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FzMovies alongside sites like, tfpdl, o2tvseries, toxicwap, Pahe and a host other non-conventional movie/series sites on the internet, is by far also one top notch movie download sites for most internet users with the non-conformity ways of doing things over the internet. That is, users who defy the norm, the conventional way of going to NETFLIX, pay for some movie or TV show and stream.

How to browse the site:

Fzmovies can be accessed via the web url fzmovies.net. Yep!, the url is that simple, all you have to do is copy and paste, fzmovies.net to your browser and hit enter or just type it into your browsers url bar and hit enter.

Site Layout:

Inside the Fzmovie site, you are faced with a very simplistic web interface. Easy for even a newbie that just began using internet. Like, a stone age website of the pre-internet days.


But, don’t just under rate Fzmovie simplistic website design. More like, the cliche, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Exactly what this little monstrous site looks like that attracts thousands of monthly users from Asia (India etc) and African countries, like Nigeria.

First off, you get to choose at the top bar between browsing for Bollywood (Indian) movies or Hollywood.

There are also other ways of getting quick access to the type of movie or TV show you like at FZmovies by using various categorization options like seen below.

Categorization of Movies in FZMovies:

  1. Bollywood
  2. Hollywood
  3. Director
  4. Star Cast
  5. Awarded movies
  6. Latest movies
  7. Release Date
  8. IMDB Rating
  9. By Alphabet
  10. Most Downloaded

All of the categorization methods highlighted below lets you get quick access to the type of movie you want to download.

Fzmovies for Mobile:

Movies and TV shows have been optimized for mobile phones as well as tablets. So FZmovies can be that internet hub to get your mobile movies/series.

FZmovies Video File Formats:

Also, movies/series also have top quality movies with high definition pictures too in MP4, XVid, Avi and MKV in 720p and 1080p pixels. In addition to well compressed 3GB videos for low bandwidth internet users.

Their is also a search bar in the movie website you can quickly use to search for various movies.

How to Download Movies/Series from FZmovies:

  1. Firstly, go to fzmovies.net in your browser
  2. In the home page select hollywood or bollywood
  3. Hit the search bar to search for movies
  4. or scroll down and use the various categorization options
  5. Once you have got to the page you want to download movie from. Either select 3GP Compressed or MP4 (HD) format to download
  6. Click on the download button and voila all done.
  7. You can also download subtitles too.

So that’s all about it for Fzmovies. Share us your favorite movie/series site or hub like Netflix and Hulu via the comment section below.

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