Best 20 Domain Registrars with New Features

Best 20 Domain Registrars with New FeaturesThis post is all about a listing of the top domain registrars out there in the internet of which you can grab your domain for a good price for money and of which comes alongside other amazing features.

A typical domain registrars isn’t just limited to registering of domain names to end users.

But can also involve in other aspects of domain selling or leasing. For example a domain registrars could offer parking and monetizing a domain.

Thus this list curtains the best domain registrars that offer other exciting feature you would want to register your domain with.

Whether you want to register a brandable domain or any other type of domain that you want to host or sell as brandable in a brandable market place or else where at other domain markets. You would want to use the best domain registrars available.

Depending on the selling price of various domain. You want to inquire the price in each of the market places and make your best choice, by choosing the cheapest domain registrars out of the many registrars out there.

Without further ado let’s delve into the listing of the top domain registrars that offer amazing features alongside selling of domain names to end users.

Best 20 Domain Registrars

  1. Epik
  2. InternetBS
  3. Dynadot
  4. Porkbun
  5. Namecheap
  7. 101Domain
  8. NameBright
  9. Fabulous
  11. NetworkSolutions
  12. 1&1
  13. Godaddy
  14. Hexonet
  15. Namesilo
  16. Cloudflare
  17. Google
  18. Moniker
  20. Enom


Epik is by far one of the fastest growing and innovative domain name registrar out there.

Epik has been quite impressive over the years bring forth new features to spice up domaining and it’s market place.

Epik has a market place where it allows users list their domains for sale. Though, other domain market places also have this feature.

On Epik domain market place, you can also list non Epik domains using the Epik lander.

Then we have features in Epik like name liquidate. Name liquidate allows domain owners to quickly liquidate their domain names most especially if they are unable to get an interested end-users.

Then we have features like leasing and parking which allows domain owners to get revenue from their acquired domain name. If it aren’t put into use.

Aside these features we also have other cool features in Epik that allows domain owners and brokers get the best deal out of their domain acquisition.


GoDaddy is one of the oldest and also popular domain registrar you would ever come across.

They have been consistent over the years. And they have been able to maintain that form of reliability.

With GoDaddy’s logo change of 2020, we had expected also new features to be added to the platform and it hasn’t disappointed.

Some of the commendable features you would get as a domain owner at GoDaddy is ability to list your domain name for auction, GoDaddy close outs, listing of premium domains to it’s market place Network to improve discoverability, listing in market places, Afternic services and much more.

Overall, GoDaddy have proven to be more than just a domain Registrar. They are much more than that.

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