Airtel Binge Internet Data Plan

Airtel Binge Data Plan:

Airtel Nigeria just introduced a new Data Plan to her collection of Data Plans already in the Nigeria space. Airtel Nigeria, known as the smartphone network or a popular slogan amongst users are one of the Nigeria telcos with very good network internet browsing facility.

Most especially their 4G/3G network had proven this claim beyond doubt. Like one can literally upload gigabytes items to the cloud using 4G Airtel network facility in few minutes.

With respect to this, Airtel just introduced a new Data bundles plan on the internet for its users called the Binge Data.

Airtel Binge Internet Data Plan:

The Airtel Binge Data Bundles is a daily bundles. This means it expires in 24 hours. Whether the data have been fully utilized or not.

When one exhaust this data even before the 24 hours limit, one can still resubscribe.

The Airtel Binge Internet Data bundles comes in two’s. The first, is the 2GB Airtel Binge bundles for 500 Naira.

The second, is the 1GB Airtel Binge bundles for 350 Naira. Both this data bundles will be very good for the purpose of downloading files or doing something urgent on the internet like some bits of video streaming or presentation involving video conferencing for jobs, interviews and other purpose.

Movie streamers on Netflix and popular download series sites like, o2TVseries, Tfpdl and Pahe. May also attract users from Nigeria opting for the Airtel Binge Plan.

Generally this plan is good for when you want to do some Adrenaline stuffs on the internet or download owing to the time limit of just 24 hours.

The Airtel Internet Binge Data Plan comes with no restriction. Works on Mobile, Tablet, PC, Android, iOS etc. Works on just any device that supports SIM and can browser over the internet just like these other popular Airtel bundles: Airtel Smartrybe, Airtel PC bundles, Airtel 750MB bundles Airtel 1.5GB bundles, .

How to Subscribe for Airtel Binge Internet Data Bundles:

  1. Firstly, go to your mobile phone menu for dialing
  2. Dial *141# to access Airtel Data bundles menu and Send
  3. Chose the number that corresponds to Buy a Binge Plan and hit Send
  4. Chose either 2GB for N500 or 1GB for N350 by inputing the corresponding code and send.
  5. Click on the confirmation to confirm and send
  6. Voila all done.

After you might have exhausted this bundles before 24 hours, you can subscribe for more airtime again and resubscribe for the bundles again.

Say for example, you want to download a 5GB game or Movies. You can budget 1350 Naira for that plight, which for me I think is quite OK, depending on how enthusiastic you really want the game or movie or something else that suits your thrill.

Subscribing for 5GB Data @1350 Naira on Airtel Binge:

Game lovers, torrent users, series lovers, Live football streamers and movie enthusiast can relate to this. 1350 Naira isn’t too much to spare for that kickass game or movie.

So here is how you go about that. Firstly, you subscribe for the 500 Naira/2GB Binge Bundles. Once you have exhausted it downloading or doing whatever that requires 5GB. Then, secondly, you resubscribe again, 500 Naira/2GB Binge Bundles. And lastly, you subscribe the 1GB/350 Naira Binge Bundles which sums up to 5GB of bundles for 1350 Naira.

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    This post is sponsored and it is a lie. I have accumulated 2.3 gig of bingle data, even I just loaded 2 gig now and all airtel says is that I have no data. And one is atracted to buy it. I have serch for the direct data code. what i see is this useless bingle meant to sweep my money.

    1. Adamu Muhammmad

      I already buy it but why I can not use it this is stupid plan automatically you just cheating people’s for nothing

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