Best Online Proof Reading Editing Tools

Best Online Proof Reading Editing Tools

This post is all about the best online proofreading and editing tools you can get your hands on.

Whether you are looking to write a book, novel, paper, an essay, a blog post, news  paper article etc, these online proofread and editing platforms let’s you do them more professionally, organized, with good grammar and flair.

If you’re looking to do freelancing by copy writing, editing etc, then these tools becomes necessary to get.

They simplify your writing projects, make you more efficient and add a professional touch to your written work.

If you are freelancing on any of the platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour etc. Then, you might have come across one of the most popular proofreading platforms, known as Grammarly.

Grammarly, like any other online proofreading platform; proofreads, corrects writing grammar, corrects spelling mistakes and gives your written work the professional aura it deserves.

Thus, making you to be up of your game on Online Legit Money Making Services, like Upwork, copy writing freelancing.

Below are the several online proofreading and editing platforms for your written work:

  1. Grammarly
  2. AftertheDeadline
  3. PaperRater
  4. Hemingway
  5. Writefull
  6. Draftin
  7. ProfWriting Aid
  8. Airstory
  9. WineEdt
  11. Tug
  12. MikTex
  13. Language Tool
  14. Vmock
  15. Overleaf
  16. Latex Project
  17. SlickWrite
  18. Xm1Math
  19. Ediket
  20. GrammarLookup
  21. Ginger
  22. Sentencecheckup
  23. Jetpack
  24. White smoke
  25. 1Checker
  26. Online Correction
  27. Reverso
  28. Virtual Writing Tutor
  29. DrudeAntidote
  30. Grammarcheck

Here are some of the online proofreading and editing tools I have come across. I believe you would find these listing useful in your writing projects.

You would also want to share this blog post too, to your friends and family so they too can get hold of the benefits of employing these tools in their writing projects.

Some the proofreading and editing tools are free while others come with both free features and paid features.

Using any of the listed tools would be of great value to your writing and editing projects.

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