Aliexpress Fast Shipping Tips: “Get Items Delivered in 7 Days”

A small nugget to get items shipped to your location in 7 Days. This post will show you how you can get items delivered to where ever you are in 7 days when shipping from Aliexpress. At most, 10/15 days, due to logistic in delivery from your own country’s end.

I find most people complaining how buying from Aliexpress could take forever for item delivery to their country. This post will show you how to overcome such instances. And buy items like a pro buyer.

This post is the best tip ever you may come across on the internet coming from some one with over 10 years experience in buying items from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress Fast Shipping Tips

So you would agree it isn’t a bad idea to get some tips from a pro user that you may use to ace up your shopping experience in one of the largest Chinese stores on the internet.

To get all the tips I’m going to be dropping soon. Just keep reading this post line after line. Taking cognizance of vital points that will be highlighted.

If you haven’t read the Wikipedia of buying stuffs from Aliexpress or rather the master guide of Aliexpress shopping, you will ever need to buy stuffs from Aliexpress without getting burnt in the finger. Then you should, read this guide, “Master Guide of buying from Aliexpress“.

It contains all the if’s and but’s, do’s and don’t, what works and what doesn’t work and lot’s more explained in details.

This post is more like a mini-revamped one to the sequel of Master Guide on Aliexpress Shipping via Mobile. Covers pretty much the most relevant things you would want to consider if you want fast shipping to your location when buying from Aliexpress, as a pro user. While as a newbie or just want a more detail explanation and all, then, you go instead with this A-Z Buying guide on Aliexpress. Ok let’s get started.

How to get Fast Aliexpress Shipping:

Now I would explain the points you would have to consider and how to go about ordering orders from sellers that would arrive your location on time, say 7-15 days at most.

Firstly the only relevant thing you would consider is the shipping method employed and then, secondly, the rating of the seller.

I would advice you go for items, accessories, small home devices, kits etc that have shipping via Air Method. That is, for example, the China Post Registered Airmail with tracking details as explained in this master guide of Aliexpress shipping.

Using the above mentioned shipping method by selecting it under shipping method options when buying from Aliexpress, gets goods delivered to your country in 7-10 days. While internal logistics from your country to the nearest post office near your location might make it 13 to 15 days to get your item.

Below is how to go about buying items from specific suppliers that would fast ship to your location.

  1. Search for any item of your choice.
  2. Click on the item
  3. Check the rating of the seller
  4. Check also the reviews of the item via Feedback option
  5. If step 3 and 4 is satisfactory enough then item is good for buying
  6. Next select the color, size and other properties of the item you would want to buy
  7. Next click on the Shipping tab to select or Change the default shipping methods.
  8. Check to see if you would sport “China Post Registered Airmail” or any other shipping method with Airmail that has the option of tracking.
  9. Select it and go check out your item and buy.

Now I’ll use buying a flash drive from Aliexpress as an example to the above mentioned procedure of getting fast delivery items to your country from Aliexpress.

Here we go:

Steps of buying Flash Drive on Aliexpress with Fast Shipping:

  1. Search for Flash drive
  2. Click on any of the option that are listed with price you can afford within your budget
  3. Check the number of rating of the seller and numbers of orders.
  4. Also check the item Review on the Feedback option below the item.
  5. If satisfied, select color and size of the flash drive. In my case, I chose 64GB/Black flash drive.
  6. Select the shipping methods via the Shipping tab to change the preferred shipping.
  7. Chose “China Post Registered Airmail”. If the default shipping is already set at China Post Airmail, then no need changing a Shipping method. Other shipping methods, listed include, the likes of Fedex, EMS, DHL whose shipping cost is around 50USD+, I mean no one would go for that shipping method for an item of just few Dollars. Then, we also have the Aliexpress Standard Shipping option from the image, below which is the second option even pricey than the China Post Registered which is my preferred shipping method on Aliexpress. My advice, Despite the Aliexpress Standard Shipping option being more pricey than the China Post Registered Airmail shipping in this scenerio, always go for the China Post Registered Airmail because delivery is within a week or 2 weeks while the former could take month(s). That is, you getting more value for less.
  8. Check out and Buy the item

Final Note:

If you couldn’t get hold of the China Post Registered Airmail, among the shipping methods, simply search for other flash drives from thousands of other sellers with this Shipping method or chose any other shipping method with Airmail attached to the name.

But, preferably search for items with China Post Registered Airmail.

Shipping methods with tag China Post Ordinarily Plus Packet, Economic etc attached to their names are a no no no no no. Because of this, shipping methods highlighted with the following names have no tracking online and may take forever.

Below is a Youtube Video explaining these steps:


For more details on tracking and other things check this other post.

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