Watch Live Sports, TV Shows and Movies on Mobdro App

Watch Live Sports TV Shows and Movies on Mobdro AppWatch Live Sports TV Shows and Movies on Mobdro App. In my previous post on UKTV app for streaming videos on your smart phones, I emphasized on how really easy it was to really get UKTV running on your device in no time.

But, here’s another alternative to UKTV app, which does just about the same thing as the UKTV and its called MOBDRO app. MOBDRO app does same thing as UKTV if not better.

MOBDRO comes in Free and Premium Version, with the free version you may get some Ads appearing before you start a stream, just at the side or in front of the menu, and same cliche too for the UKTV.

Purchasing the premium version may elimanate Ads from appearing before initiating a stream. MOBDRO provides fast eveything and flexibility of use.

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Between UKTV and MOBDRO which is better?

Well, both offer same services for free. Though, MOBDRO has a premium version from its website and UKTV is completely free but, you have Ads appearing before initiating a stream, Same thing applies to the free MOBDRO app.

MOBDRO does not require registration. All it needs is install and start streaming videos.

So, MOBDRO provides a form of flexibility for those people that may not want to spend some micro seconds to enter user name and password during first installation of UKTV because, on MOBDRO all thats needed is install and start MOBDROing.

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Channels That Have Live Football Streams

Search BT on search bar in MOBDRO and UKTV. You may likely find the Football Match you are looking for in any of the BT channels.

What Else Can I Do With MOBDRO ?

Watch live WWE, Movies, Documentary and TV shows

What Device Can I Run MOBDRO on ?

Any android device. Even if its a smart pencil that runs android!!!

Can I Run MOBDRO or UKTV on PC ( Windows LAPTOPS/Desktops) and MAC (Apple Computer)?

Yes. Through emulation application. Like Andyroid.


Yes. 500 percent possible. The video would be projected on your TV screen provided it has HDMI or VGA ports. If you have Android TV just install the video stream apps directly on the android TV without projection.

How Do I Get Andyroid To Run Any Android App including MOBDRO and UKTV

In a subsequent post. Just bookmark the Homepage of nibbleNG on your browser!!!

Steps To Install and Run MOBDRO on Android Device ( PHONES, TABLETS, PHABLETS etc.)

Watch Live Sports TV Shows and Movies on Mobdro App


  • Go to MOBDRO website and Download MOBDRO. Then, locate downloaded file and install.
  • Make sure you have allowed unknown application install on your Android application settings menu, to enable any application install on your Device.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by selecting accept button at the buttom right side of the application.

    Watch Live Sports, TV Shows and Movies on Mobdro App

    MOBDRO app

  • Search for Channels to stream. For football matches search BT


Live BT Sports 1 Channel Stream MOBDRO app

Drop your comments below on the experience you had with the app or any other issues.

If you in Nigeria you may like to browse through nibbleNG homepage for affordable streaming Internet Data Plans. You may also like another alternative to streaming sports and live matches, UKTV.

MOBDRO and Chill

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  1. isobel donohoe

    How can you tell what time a movie comes on at on the 24/7 channel mobdro

  2. @isobel, Mobdro is a free app unlike hulu or netflix that may have extra features. So basically you have to check for your favorite stuff. For football matches, mostly is in Bein or Bt sports

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