How to WithDraw Paypal Money in Nigeria

This post is all about, How to WithDraw Money from Paypal in Nigeria. We all know that Paypal have a restriction on Nigerian Account money withdrawal.

This means you can send money to any one in the world, shop from popular online shops like, Aliexpress and more; using one of the most popular payment gateways online, Paypal payment, but you can’t withdraw, if you are running on a Paypal Nigerian Account.

This limitation for Nigerian account has been around for some time. This post, shows you a white hack technique that you can use to overcome this restriction.

Though, it isn’t the intention of Paypal, to restrict Nigerians from withdrawing funds, using Nigerian Paypal accounts, but due to, some not so good reports of the system being abused for fraudulent transactions.

Therefore, Paypal had decided to include, Nigeria has one of their blacklisted countries from reception of funds due to the above stated reasons.

But again, this decision by Paypal had restricted well meaning Nigerians from receiving their hard earned money; from various legitimate, online freelancing and money making programs on the web.

This had being a detrimental factor for so much willing Nigerian to exemplify their skills, commitment and resourcefulness in online paying jobs.

As the saying, says, “the bad eggs spoil everything for the good ones”.

That aside, let’s get back to the main topic of discussion that is, white hack method of opening a Paypal Account with Withdrawal Ability from Nigeria.

Opening Paypal Account with Receiving Option

To open a fully verified Paypal Account with full functionality to withdraw money in Nigeria requires you to open a Paypal account from one of the Countries whereby ability to receive funds hasn’t been disabled.

That is you can use a Paypal Account dedicated to another Country over here in Nigeria. But, it is advisable to stay away from opening Paypal account using top Countries like, Canada, US, UK etc due to verification of address, and other important bios.

Besides Paypal accounts of US, Canada, UK etc running over here in Nigeria stand a high risk of been closed.

The method that will be given in this post, is rather, a white hack technique, whereby users use Paypal Accounts of South Africa (SA), Lesotho or the UAE.

There is absolute no need of hiding your identity, tweaking your address, etc.

All you need is to open a Paypal Account using one of these countries listed.

But, in this post will center on opening a fully verified Paypal Lesotho Account with Withdraw options in Nigeria.

Lesotho Paypal Account

With Lesotho Paypal Account you can send and also withdraw funds unlike the Nigerian Paypal Account. And you do not need to change your Nigerian address or information.

Just submit all information as it is.

Opening a Lesotho Paypal Account

The next steps will show you the step by step process of opening a Lesotho Paypal Account over here in Nigeria. So that you can receive funds from online transaction.

Before we continue, first take note of the following steps:

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WithDraw Paypal Money Nigeria


  • Ensure all previously accessed Paypal Accounts in the browser have been logged out.
  • Ensure you have cleared all the history from your web browser and cache.
  • Do not run on a VPN
  • Download a dedicated browser you will only use for Paypal

When you have taken note of all this steps we can now continue with opening a Lesotho Paypal Account in Nigeria with ability to withdraw.

  1. Firstly, go to the url
  2. Click on the Sign up tab
  3. Select the option to Open a Business Account
    WithDraw Paypal Money Nigeria
  4. Enter into the field an active and accessible email for Paypal (Note: It is highly recommended to use a Gmail Account)
  5. Click on the Next button to continue the registration process
    WithDraw Paypal Money Nigeria
  6. In the next field enter your personal information. Ensure you use your real details. Including real address.
  7. Next you setup your desired password and email address
  8. Under the Business Information field enter your Bio info
  9. For Business name, put any name of any Business brand you own, website or formulate a name.
  10. Under Phone number field, change the Country and Country Code to Nigeria 234
  11. Next enter your mobile number that is functional in the field
  12. Read the Terms and Conditions, though, many people ignore this, Click on the Agree and Continue tab below.
  13. The next page takes you to business info: On type of Business, select Individual
  14. Select the Category of Business in the drop down menu
  15. Select the Sub-Category after wards
  16. If your business has a blog or website, you can enter the URL, in the url field given. Else skip it.
  17. Click on the Continue option
  18. Next page is for Account Holder info: Under Nationality, select Nigeria
  19. Under the next tab for uploading Document for Identification, you can National ID
  20. Input your National ID number in the next tab
  21. Enter your date of birth in the D.O.B field
  22. Click on the Submit tab to complete the Paypal registration
  23. Next, sign into your Email to confirm the Paypal Registration process
  24. Click on the Paypal confirmation link in your email inbox
  25. After confirming your Email.
  26. Log in to Paypal using this link: by using your email and password.
  27. In the notification area, at the top right hand corner. Click on it, You will be requested to link a Credit Card (Master Card/Visa Card).
  28. Linking your Credit Card can be done at a later time.

After following all of the steps given above, the last step to fully setup a Paypal Account with full withdraw functionality from Nigeria, without facing any limitations, will be linking UBA Visa Africard directly to the Paypal Account created earlier.

Why UBA Visa Africard?

Because, it’s one of the Bank Cards in Nigeria that you can use to receive Paypal funds.

Usually when you have funds in your Paypal Account, you only need to use Withdraw to the Card option.

In turn, the UBA Visa Africard converts the domination amount to Naira which you can use to withdraw from any ATM.

Another good advantage of the UBA Africard is that, you don’t need to have an Account with UBA to obtain the Visa Card.

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Click the link given to learn more about getting a UBA Visa AFriCard.

Linking UBA Visa Africard to Paypal

Linking UBA Visa Africard to Paypal is easy and straight to the point.

  1. Log into your Paypal Account (using this link:
  2. Click on the Profile menu
  3. Click on the Link and Confirm Debit or Credit Card
  4. You will be directed to a page to input your Card details, in that case, input your UBA Visa Card Details
  5. Next, Click on the Continue tab after entering your Card details
  6. When done, a small fee will be debited from your Card by Paypal like a Dollar or so, then sent back again to confirm the authenticity of the Card
  7. After that, a page will appear where you will be asked to enter a confirmation page to fully verify your account
  8. Now, check your mobile phone or email, a text message of Paypal transaction is sent to the mobile number you used in obtaining the UBA Visa Card
  9. Now you get a combination of numbers and words. The numbers in front of the word CODE in the combination is what you will input in the verification field
  10. After you have entered the code, voila. Your account is all setup to start receiving and sending money even while in Nigeria.

Final Words withdrawing from Paypal:

All of the steps given and procedures highlighted in this follow through guide will help you with all what you need in operating, running a fully functional Paypal Account in Nigeria with withdraw option.

But, again, when using this method, one must ensure the following steps are adhered to:

  1. Use this link to always open your Paypal Account:
  2. Do not use a VPN
  3. Try to get a dedicated browser for it
  4. Do not login multiple Paypal Account
  5. Use UBA Visa AfriCard or any other Dollar Naira Visa Card for authentication and withdrawal purpose
  6. And most importantly, do not do any fraudulent stuffs online. Stay legit always. With this you will be ok and fine, able to receive money from your online business, Freelancing etc even while in Nigeria; until Paypal decides to incorporate the withdrawal feature for Nigerian Account holders.

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