35 Free TV Series Download Sites for Mobile Phones

40 Free TV Series Download Sites for Mobile Phones

Free TV Series Download Sites for Mobile Phones:

This post contains 40 popular TV series website where you can easily download and Stream movies, dramas, TV shows, cartoons and more on your mobile phones.

Using the under-listed website is free and easy and straight to the point. Without further ado let’s delve into the one by one listing of the various website and give little summary on each of the listed.


Fzmovies is one of the most popular channels for movie downloaders in the internet most especially from Asia and Africa continent.

Here you get movies and TV shows on various categories already compressed for mobile phone usage.

All you have to do is to select the one that suits you and the size with respect to your internet bandwidth limit.

FZmovies have been around on the internet for quite some time. And doesn’t seem to go soon.

Though switching of domain names have been constant due to copy right strikes.

But the root name, still remains FZMOVIES.

#2. Hulu

This is also a very cool easy to use website with easy website UI design. But, you have to pay for movies using this one. Just as in Netflix. Can also download the application too. to your mobile device.


Here you get listing of movies including TV shows suitable for mobile phone screen. But, in here you mostly find TV shows. Get to download your favorite TV shows with good picture quality already fitted for the phone.

TV shows are also released on daily basis, episodes through episodes

#4. TFP.IS

The popular TFP or also known as Tfpdl, is by far one of the most visited websites for movies and TV watchers in not only Nigeria but other countries too.

Here you get a listing of various movies listed as new and old. If you are looking for a site where to get the latest movies as they drop. Then, TFP is a good one to try out.


Here you get just series of all categories listed from A-Z and also in the home page you get the most currently released one.

All the video format for the various TV shows and series have been compressed for mobile phone use.


o2TVseries is one of the most popular mobile TV series downloading websites on the internet.

Has thousands of daily traffic gushing in and out of it just to get a daily adrenaline of the latest TV series episodes that have been released.

In o2TVseries, in the home page contains newly released TV shows episodes including A-Z categorization of movies for easy selection.


Here is all about movies, movies and movies. You get all kinds of hollywood movies here.  Including news on your favorite movies and spoilers too.


One of the oldest guys in the mobile niche movie downloading web. Here you get movies and also series to download already compressed for mobile usage.

TV series are listed on timely basis on Toxicwap as they are released.


This movie site too is all about movies too both on the mobile phone and also desktop computer. You get new movies and quite an easy to use website interface to download various hollywood movies.


This website too has been around for a very long time. Mostly featuring files as torrents. But, here you get movies that are very good on the mobile phone screen and also desktop computer. You get new movies here too. Mostly Hollywood though and a mix of Indian and Chinese.


This one have been around too for quite some time on the web. Thus, its credibility has been proven over time. Here you get various listing of movies as they are released in mobile phone quality and also desktop PC too.


Also another well visited site for downloading movies mostly suited for mobile phone. The picture quality is also very good for the computer too.

#16. 300MBFILMS.CO

This site is also an old guy which has been around for quite some time. It has many movies including TV shows/series that are listed on a daily basis. Movies and TV shows are listed according to categories and genre. And downloading them are quite straight to the point.


Youtube is also a very good video platform where you can find old movies to download both suitable on mobile phones and desktop computer.


This also a very viable option for downloading movies on mobile phones. Here you get listings of various movies to download with their respective links.


Here you get a mix of Hollywood, Indian and Hindi movies packed in one single place. You can browse the various section to find and sort out movies for your mobile phone.


This also a very good site for downloading old movies. It is more like a web archive where you find all sorts of movies from different online sources that have listed in the site. Majority of the movies are older movies which include links for streaming or downloading.


This site too contains old movies inside it. Movies that were classics of the 1900’s.


This site also, just like the above mentioned two contains older movies. Movies of the 19**’s and beyond. The design of the site too is pretty simplistic.


Here you get just anime movies and series. Yes! anime movies and series for mobile phones.

#24. DramaFire.INFO

This site contains a list of various Korean TV dramas and movies. They are arranged serially and in genre such that you able to quickly browse through the site to select a Korean show you want to download or watch.


Toptvshows is also a very good source to get movies and TV series in very good quality for mobile phone and PC too. Home page comprises all sorts of series for downloading and viewing. Series are arranged according to genres and also by TV channel makers.


The name of this web site gives you an idea of what entails in the site. Here you get just Korean TV dramas /TV. Peruse through the site for various Korean series you can download to your mobile phone.


As the name suggest, Archive.org is web platform that comprises archives of different kinds of things. From movies to books etc.

Making good use of the site opens you to opportunities to get also series or movies already compressed for mobile viewing.


Thenetnaija is a Nigerian based website whereby timely updates on Movies and TV shows are indexed in the site on daily basis. The site is also one popular outlet for most Nigerian youths’in downloading latest movies or TV shows. These movies/TV series have been efficiently compressed for mobile viewing and small file downloading by the site admins.


This is also a very easy to use website to download both Hollywood and Indian movies. Movies usually come with the dual audio option for English and Hindi. Movies are both good on mobile phones and also PC.


This site is a tiny site with simplistic user interface design such as during the pre-internet days of wap sites. Yes, this site is more of a wap site than a modern site. Here you get listings of movies already compressed for mobile phone users.


This more like a web archive to a movie download hub. Though it has a movie section accessible from the top menu which takes you to a page where you can download some old classic films of different categories and times.


This site is also one of the most popular sites for downloading movies for mobile phones. Downloading movies from this site is quite straight to the point. Movies are listed in HD for mobile phones. Majority of the movies in this site are Hollywoord and Indian movies with also a mix of Chinese/Japan/Korean movies.


This also a cool site too for movie lovers. You get various kinds of movies here mostly Hollywood as they are released. Looking for recent Hollywood movies, then HDPopcorns is viable option.


Everyone might have had of Netflix. If this is your first time. Well Netflix works on mobile phone with little subscription and internet data, you can stream your favorite TV show/series and view for later.


Also very good option for compressed movies for mobile phones. The site is easy to use and optimized for mobile performance. Movies are easy to access and download using this medium.

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