thousands of monthly traffic coming around Indian, Africa and European countries.

By far it is among one of the sites out there on the internet where you can get timely updates of new movies and TV shows as they air.

Plus lots of comments from users to ascertain how good the TV shows or movies were like.

Movies, Series and TV shows are sorted out from different categories and genres.

Available in 1080p Full HD, 720p HD and 480p video format depending on your internet bandwidth you would want to use in downloading.

If you are a movie enthusiast and aren’t down with the likes of popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu but prefer the unconventional sites spiraling in their own web space on the internet, like, the types of Tfpdl and o2tVseries.

Then Pahe, becomes another option to rely on for your favorite and timely updates on new movies and TV shows.

Movies/TV Shows Categorization:

The whole site of Pahe has a simple easy to understand design layouts with also the option for member registration and login to enable comments.

Movies/TV shows are grouped from the main page at the top bar of the website by:

  • IMDB Top Rated
  • IMDB Top Rated Indian Movies
  • IMDB Top 250
  • Oscar Winners

There is also a search button which lets users search for specific keyword queries of movies, animes, tv shows/series, drama etc.

Still on the homepage, movies are listed randomly according to how new, hot and whats trending.

You will need to scroll down the website to browse fully the movies, TV shows, Series, Drama etc that are listed randomly on the first page. Same also applies to the next page and the last page too.

To the right of the website is also a sidebar where you get different movies and TV shows/series listed according to randomness, popularity, comments and tags.

How to Download Movies/Series from Pahe:

Downloading TV shows, animes, movies, drama and series from Pahe is simple and straight to the point without buggy ads that tend to drive one crazy and make the experience not cool.

When you find a movie you want all you have to do is click on the Download button and then choose from the list of select video quality file formats you would want to download.

You can also decide to download collection of movies in one single file format and extract to your computer in the case of Series TV Shows with multiple episodes or you can decide to download each episode one a time.

Popular video formats include the likes of Web-HD 480p x264, Web-HD 720p x264, Web-HD 720p x265, Web-HD 1080p x264.

Most of the movies listed or TV shows listed on Pahe have both English and Indonesian subtitles.

Conclusion on Pahe:

That’s all about Pahe. You can visit the site via, just paste in your web browser url and browse.

Share your experience using Pahe via the comment section below or share any of your favorite movies/TV show site with us.

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