Top Online Domain Selling Markets

Top Online Domain Selling MarketsThere are so many top online domain selling markets in the internet. Once you are connected to the web, almost anything you want becomes limitless.

The same thing too applies to buying and selling domains. So if you are reading this post now. You must already know what a domain entails.

What is a Domain:

Just a little look at what a domain is. A domain is name on the internet that points to a business, brand or server.

For example,, which points to Facebook a social media platform that connects myriads of people together., which directs users to Twitter, a news feed and social media platform helping people to easily share happenings and thoughts around. And also a list of million Domain name presently active in the internet which the scope of this post can not cover.

Domain Extensions:

Also, attached to a domain name is what is called the extension. The extension tells much about the domain or region. Or business type or gives an overall view of what the web page is all about.

Examples of extensions include, .com, .co,, .us, .io, .tech, .fashion, .cloud, .ng, .au, .ca, .gov etc.

A domain name having something like, gives you an idea that the business or web page is all about tech and computers.

Another example, is, this tells one the domain is dedicated for users in Canada and also all about travelling.

Furthermore, domain ending with .gov tells us it’s a Government owned entity.

So that’s all about what a domain is. Now let’s delve into domain registrars.

Domain Registrars:

Domain registrars are simply business owned companies that are in charge of registering either expired or new hand registered domains for individuals and government entities.

Usually all domain names are priced according to their extension. While some domain names are only available to government functionaries.

There are several registrars on the internet. But, here is a list of some of the most popular registrars on the web.

Selling a Domain:

When you own a domain name or have bought a domain name in any of the listed registrars you can easily sell or flip domain for any interested buyer.

This is done by listing out your domain for sale in top domain market selling places in the internet.

Some times this market places offer auctioning also. Such that ask, bid and buy it now price is placed on the domain.

More so, some witty individuals have crafted a niche for themselves and have turned it to a business model.

Such that, you buy and sell domain to make profit. More like an investment.

Example, of this business model, is the brandable domain name selling guide by Beckplanet of Nairaland, Nigeria most populous forum. In the guide, it teaches, how one can make decent earning just flipping branded domain names from brandable domain market places.

There are several hubs on the internet where you meet individuals that have become domain investors. They are mostly referred to as Domainers. Example of forums where you meet such individuals include, NamePros, Warrior Forum, Nairaland, Reddit, Quora etc.

Therefore, whether you are selling domain as an individual for different reasons or you have become a professional domain flipper/domainer.

Below are some top Domain Market Selling places in the internet. Where you can easily flip your domain in no time.

Top Online Domain Selling Markets

  1. Afternic
  2. DAN
  3. Godaddy
  4. SquadHelp
  5. Sedo
  6. Flippa
  7. Bido
  8. NamePros
  9. BrandBucket
  10. BrandPa
  11. NameJet
  12. Epik


Afternic is by far one of the most popular domain flipping market in the internet.

With many years in the domaining business. There is hardly any domain flipper or investor that hasn’t used Afternic.

Afternic has a premium listing option that makes listed domain gain for visibility to potential buyers.

It also works hand in hand with top level domain registrars in the internet. Like, Godaddy. Such, that you can list a domain for flipping on Godaddy and it appears also on Afternic and verse-versa.

Once a domain is sold you can check out using Wire Transfer and other available Afternic payment options.

Why use Afternic?

Because many people have recorded sales using the platform. Over the years it has proven to be one of the best.


Formerly known as undeveloped. Also a good domain selling market place in the internet.

Offers the option to be paid via Crypto-Currency when a listed domain is sold.

Quite flexible. Easy to navigate. Clean UI and smooth way to hover through the site even for a newbie that just wants to try flipping a domain.

You can receive payment for domain through Crypto’s, Paypal or Wire Transfer.

Why use DAN?

Many users have recorded repeated success of selling listing out their domain name via the platform. It is sleek and easy to use. Also offer the ability to be paid via Crypto-Currency.


Godaddy isn’t just known just for being a domain registrar, an internet hosting company and much more. It’s more like a black hole. Godaddy also has a dedicated platform to easily list, auction and sell a domain name you own.

It is one of the most popular Domain market places in the internet. And has been dealing with domains so way back.

Hardly any domain investor that doesn’t know about Godaddy market place, thus, making it one of the most popular among domain sellers.

Why use Godaddy?

They are very popular. Reliable and all that. Many users have recorded successes in the Godaddy Auction and selling platform.

Usually, Godaddy pay out for a sold domain using wire transfer option. Like all other domain flipping markets, Godaddy also have their own commission percentage they charge whenever a domain is sold via their platform.


Is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing brandable domain selling markets in the internet.

If you own a brandable domain, you can list it out on SquadHelp. SquadHelp has 3 listing options for domains.

The premium option is the most used and offers more chances of a sale.

But, listing out a domain via the premium listing will first have to pass through an approval process. Usually, 2 to 3 days.

Once approved your domain goes live and becomes seen to a wide audience. Once your domain is sold. You get around 70 percent of the listed amount while SquadHelp takes around 30 percent.

You can also suggest an unregistered brandable domain name on SquadHelp too, that has high chances of being sold. If approved on the premium listing. You get around 30 percent commission when the domain is sold while SquadHelp takes 70 percent. Since, they be the one to bear the risk of registering the unregistered brandable domain names.

Why use SquadHelp?

SquadHelp is one of the most viral brandable online selling market places. The website is pretty to navigate. One can spend a whole day just checking out cool stuffs in the website.

It has the competition option too and other stuffs where users engage in varying activities of creativity and get paid in return.

Payment option is flexible, via Paypal or Payoneer.


Sedo is an American domain selling platform. Sedo has also being in the business of domain selling for ages.

It’s services are premium, secured and trusted. If you are looking out to sell your domain. You can try out Sedo market place.

Payment option is usually through wire transfer.

Why Use Sedo?

It’s American based. If you are looking out to reach out to more American buyers or interested buyers of your domain you can use the platform.

It is reliable and also offer premium listing option with support for many domain registrars.

Flippa: is one of the most domain selling market platforms in the internet. They offer quite a number of services apart from just Domain Selling/auction and flipping.

You can also sell your website or business in Flippa too. There is hardly any domain investor or flipper that doesn’t know about Flippa.

Why use Flippa?

Flippa is very popular. Attracts lots of viewers and buyers. Good option service. You can sell blogs, websites and business too on Flippa. Thus, it is dynamic.


Bido is also a very good platform to flip and sell your domain names.

Though, UI looks like nothing is really happening. But, something does happen in Bido.

Also one of the oldest domain listing places in the internet. There is also options too available.

Why use Bido?

You can easily flip or sell domain in the Bido Auction. Especially if you are looking to make a fast sale for small profit.

Like you want to sell a domain for 30-50 USD Bido is good for that.


Though, this platform is more of a discussion forum for domain investors, flippers and sellers. It is the most popular domain forum in the internet.

But, there is also option available for quickly selling or flipping a domain to make a small profit margin among it’s users.

Why use NamePros?

You can easily sell a domain you own over there. Since, you get to chat and discuss with other interested buyers.


Brandbuck is just like SquadHelp. Though has been in the game for quite some time.

In BrandBucket, you are able to sell branded domain names. If your domain gets approved for premium listing and eventually makes a sale.

Brandbucket, takes a commission and you get the rest money.

Why use BrandBucket?

It is a reliable internet platform to sell a brandable domain you own. Quite easy and flexible to use. Though approval of brandable names may take longer than you expect.


As the name suggest, just like SquadHelp and Brandbucket. Also packs similar features of the listed two. Same advantages.

Using them above SquadHelp or BrandBucket simply boils down to choice.

Why use BrandPa?

Also a good place to list out your brandable domain names. Easy to use with simplistic user interface.


Also a good place to sell what ever domain name you own whether brandable domain names or just any domain type.

Also have been around for way back.

Why use NameJet?

You can sell any domain over there. Whether brandable or not. Easy listing and all the things that makes it easy for one to sell a domain.


Epik is more of a domain registrar than a domain market place. But, surprisingly the platform also incorporates a good domain selling/flipping menu.

Where users can simply list out their domain names.

Why use Epik?

Easy to use. Sleek. Flexible. Using them is mostly based on user choice.

Conclusion Domain Selling Markets:

So finally here marks the end of the top domain platforms you can easily flip or sell a domain you own.

If there is any cool and easy to use platform with high sale through rate that hasn’t been mentioned in the post.

Please, do leave a reply on it, in the comment section, so everyone can benefit.

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