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What is O2TVSeries:

O2TVSeries, pronounced “O”-“two”TV”Series, is one stop hub, internet archive for myriads of TV series episodes, dramas and shows. In this web portal, known as O2tvseries, you get an unlimited access to varying numbers of complete TV series as they are released on timely basis.

These TV series, dramas and shows are arranged in accordance to their alphabetical order. Users can easily sort for movies by either using the search menu, orĀ  navigating through the portal taking cognizance of the first letter of the series.

The purpose of this post, is to give users a glimpse of what O2TVseries is all about and how you can quickly sort out TV series from the web portal.

Types of Video Quality of Series @O2TVseries:

At O2TVSeries, series are usually grouped by video quality in two formats. The high quality format and the low quality format. You can download different series whose video quality suits for mobile phone users with slow or low bandwidth connection.

Whether you are opting for a high quality download or a low quality download for your phone or laptop. All depends on your choice. How you want the video quality to look like.

Take note that higher video quality will take more mobile data, especially if you ain’t on WiFi connection. You get to choose from high quality formats, in HD quality, like MP4 formats, as well as low quality formats in 3GP for small mobile sized screens.

Whats the rage about O2TVseries:

Why O2TVseries, O2tvseries is undoubtedly, one of the best tiny TV series portal in the internet. Tiny not in the size of series contained inside. But, tiny in the sense that, the web portal or archive rather, has a very simplistic user interface.

There was a post previously on some random list, of sites you can get series and movies on the internet. And I believe O2TVSeries might have been skipped. Some times, the best too could be left out.

Such that even if you are using the most outdated browser, you can be able to get around things easily. And O2TVseries isn’t tiny as you may think, it houses nearly 600 series inside of it, as of the time of writing this post.

So if you are with the thought that, because, the portal looks pretty simplistic and plane, there isn’t much inside of it. Then, it not really like, that, it contains quite a number of popular TV series inside of it.

Grouping of Series in O2TVseries:

Simplicity is an understatement, when you cal O2tvseries. This webiste attracts thousands of people to it’s domain day in day out. Part of the things that makes O2tvseries standout is the simplicity to download a tv series without annoying ads popping up here and then.

And also the simplistic design, of how the whole web portal has been arranged to ease navigation of users.

One of the catchy feature about the O2tvseries web archive for downloading series, is the diligent arrangement of series according to the grouping:


These two options provide the website visitors, with two options to browse the site as they like. The two options are arranged right at the top menu of 02tvseries, for easy navigation.

List All TV Series O2TVseries:

If you are going by the List All TV Series option, here you get random list of varying amount of TV series to choose from. These TV series shown in the random list, are newer ones in the portal.

To access the, List All Genre option, without going directly to the homepage, you can simply type in this link to your web browser, o2tvseries. com/search/list_all_tv_series and hit enter to load the page.

What these means, is that the movies are listed based on new ones released to older ones already in the portal. In addition, there is another option too, to make the listing appear from older TV series to newer ones.

This means, you get to see the older ones first in the list, then down to the newer ones. You can do this, by choosing, the Old to New option.

Also included, in the tab is the A to Z option and the Z to A option to select if the other two options earlier listed doesn’t bring forth the desired result.


This brings us to the next sorting of series at the homepage. Which is the, List All Genre option.

List All Genre O2TVseries:

The List All Genre option in O2TVseries, sort all of the series contained in the portal by grouping them based on their categories. If you are going by this, you would simply search for a series, that interest you by going by the category in which it was grouped.

For example, under the Action Genre, it brought up series like, NCIS, Titans, Castlevania, Insomnia etc. While, clicking on the Comedy Genre brought TV series options, like, SMILF, PATRIOT, FULLER HOUSE, THE KOMINSKY METHOD.

And they were arranged in order of most recent first. That is from New to old. Going down and down the list, you get to find also, older TV Series.

You can also select, an option right at the top side of the menu, to flip the search from Old to new instead. And also sorting out via the Alphabetical order, from A-Z or from Z-A.

To get access directly, to the Genre menu in O2TVseries, without navigating via the home page. Simply, type inside of your browser url bar, the following without leaving space: o2tvseries. com/search/genre and hit enter.

O2TVseries, houses about 30 different TV series genres to choose from. Genres include:

O2TVseries Genres:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Film-Noir
  • Game Show
  • History
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • News
  • Reality-TV
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi, Sport
  • Talk-Show
  • Thriller
  • War and Western.

O2TV Recent Series List:

Furthermore, usually, when you visit the homepage, at O2tvseries, by going to the url: www. o2tvseries. com, you will be presented with some list of recently added series on the homepage.

These added list, are timely update of new episodes, released on various TV shows and series. Like shown below:

If all of the series you are searching for, is not accessible at the home page, you can use the A-Z full list, to check for the series you would want to download and watch instead.

Below is the steps to quickly and easily download from O2TVseries, whether you are using a computer, tablet or Mobile phone. All you need is an active internet connection via WiFi or Mobile data.

How to Download Series from O2TVSeries:

O2TVSeries, provides an easy to use menu that can be fully understood by anyone. Reason why is still one of the best web outlets for sorting out series from the internet.

But, none the less, we would still show a step by step process of how to normally download from this portal.

  • Firstly, type in your url bar of your browser, o2tvseries. com without leaving spaces and hit enter to load. If you are using mobile, we highly recommend UCBROWSER. Download UC Browser (Android>>>>>Apple iOS )
  • Secondly, at the home page, choose any series you want from options: recently added series, A-Z or Z-A arrangement or List All Series/List all Genre options.
  • Choose any of the options you would want to go for. All are contained in the home page.
    • We have the Recently added option
    • A-Z or Z-A options
    • List All Series/List All option
  • Going with the A-Z option, select option, A.
  • Select American Housewifes
  • Select the Season you want. To find Season 01. Simply use the Old-New tab at the top side of the menu to Switch the options.
  • Select the Episode you want
  • You can use the tab at the top of the page to choose, between switching from Old to New, A to Z, Z to A and New to Old arrangement.
  • So going by the Old to New arrangement. Click on the option, it brings you to from Episode 1 and counting.
  • Select the episode you want and click on it
  • Next menu that loads brings forth 4 options of video download quality to choose from
  • Options include, 3GP for small screens that consumes the list bandwidth of internet during downloads, next is MP4 and HD.
  • Click on any of the above and wait while the process initiates in no time. Voila! all done.

Final Note on O2TVSeries:

In conclusion, with this post, we have seen what O2TVseries is all about. And what users do inside the site. We have also covered how users can easily hover through all of the available menus if you have never come across the site when browsing the internet.

We also went further, to explain how most users get TV Series from this site.

NB: What any one does in O2TVseries is entirely left for the person. Whether you went their to download or to see how the site looks like is entirely left to you.

Nibbleng, and our admins can not be blamed for any action a user does there. All we do is provide reviews on whats hot in the internet.

To keep our users and visitors with timely update. What users do with this information is entirely left to them. We believe with this small post, you have been able to have a picture of what O2TVseries is all about. If you just happen to storm into it the very first time.

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