88+ websites to Watch Download Movies/Series 2019

88+ websites to Watch and Download Movies/Series 2019:

88+ Websites to download Movies/Series:

In this post, we would share 88+ websites to watch and download Movies/Series 2019. Where many users in the internet normally sort out movies from.

Those sites, that get much of the internet traffic for movie lovers. The list wouldn’t be in the order of traffic hits though, rather would take a different tone.

The list would be based on some random hot sites, currently trending at the moment by internet users. Before, we hover to the list.

Hope! the GiF image up there didn’t scare the hell outta you.

Though most readers that are fan for scary Shark movies should be already be used to this stuffs. There we draw up the opening curtain. Let’s see what these sites look like.

Before, we go down the list, I would want to point out to users of this site. That, whatever, they do on the sites that would be listed is entirely based on them.

The aim of the post is just to enlighten users, of the currently trending sites, that most internet users sort out movies.

Previously, their was a similar post in 2016, 80 websites to download movies.

But, we decided to update it and give users fresh content instead. Which are mostly sort out internet archives for movies.

This post isn’t meant to promote any of the under listed  sites in any way or encourage people to use them.

But, instead to give a general idea of where to find stuffs relating to movies/series.

And also the hot sites in the internet surged by users to get these contents

Without, further ado, lets finally delve into the listing.

88+ Websites to Download Movies:

Here we go with the listing of the sites below. The list has been arranged in numerical order. And also arranged in terms of category.

Note that in the listing contains both sites you can get stuffs legally.

And also sites you will need to pay some money to download. And also sites that provide the movies for free. You get everything you need from the list.

To access any of the sites, you will need to type in your web browser, the name of the site, and the corresponding domain name as stated next to the name.

Like for example hdmoviespoint. you type hdmoviespoint in your browser followed by .com without leaving any space.

All Movie types:

In this category, you get various websites listed, where you can easily find one or two movies that you like. This websites contain all kinds of genres.

If you looking for action, adventure, romance, crime, intrigue, suspense, thriller, horror, drama and cartoons. You will definitely find them in one of these sites.

Notable mentions from this grouping are Netflix and Hulu services.

Which are premium services, that provide its users with fresh movie contents, series, drama etc. Usually Netflix will give you a time limit for free trial.

Then, you can upgrade to enjoy more of the service. If you are looking for premium contents. Fresh TV Series, that just got freshly released or movies, then, Netflix is one stop hub.  So also is the likes of HULU.

Also, in this category, are websites, that offer users free contents. Like, tfp and xmovies8. These sites, offer its users with free movies to download.

Ranging from various categories, most downloaded, newly released, old etc.

So its entirely, left for the users, to choose which service suits best. Whether opting for free websites, that are mostly filled with disturbing ads, or opting for premium contents from Netflix and the likes of HULU.


The series list, simply contains listing of sites in the internet you can sort out for series episodes to download.

Usually, in these websites, you are able to download or watch a complete TV series. By simply searching for it or finding it through the categories.

Premium content TV services, like, Netflix, not only offer movies. But, also TV series too.

But, you won’t find Netflix there in the list. Since Netflix is an all rounder.

One of the most popular sites. With large amount of daily visits by internet users who come to look for TV series, is 02tvseries.

At o2TVSeries, users are able to download varying TV series complete episodes to their mobile device and tablet.

With the ability to choose the type of picture quality that they want. Users, can go for 3GP format, for very small screen, or mid-range mp4 format or HD format.

The decision to go for the highest quality video format, will depend entirely on the users internet bandwidth.


Here you get portals to African TV movies and dramas. Iroko TV offers premium African TV contents. From the like, of Nigerian movies, to Ghana and South-Africa.

Some of the websites that made it to the list are entirely free for users to sort out contents.


Anime category consists of internet archives, where you can easily find Japanese animes, cartoons etc. Anime lovers, would have at least know of these listing below.


If you are fan of the Asian-Korean drama. Then, these websites listing below may interest you. There you find Korean TV series, drama and short movies to watch or download.

Choose, between different video quality format. Choose the ones with English translation or not.


The new category, is an incremental list of movie/series TV sites in the internet. If there is any cool site. That was skipped or forgotten.

It will make it to the new section. Just indicate in the comment section for your favorite site to be added.

Browsers to use:

While some of the websites in the list , offer completely free contents. But with disturbing ads. Others offer paid premium services instead.

While, others, you can only stream movies, but, can’t download directly to your device.

Thus, the reason why a browser that can let you download while also being able to stream is important.

If you are looking for a browser that can grab whatever, you are streaming and turn it into a download link. Then, you should consider, Baidu Browser.

Baidu Browser, is a Desktop browser that lets you download any movie you can stream on most sites to your device.

Here is where you can download Baidu Browser directly to your device: Get Baidu Browser here.

In Conclusion:

Before, we finally bring this post to an end. Lets quickly take a look at what some of the sites listed really got to offer.


This one requires no much explanation. Almost everyone knows what Youtube does. Except, if you are living in the stone age. Where no internet access and no electricity.

At Youtube too, you can get cool contents too from it. Plus, gets millions of searches per day.

What other video sharing content site can battle with Youtube? There are just few out there.


Netflix is one stop place for Hollywood movies offered in premium quality.

If you are looking to gain satisfaction, and enjoy the most out of your coin. Then, you should give Netflix a try.

Netflix videos are also available in 4K video format. Which is in 2160pixels. Depending on your device screen capability.

Netflix, will auto-adjust the quality of the movie to the maximum your device screen can take.This is also applicable to Youtube. Since, we now have Youtube videos, also in 4K format, like the Go Pro videos.

#3. tfp. is:

This portal pronounced as www.tfp .is without spacing is also one of the most popular movie site in the internet.

That many internet users from around the world visit. Users, from Africa and Asia specifically.

To get contents here, users have to pass through some form of advertisement though.

But, shouldn’t be as heavy compared to some other sites. None the less, this website still attract lots of traffic on monthly basis.


This website provides African TV contents to its users. Mostly, the Nigerian audience. To get content from this websites, requires paying some little registration fee.

Which is roughly around 3000 Naira in Nigeria currency.

Just like Netflix, Hulu and Youtube; Iroko TV also comes with a downloadable app.

The application can be gotten from the Play store or App store. For Android users and iOS Apple users respectively.

#5. xmovies8:

Don’t let the ‘x’ freak you out. I understand your plight. Xmovies8, is sage a not a p*rn site!. Xmovies8 offers lots of movies, drama and videos for users.

Normally, you can’t download directly from Xmovies8. Because, it only allows for online streaming.

But, you can use Baidu browser, as stated previously, to download whatever movie you are stream watching to your device.

#6. disneyjunior.disney.com/video:

At disney junior, users are able to stream cartoons meant for kids for free. It is completely legal to use the service.

Though, Disney Junior website maybe unavailable in some countries.

But if you have a VPN application you can use that to change your country location and trying using their services to see if you can access it.

If you can’t buy a VPN, then, you will need to get a free one. There is a post, here of how you can setup a free unlimited VPN application for your computer.

If you would want to download from Disney Junior rather than stream. Then, employ the use of Baidu Browser. This brings us to the end of this post.

Lastly, from all of the listing above and a look at some of the sites. We believe you might have at least now have an idea and can choose which sites you would want to pay a visit to see what kind of Movies, Series and dramas they offer for streaming or download. And how their services are like.

If any of your movies/series websites, happen not to be featured in the post. Make this known in the comment section below, so other users can benefit.

Thanks for reading.

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