How to Search for Old Facebook Posts Shared on your Wall



Easy Step by Step process to quickly find and dig up Old FACEBOOK POST that have disappeared from your timeline. Search Old Friends Post on Facebook, Search old videos, Old tagged pictures and Re-share with friends to keep up with memories that happened in the past.


In this post I’ll share with you, how you can quickly retrieve and share with your friends, old post you have made on Facebook. There are some old posts that contains maybe important information on stuffs or just cool memories you would like to have them seen again in your wall. To get all of your Facebook post you have shared with friends several years back is pretty easy, all you have to do is apply the few steps, shown below, HAPPY FINDING!.


The catch!, you could use the Search bar feature at the top of FACEBOOK menu to make a search for any item you looking for, that might have been posted in the past. Maybe, there is a funny GIF, picture you friend had posted in the past, and you may like to find it again or a Funny video on Facebook you shared with friends in the past, you can still search for it and share it again.


How to Search Old Facebook Post


#1. Login into Facebook

Login into your facebook profile via url:

#2. Locate Search Menu

At the front page locate the search menu, and type inside of the field any information of the old post.

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#3. Search for the Old Post


Inside the search field type in text any keyword that comes close to what you looking for. See some examples of keywords queries used below. You can modify yours to suit what you are looking for.

Examples of Keywords to dig up Facebook Old Post


i. Type your facebook name in the search field followed by “Posts”

See image below:

For example, in my own case as in: Farouk Sn Posts 


You can further trim down the search to give specific results, which leads us to the second option


ii. Type your facebook name in Search Field followed by Post [Specific Keyword]

For example, in my case: Farouk Sn Posts Christmas. See image below

the second query below shows you a search done on my old Facebook Posts containing the word Game. I used the Keyword, Farouk Sn Posts Game. Which brought this result, as in the image below.


While the third search query, shows all of my posts that had the keyword Television inside it, I used the keyword. Farouk Sn Posts Television, in the Facebook Search field to dig up:

Farouk Sn Posts Television


iii. Type Facebook name followed by Posts then the Date or Time

You can also dig up your old Facebook posts that happened at specific time of the year. Like for example in my case, I wanted to search for all Facebook post, which occurred around 2010. So I used in the search field:

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Farouk Sn Posts in 2010

The result, we get related posts that was posted on my wall in 2010, see below:


iv. Dig up a Friends Post

You can as well search for old post, by one of your Facebook friends, by using, the search query in the Facebook Search field:

[Facebook Friends Name] Posts, in my own case, I use one of my friends, as in Abdulmalik Badamasi Posts,  then you get all of your friends post


v. Dig up an old post of a friend by putting time

You can also narrow down the results to be more specific, by including a time frame you like as in: [Facebook Friends Name] Posts [Date/Time]

The search results on my friends post by inputting 2010, brought all related post in 2010 made by my friend. I used Abdulmalik Badamasi Posts in 2010,  in the Facebook Search Field.


vi. Dig up old Facebook Posts you tagged with Specific Friends

You can also search for specific post, you tagged a particular friend by using the keyword below

You can use the keyword: [Your Facebook Name] Posts tagged with [Friends Name 1]. For example, in my own case, I used, Farouk Sn Posts tagged with Abdulmalik Badamasi. I get in return all posts both of us were tagged in:

You can also dig up posts to be more specific in which two or more of your friends were tagged in by simply using the AND function. As in, [Your Facebook Name] posts tagged with [Friend 1 Name] and [Friend 2 Name] etc.  Example, in my case:

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Farouk Sn Posts tagged with Abdulmalik Badamasi AND Mustapha Gwarzo, gave the result all post the two friends were tagged in.

Other Keywords to Dig up Old Facebook Post

You can also use the below keywords in the Facebook Search Field to dig up old facebook posts. Happy Searching!.

  • [Your Facebook Name] Post Video
  • [Your Facebook Name] Post with Friends Name
  • [Your Facebook Name] video posts in [Specific Date/Time]
  • [Facebook Friends] Posts on [Keyword like: Sports, Catering, Food,  Football etc]
  • [Your Facebook Name] post of Single Women Who live in [Place ] AND Like [PUT ANYTHING]


If you finding it hard digging up a particular Facebook post, just post me a reply, let’s dig together.

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