Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App. UKTV application is amongst the best, most probably the best free Android application for streaming videos online after having testing a few others this 2016. Supports HD channels and also channels offering lower resolution. The application runs on the Android platform for now. With time, the developers may decide to extend it on other Platforms. Theres actually a non-conventional way to make it run on other Platforms, like, MAC, linux, and Windows. Using a form of virtualization/emulation application. That may allow other Platforms run on other Platforms. Example, An Android .apk application running on Windows PC.

This post is a simple follow up guide on the steps to getting UKTV run on devices running the Android Platform. Samsung, HTC, Techno, Infinix, Android BB, Tablets, Phablets and PC’s, TV sets, Wrist Watches and several device that run Android.

Sports lovers, particularly, the football obsessed. If you find yourself in such a situation where no cable TV, Satelite decoder or a nearby Football TV house. Well, this happens some times. And you are stuck on how to watch a live match, Having a Android phone/Tablet or any other device running Android can actually solve the problem. All you need in addition is internet connectivity. Therefore, UKTV becomes a good option in streaming the  live match directly to your Android device.

UKTV can also be run on PC through emulation/virtualizing apps. My subsequent post will cover running apps like UKTV  for android Platform on a MAC or Windows PC. After getting UKTV to effectively work on a PC. The video stream could be projected on larger screen. Examples include, Monitors or Televisions with embedded HDMI and VGA ports. Most modern Televisions (LED/OLED/LCD and Plasma) normally have HDMI or VGA ports. Lets save all that for another subsequent post.

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Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

How To Get UKTV Running on Android Device

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Security.
  3. Scroll down and check “Unknown sources” box.
  4. Tap “OK” when it show the warning.
  5. If there is option Verify apps then un-check verify apps. (If this option is not available in your phone then ignore it.)
  6. Open play store and download MX Player free version.(If you already have MX player free version in your phone then no need to install it again)
  7. Restart your mobile. After booting on, goto or follow this link. Locate the download button from the site. After the download locate and install the application. After installation, open UKTV application, create a unique username and password.

    Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

    Next, browse or search for channels HD or lower resolutions.

    Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

    Click on the channel and select either link 1 or link 2.  This will open MX Player app, then, wait for the stream to load, the time lag depends on the speed of the internet network.

    Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

  8. Now you are ready to watch all channels free of charge in good quality.

    Watch Live Sports, Movies and TV Shows on UKTV App

    BT Sports Channel on UKTV app

Channels for Live Football Matches

Football lovers can watch champions league and premiere league matches by clicking on the various sports channel Bein, Sentanta, and so on. But you get most matches on BT. So in the search menu at the top right hand corner search for BT.

Internet Data Plans For Streaming In Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria, you may need about 250MB of data to watch a full Football Match stream. You may consider opting for various data plan packages for streaming by going to the nibbleNG’s homepage. There’s a whole lot of data plan updated on the homepage for internet data subscriptions in Nigeria, There’s absolutely, no doubt you stumble upon one, that fits into your needs and budget. Like, the Airtel Android Data for 500 Naira may stream upto four Live matches.
For any if’s and but’s regarding the UKTV app or some random app you would like me to review, please drop your comments below.

Look forward to my: “How to Watch UKTV on your Laptops/Desktops and possibly project the stream to a Monitor or Television through HDMI or VGA port for larger audience view”.

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