List of Best 60 Plus TV Series Shows (Netflix Hulu Amazon)

Must Watch 60 Plus TV Series Shows:

This post is all about List of Best 60 Plus TV Series Shows Ever on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime and other Television program producers.

If you had stumbled upon this page accidentally or intentionally from Google Search, then, you must be here to note down some possible TV Shows-Series list to watch for later.

Or just came to hover through the list to find one, two, three or more TV series; new or old ( in which case you have never heard of…..or heard of it, but didn’t give a try).

 Best 60 Plus TV Series Shows Netflix Hulu Amazon ShowtimeOr again, just, came to drop a critique on the whole listing or to bash a particular TV series that shouldn’t be in the list (hyped).

Or finally just came here for some other reasons aside bashing the whole post.

–Before I continue, please, bear with my typos and English. Cause, I’m not gonna be writing like some pro New York Times writer. Just going to be dropping this piece without minding the English.–

Whatever reason(s) that brought you to this post, you are mostly welcomed.

Comments, critiques and other suggestions wouldn’t be a bad idea in the comment box below the post.

Don’t just go without dropping a comment even though it’s more like “Hey! you could do better not including that…..bla bla”. or “Hell! yeh! your writing sucks!”  or “Yeh! this is(was) my best series”

Therefore, if you are still on this page, reading this, I presume you also a TV series fan or fanatic or just want to burn off some boring moments by browsing through this list, and picking home TV Series to watch for later.

Whether through Amazon, Netflix, Hulu or other non-conventional methods.

So without further ado, let’s delve into some cool series. Old and New, that you ought to have watched or should give a go.

Some adrenaline dropping, some jaw breaking, some will put you over the edge, some could bring tears rushing down your eyes, some could make you relearn things, some could make you question things, other could leave you stunned, and others just exciting, some inspiring while others could just leave you with that feeling of satisfaction of seeing an incredible work of art.

However it may be, I’m very optimistic, that in this listing you should find a series that’s worth the watch. Worth the attention. Worth the time have had to pen this epistle down. That you haven’t seen before or yet to see or have seen.

If you have seen all the series in this listing, then, indeed, you just left me in awe as of the time of writing this piece, I was thinking could a single person could have seen all of the random TV shows listed here.

I mean could one individual possibly had managed to see all of these, considering the listing is a random type.

Before I go on with the TV Series/Shows listing, just put it at the back of your mind, the listing is a random one.

Therefore, the first series in the list doesn’t mean its hotter or better than the second one and also the last in the list doesn’t also mean it’s the dumber of all.

The list is basically a mix of different TV Series/Shows that’s hot and worth the watch.

Also, some older series and new ones have been listed and combined randomly to make a list of over 60 TV Shows/Series.

List of Best 60 Plus TV Series Shows:

  1. Chernobyl
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. When they See Us
  4. Doom Patrol
  5. Vikings
  6. The Last Kingdom
  7. Kingdom
  8. Breaking Bad
  9. Haechi
  10. House of Cards
  11. Into the Badlands
  12. Barry
  13. Chuck
  14. Ozarks
  15. Fleabag
  16. Hanna
  17. Cobra Kai
  18. The Other Two
  19. Killing Eve
  20. For the People
  21. Warrior
  22. Veep
  23. Delhi Crime
  24. Money Heist
  25. Billions
  26. Russian Doll
  27. The 100
  28. The Night Of
  29. Sex Education
  30. The OA
  31. Dark
  32. Ramy
  33. The Act
  34. Deadly Class
  35. Line of Duty
  36. Knightfall
  37. Black Monday
  38. Umbrella Academy
  39. On My Block
  40. Derry Girls
  41. Start Up
  42. Walking Dead
  43. Stranger Things
  44. Peaky Blinders
  45. Poldark
  46. The Widow
  47. Happy
  48. Homecoming
  49. Yellowstone
  50. Get Shorty
  51. Death, Love & Robots
  52. Marca Polo
  53. Bosch
  54. Black Mirror
  55. Hannibal
  56. Gomorrah
  57. Heirs/The Inheritors
  58. Suits
  59. Blackish
  60. Grownish
  61. 2 Broke Girls
  62. Dynasty
  63. Sherlock
  64. Strike Back
  65. Better Call Saul
  66. Prison Break

Munch, Crunch n IMDB em TV Series Listing:

Series lovers could relate with the above heading. Which means lets give a slight insight into each of the series listed.

As in what they are like and what to expect, ratings, year of release, where to watch them legally without being caught by the feds and lastly if its worth your time. Ok! let’s begin.

#1. Chernobyl:

As of the time of writing this post Chernobyl is highly rated than Game of Thrones. Scoring an IMDb rating of 9.6/10 and 96% in Rotten Tomatoes while Game of Thrones has an IMDb rating of 9.4/10 and Rotten Tomatoes score of 89%.

Chernobyl is about the Catastrophic Nuclear Disaster of Chernobyl Power Plant in Ukraine.

Chernobyl Trailer:

The series pays much attention to detailing. Well cast. Intriguing and educative.

Sure!, if you don’t have any prior knowledge to Nuclear Energy and it’s severity when things go haywire. This series opens our eyes to it.

It sure a must binge for any series lover of 2019.

#2. Game of Thrones:

Their is hardly any TV Series lover or rather watcher that doen’t know about this. Do I need to explain this further. I mean its now a cliche! Plus memes all over the internet.

It being celebrated as one of the most watched, most downloaded, most streamed and most everything series on the internet of lately. And for now, Game of Thrones still remain at the top of the rather.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer:

The series is a medieval fantasy whatever!. With good story telling, some sex scenes (incest and couple of others), plot twist, dragons, adrenaline dropping moments which all gives it a rating above 9 in IMDb. As a story from the derivative book of George RR Martins best seller, A song of Ice and Fire.

So if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones. Go get the season 1-8. Available on Hulu:

Watch/Stream Game of Thrones.

#3. When They See Us:

When They See Us is that kind of mini-series that will make you shed some tears.

Many viewers of these TV Series have disclosed how touching the whole story went down.

When They See Us Trailer:

The Series has an IMDb rating of 9.1/10 with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94%.

It’s all about the break down of law and order.


#4. Doom Patrol:

Doom Patrol is one of my best series of 2019. The series is DC Universe type. Super Hero. Doing what they know how to do well. Nice story writing and well played.

Doom Patrol Trailer:

Has an IMDb rating of 8.3/10 and Rotten Tomatoes score of 95%.


#5. Vikings:

If you are a lover of Game of Thrones, their is a high chance you would also love Vikings too. A good show and worth the watch too like GOT (Game of Thrones). It has IMDb rating of over 8 out of 10.  Released 3 March of 2013.

Vikings Season 5 Youtube Trailer:

Here is the link to stream Vikings via HULU:

Watch/Stream Vikings


#6. The Last Kingdom:

If you love GOT (Game of Thrones), Vikings. There is also a huge tendency, you would love also, “The Last Kingdom”.

The Last Kingdom Trailer Netflix:

Also worth the watch with an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2015. One word for this show, fantastic. Go see Last Kingdom if you haven’t.

Watch Last Kingdom Netflix


#7. Kingdom:

If you love Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead. There is a high tendency you would love this Korean master piece, Kingdom. It has over 8/10 rating on IMDb.

Kingdom Trailer

One of the series you could just sit and crunch it all in a go.

Watch Kingdom Netflix


#8. Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad is also one of top American TV Drama shows ever. Could stand the likes of Game of Thrones, Prison Break in story plot. “Hope GOT fans don’t come for my head”.

Breaking Bad Trailer

Interesting piece overall I must say. Has incredible story twist. An over 9 IMDb rating. Came to air in 2013.

Watch Breaking Bad


#9. Haechi:

A Korean TV show with interesting story telling, twists and turns. Delves into  some historical aesthetics. Released in 2019 and having IMDb rating of over 8.1/10. Overall it’s worth the watch if you are a lover of Korean stuff.

Haechi Trailer

#10. House of Cards:

Another very good TV Show to watch. Most especially the Season 1 and 2 filled with Adrenaline popping moments.

Event twists and good story plot. I’m not sure if you would love the show up to the very last season.

House of Cards Trailer

But, what I’m sure of, is the first-two seasons were lit, catchy and worth the watch.

It has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2018.

Watch House of Cards Netflix


#11. Into the Badlands:

AMC’s Into the Badlands is another very good TV show for me. Because, I have scarcely seen any dull moments in this show. If you are a fan of Kickass Chinese Kungfu movies, with a bit of Japanese sword fights then this series is worth it.

No series have been able to impress me yet, with the level of kickass moments, boss fights and sword fights as seen in INTBL except in INTBL.

Into the Badlands Trailer

Though some critique says the story line isn’t catchy enough or some sort.  Or the lack of nudity and sex scenes you would not see because this series is all about kickass moments and nothing more.

But, as for me and other INTBL fans, this series is a must watch with an ok story line and incredible boss fights.

It has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2015.

Watch Into The Badlands AMC


#12. Barry:

Barry is all about a low key hit man with a mix of comedy. Started March 2018. Has IMDb rating of over 8.

Barry Trailer

Enthusiast have compared Barry with the likes of Game of Thrones. The only way to know is to give it a shot.

Watch Barry


#13. Chuck:

Chuck is another good one for the Watch. Though kind of old series. But, have all the mix of action, comedy, thriller, intrigue and romance.

Chuck Trailer

More like an all in one. Also could be compared with the likes of Prison Break and GOT. Overall it is a good good one to watch.

Has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2007.

Watch Chuck


#14. Ozarks:

This is about a responsible family man as the show portrays him to be involved in a messy money laundering deal.

Ozarks Trailer

Comes with an adrenaline jaw breaking moments. Family problems and some low key facts about money launders.

Has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2017.

Watch Ozarks


#15. Fleabag:

Fleabag is about a weird lady. Down to earth and realist kind of. Mix of comedy, pity, self blame and unique story telling. As most times the lead character switches camera and talks to her viewers. Really weird series. But overall a good one.

Fleabag Trailer

Fleabag has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2016. With Both season 1 and 2 having 6 episodes and around 30minutes of watch time for each episode.

Watch Fleabag


#16. Hanna:

An adaption of the original movie Hana. When you delve into the series the story changes and Hanna series impresses with its own style of story telling.

Hanna Trailer

Over all, a good good one to watch. Released February of 2019. And gradually gaining momentum and fan views. Has of the time of writing the post, it has an IMDb rating of over 7/10.

Watch Hanna


#17. Cobra Kai:

Cobra Kai, as the name suggest, a Kungfu-karateka kind of. American mix Karate. Sweeps an IMDb rating of over 8/10 with 5/5 rating.

Cobra Kai Trailer

Generally a good one to watch. Released May of 2018 and currently airing as of the time of penning this post.

So Cobra Kai is a good one to watch. Don’t agree with me, pen it down in the comment section.

Watch Cobra Kai


#18. The Other Two:

An American comedy series of two siblings doing what they know how to do best. Its a good good show in general for comedy lovers.

The Other Two Trailer

Has an IMDb rating over 7/10. Started airing in January of 2019 and gradually gaining momentum afterwards.

Watch The Other Two

#19. Killing Eve:

This series is a must watch if you aren’t already seeing it. Sweeps IMDb rating of over 8/10. About witty assassin and a spy.

Killing Eve Trailer

A good crime drama with intriguing moments in general. Started airing in 2018.

Watch Killing Eve


#20. For the People:

If you like series like Suits, you should also like this one too. All about the corporate world and lawyers, legal stuffs and all etc.

For the People Trailer

A good show in general with over 7/10 IMDb rating. Released in March 2018.

Watch for the People


#21. Warrior:

This is a fresh series as of the time of writing this post. Just 5 episodes released so far. Crime movie, romance, some kickass moments that goes back to the 19th century China Town.

Warrior Trailer

Currently has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in April 2019. And currently gaining views.

Watch Warrior


#22. Veep:

Veep contains a mix of comedy and American politics. At first it may seem like slow watching but going deeper into the show leaves you wanting more.

Veep Trailer

Started airing 22, April 2012. Has IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Watch Veep


#23. Delhi Crime:

Adapted from real live crime of the Delhi gang rape cases in India. How the police were able to trace the perpetrators of the act.

Delhi Crime Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in March 2019.

Watch Delhi Crime


#24. Money Heist:

Award Winning best TV drama series Money Heist released in 2017. As the name implies, about a heist operation that was supposed to be the biggest ever.

Money Heist Trailer

Overall, it’s a watch watch series. If you haven’t seen this one. Please do so. And come back to comment. It has an IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Watch Money Heist


#25. Billions:

As the name implies. Wealth, manipulation, power and corruption all combined into good story telling.

Billion Trailer

Has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released January of 2016. Overall it’s a good one to watch if you are a fan of the above listed attributes.

Watch Billions


#26. Russian Doll:

Comedy drama series of a lady on her journey to New York to attend a party. What makes the show different is it’s unique style of story telling.

Russian Doll Trailer

It has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in February of 2019.

Watch Russian Doll


#27. The 100:

A bit old though. Released in 2014. Dooms day kind of movie saving planet earth. Mix of fiction, drama and action.

The 100 Trailer:

Series might not really be catchy at first but with little patience into it, becomes scintillating.

Watch The 100


#28. The Night Of:

The night of is an amazing TV series. Crime and intrigue. A good good one to watch if you haven’t seen it before.

The Night Of Trailer

Has IMDb rating over over 8/10. Released in 2016.

Watch the Night of


#29. Sex Education:

As the name implies. Simply summarizes the whole drama series. About a high school student that gets guidance from the how to’s and how not to’s about sex.

Sex Education Trailer

Comedy like and gaining viewership. Has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in January of 2019.

Watch Sex Education


#30. The OA:

Drama, Mystery, fantasy, occult and science fiction packed into one.

The OA Trailer

Has IMDb rating of over 7/10. Released in 2016. Overall, an OK one to watch.

Watch The OA


#31. Dark:

A NETFLIX thriller series with 10 episodes produced in Germany. About two children that goes missing and their family embark in a search.

Dark Trailer:

Generally a very very ok series. Well written with simple plot. Released in 2017. With an IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Watch Dark


#32. Ramy:

Ramy is a Hulu TV Series show about a mixed raced Egyptian-American guy and happenings around his neighborhood. Which is a mix of Muslim community and 21st century Western generation.

Ramy Trailer

Released in April of 2019 with over 8/10 IMDb rating.

Watch Ramy


#33. The Act:

Overall The Act is great crime American TV Show released in March of 2019 and gradually gaining momentum.

Classified as Crime, True Drama and Anthology series about 2016 BuzzFeed article about a shocking 2015 crime. The Act is another premium content that’s quite bingeable from HULU.

The Act Trailer

As of the time of writing this post. It has only 8 Episodes. Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Watch The Act


#34. Deadly Class:

Deadly Class is a mix of Action, Comedy, Drama, Adventure and Thriller adapted from the graphic novel bearing same name.

Deadly Class Trailer

The first episode aired in January of 2019. Has an IMDb rating of over 7/10. Overall a good series just like the novel full of suspense moments.

Watch Deadly Class


#35. Line of Duty:

British Television TV series about Police corruption. First Released in 2017. Overall a good good series to watch brilliantly written piece of art.

Line of Duty Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Watch Line of Duty


#36. Knightfall:

Though, has not, a so impressive IMDb rating of 6/10. But overall, a good show but not its very best in the niche of Game of Thrones, Last Kingdom, Kingdom or Lord of the Rings.

Knightfall Trailer

But non withstanding a very enjoyable TV show.

Watch Knightfall


#37. Black Monday:

Black Monday is an American TV series comedy based released in January of 2019. All about the crashing of the Wall Street market of 1987. Corporate world and all.

Black Monday Trailer

Overall a brilliant performance with an IMDb rating that was less than expected, a 7/10 rating.

Watch Black Monday


#38. The Umbrella Academy:

Umbrella Academy is a American web television TV Series released by NETFLIX packed with mix of thriller and comedy.

The Umbrella Academy Trailer

Overall a good series. With over IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 15 February of 2019.

Watch The Umbrella Academy


#39. On My Block:

About some kids trying to find their way through the streets. Life challenges and struggles that falls within.

On My Block Trailer

Released March 2018. With an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Overall not bad TV Show to give a try.

Watch On My Block


#40. Derry Girls:

Set in the 1990s about British teenagers navigating through their Police neighborhood. Humor and thriller combined to give a good watching experience.

Derry Girls Trailer

Overall a good show. With an IMDb rating of above 8/10. Released in 2018.

Watch Derry Girls


#41. Start Up:

Good good series to watch. Every entrepreneur should see this show. Packed with a good story line and how intimidation can be used for the not so good purpose.

Startup Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released September 2016.

Watch Startup


#42. Walking Dead:

American television series on post apocalyptic happenings as the name implies. Filled with adrenaline popping moments. Thrills and all. Overall a good show to watch in two’s-three’s.

Walking Dead Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2010.

Watch Walking Dead


#43. Stranger Things:

American thriller original Netflix TV show. Packed with horror, occult, suspense all set back in an Indiana town in 1983.

Stranger Things Trailer

Overall a good good one to watch with an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in July of 2016.

Watch Stranger Things


#44. Peaky Blinders:

Peaky Blinders is one of a kind. Bagged the British Award for best TV Drama. Story of Britain and happenings around 1919. Fight for survival, economic problems, criminals, gangs etc. Overall a good good series to watch.

Peaky Blinders Trailer

With almost 9/10 rating on IMDb. Released in 2013.

Watch Peaky Blinders


#45. Poldark:

Also another British Drama TV Series. Adopted from the novel. Won the National British TV award.

Poldark Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Overall a good series to binge. Released in 2018.

Watch Poldark


#46. The Widow:

Amazon’s, The Widow is another cool series to binge in a go. About a woman that believes her husband died. Found a country side out of city to leave in secluded. Finally everything became complicated when her supposedly dead husband pops out.

The Widow Trailer

Has IMDb rating of 7/10. Released in March 2019.

Watch The Widow


#47. Happy:

An American TV series based on the novel with same name. About a corrupt ex-cop, then hit man. Cops on the pursuit, mob on the pursuit and a baddass killer too on his pursuit.

Happy! Trailer

Overall a good series worth binging. Has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in December of 2017.

Watch Happy!


#48. Homecoming:

Beyonce’s series about her 2018 music performance. Released April 2019.

Homecoming Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 7/10. Beyonce’s and music lovers should love this.

Watch Homecoming


#49. Yellowstone:

American drama series. About a family man, his family and happenings around his ranch.

Yellowstone Trailer

Released in June of 2018. Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Overall a good series to binge.

Watch Yellowstone


#50. Get Shorty:

An American comedy series. A guy trying to turn from baddass to goodass.

Get Shorty Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in August 2017.

Watch Get Shorty


#51. Death, Love & Robots:

Animated TV series with short stories hovering through horror, comedy, fiction and fantasy. Definitely not for kids.

Death, Love & Robots Trailer

Uniqueness plus good story telling. Released March of 2019.

Watch Death, Love & Robots


#52. Marca Polo:

Sex, Adventure, Death, Betrayal, Politics, Domination, Strategy all makes Marca Polo. The story of a youth and his adventures.

Marca Polo Trailer

Released in 2014. Has IMDb rating of over 8/10. Aired in over 2 country locations, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

Overall a good TV show to binge on Netflix.

Watch Marcapolo


#53. Bosch:

Though a bit old but a good one to binge in a go. Has IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Bosch Trailer

A story of a LAPD detective that strive to uncover the murder of a 13 year old kid.

Watch Bosch


#54. Black Mirror:

A British Television TV show with its unique way of telling stories in each episode shuffling cast.

A psychic, anthology series, satire, suspense, thriller and fiction series.

Black Mirror Trailer

Released in 2011. With an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Overall a good one to binge.

Watch Black Mirror


#55. Hannibal:

A good good one to binge any day any time. If you are a fan of crime-detective series like Sherlock. You should like this one.

Hannibal Trailer

About a brilliant psychic whose help is sorted for from another kickass detective to catch a complicated serial killer.

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2015.

Watch Hannibal


#56. Gomorrah:

An Italian crime drama. A good TV series to binge any day any time. More like a narrative piece.

Gomorrah Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of nearly 9/10. Released in 2016.

Watch Gomorrah


#57. Heirs/The Inheritors:

This for Korean lovers. A South Korean Television series about love.

Heirs/The Inheritors Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 7/10. Released in 2019. Somehow, I don’t know how. This series managed to enter this listing.

Watch Heirs/The Inheritors


#58. Suits:

A good good American drama series to binge. Especially if you like how the corporate world go like. Law suits and counter suits. Witty people trying to do an outdo one another.

Suits Trailer

Overall a good good series to watch. Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Released in 2011.

Watch Suits


#59. Blackish:

Though the IMDb rating of 7/10 doesn’t really reflect on the series. Cause, some how it should have been 8/10.

Blackish Trailer

An American comedy like series of a man, his family and 4 kids who had probably everything figured out for themselves.

Overall a good good show to binge any day any time.

Watch Blackish


#60. Grownish:

Kind of a sequel to Blackish but takes entirely a new story route and perspective. Focuses on a girl going into adult hood and her adventures in college.

Grownish Trailer

If you are a fan of college-high school movies and all. You should like this one.

Has quite a low IMDb rating of over 6/10. Released in January of 2018.

Watch Grownish


#61. 2 Broke Girls:

An American comedy TV series of 2 broke girls as the name implies. Their struggles in life and all.

2 Broke Girls Trailer

Has quite a low IMDb rating of over 6/10. But this shouldn’t be a determinant of how cool it is.

Overall a good good comedy show to watch for adults though.

Watch 2 Broke Girls


#62. Dynasty:

Falls in the same niche as Jane the Virgin. If you like Jane the Virgin. There is a high chance you would love Dynasty too.

Dynasty Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 7/10. Released in 2017.

Watch Dynasty


#63. Sherlock:

Sherlock, the story of the badass detective with intuition, witty, smart and god like. Just as in the novel and also the movie with same name, Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Trailer

A British TV series with a bit of suspense, comedy,  brilliance and science.

Has an IMDb rating of over 9/10. Release in 2010. A good good series to binge.

Watch Sherlock


#64. Strike Back:

American British drama series of military men and their operation.

Strike Back Trailer

Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10.

Watch Strike Back


#65. Better Call Saul:

A good series to binge too. With a high IMDb rating of 8.7/10. Released in February of 2015.

Better Call Saul Trailer

Combination of comedy, crime, drama, legal stuff and tragedy.

Watch Better Call Saul


#66. Prison Break:

Is there any one out there. A series binger”” that hasn’t gone through this incredible piece of art. I guess no.

Prison Break Trailer

One of the greatest TV shows of all time. Released in August of 2005. Has an IMDb rating of over 8/10. Compared with the likes of GOT (Game of Thrones) and Breaking Bad (BB).

Watch Prison Break


#67. Playing With Fire:

Playing with Fire is a Netflix series Colombian based series on Romance. About an irresistible man caught in a complex situation of dating 3 women including a mother and her child.

Watch Playing with Fire:

It’s intriguing and yet packed with suspense.

Conclusion on TV Series List So Far:

Here we draw the end to the listing of various incredible TV Series that are good and worth the watch.

If there is any kickass or badass TV show you have been obsessed with lately, that didn’t make this list. Drop it in the comment section below.

All critiques and praises are also welcomed in the comment section too.

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