Download TWITTER LITE app optimized for low Internet

With Twitter Lite version, you get to save more of your data when you download and install this app to your device as it’s designed with specification to minimize the amount of data being used when connected to Twitter. Twitter Lite app comes with data saving features aimed at low bandwidth internet connections.


Twitter Lite version app, is 3MB in size, downloading and installing it to your device is fast and easy even when you are connected on 2GB network. Twitter Lite version app, is available now for download in more than 20 countries across the world: Venezuela, Tunisia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, El Salvador, Serbia, Peru, Panama, Nepal, Mexico, Kazahkstan, Egypt, Israel, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Algeria.


You can stuffs that you normally do on this Lite version of Twitter just as in the standard form, just that this one tries to reduce data usage by compressing, substituting and replacing features that consumes data with lesser ones. You can see feeds from your favorite politics, sports and entertainment handles. You can turn on data saver mode in order to download only multimedia(image and video) you want to see only. There is also chat feature included, which lets you chat with friends, followers, businesses and government.


With the DATA SAVING feature on Twitter Lite app, you can connect with brands, governments, sports feeds, news feeds while using lesser internet data connection. You can as well, promote your businesses, or quickly provide customer care services to people following your brand.


Features of Twitter Lite

Below are the Features and advantages you get when using TWITTER LITE VERSION. NOTE: you can use the twitter Lite version both on the web and via downloading the app.

#1.  Web Accessibility:

Twitter lite version is available both in the app version and web version making it accessible for people using the mobile web. This means regardless of your device type, you can use the twitter lite version on most smartphones(Android, iOS etc) provided you can use your operamini, web browser etc to access the web page. That means, no need of GOOGLE PLAY STORE! or the APP STORE.

#2. Quick Install / Small File Space

Twitter Lite, can be accessed through the app, that is the Twitter Lite app or via the mobile web on your mobile web browser. If you are going with the first, which is under 1MB in size. Easy to install and small file that occupies almost no space in your memory storage.


#3. Data Saving

Data Saving is the first and utmost reason of the creation of the Lite Twitter version, you get to save data and optimize for places with low bandwidth internet connections.


#4. One Tap Access to Home Screen

You can add Twitter Lite to your home screen this ensures for quick accessibility and one tap process to get into Twitter.

#5. Notification

With Push Notifications, you keep your self informed you also get a notification when Twitter Lite is open or not.

#6. Offline Accessibility

With this feature you can keep using Twitter and all contents that have been loaded even when your internet connectivity goes off. You get to stay more longer and access more stuffs.

#7. Built with Safety

With the security features, you get additional privacy when using the Twitter Lite.

How to get Twitter Lite Version on your Smartphone (Android/iOS)


You can use Twitter Lite Version both via downloading and installing the app to your smartphone or accessing it via you web browser. The second options makes this feature accessible to almost any device with internet connectivity. Whether you are using iPhone, Android, Tablet, Phablet etc.  Here is how to quickly run the Lite Twitter version:


#1. Twitter Lite Via Mobile Web:

To use Twitter Lite version via mobile web browser, use the following steps below:

  • Go to your web browser on your device

  • Type in the URL field:

  • Login with your Twitter user name and password



Download TWITTER LITE app optimized for low Internet


#2. Twitter Lite Via App

You can also use the Lite version via download and installing the app through application store.

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone
  • Make a Query with: Twitter lite
  • Install the app to your smartphone and start tweeting!.

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