List of Legit Online Money Making Businesses

This post is all about list of legit online money making businesses any one in Africa, Nigeria or else where could venture into irrespective of their location to make that extra income.

It isn’t just about that extra income. The list of these various money making online ventures, that would be given in this post, will sure make you a millionaire, if not a billionaire depending on your level of dedication and commitment to it.

This isn’t about just mere say or hearsay, there are several people and figures we could use as an exemplary.

For example, Bill Gates, a tech billionaire, Jack Ma, the richest man in China, who made is money via E-Commerce and Jeff Bezos, also an American billionaire, the owner of Amazon, also made is wealth via E-Commerce.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go into full time or just a side online business or skill to make some decent earning into your account.

This post contains a list of various things any one can do to make legitimate money by working online on jobs, investments, businesses, skills and rendering services at the comfort of their home, office, school etc, with their mobile phones, tablets or computers.

It is no doubt, that so many businesses, organizations, skills, services and so much more have ventured online.

Thus, making so many things to now become online based or have an online support.

In the past, prior to the advent of the internet; there was nothing like online banking platforms, e-commerce, online tutors, online customer services, online schooling and so on.

But, in this new internet age we have seen so much diversification in the way several things could be used in a totally different way.

Many businesses and platforms have opted for online media to boost their relevancy in the business niche they occupy.

Thus, making services and goods more accessible and easier for end users to gain access to.

For example, one can sit at the comfort of their home and then order for goods online.

We have seen so many businesses, which had to integrate their services online to catch up with the current trend.

These changes we have seen, over the past years, are not only restricted to the way people seek for services and satisfaction, but has also affected virtually everything you would probably think of.

It is the global age and almost everything is going online. If you have some skills, products or services you render, you can put all these online to get it across to potential leads.

In this post, we would list several things that anyone as an African, A Nigerian, An Asian etc can legitimately involve in, to make money online as an extra income or a full job.

Whether you are a student, a working class, teacher or business owner you can find one or two nuggets in this post, that you can add to your legit money making skills.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the various legit online money making schemes you can delve into.

These list includes, skills, businesses and investments which are all online based.

And anyone can run them at the comfort of their location, provided one has access to the internet.

Online Money Businesses/Investments

  1. Blogging
  2. Android Game Design/Game Design
  3. Freelancing
  4. Amazon Book Kindle Publishing
  5. Amazon Merch
  6. Domaining
  7. Become Online Tutor
  8. Drop Shipping
  9. E-Commerce
  10. Amazon Affiliate/FBA
  11. Cryptocurrency Investment
  12. Forex
  13. Vlogging
  14. Create a Mobile App

The list above are various businesses, skills, investments, services that one can delve into or render to make an extra income online or as a full time something.

Up next, we give a short summary of what each of the listed entails.

1. Blogging:

Blogging is all about owning an online web page or personal website where you can pen down just about anything you like.

If you are good with writing and creating new topics that users will pick interest in, then you wouldn’t find much difficulty with blogging.

You can write on a skill you specialize on, write about your interests, travels, about DIYs, Psychology, Dating, Engineering, Law, Stories, Finance, News, Mobile phones, Computers, Life problems, Health and so much more.

Usually in Blogging. One would have to pick a specific niche to focus on or involve in multi-niched blogs; all depending on the individual.

For a single niched-blog, you would want to coin a name for your blog that correlates to the area you writing on.

While for a multi-niched blog, like Mashable, you would want to coin out something that feels and seem like a brandable name.

There are so many approaches to Blogging for making legit online money.

It all depends on the strategy you want to use and your target audience.

The way a blog dedicated for Africans would look might be quite different with the way an American blog would look. So also the blog posts and articles. Same applies to the content.

Meanwhile, their are also multi-niched blogs with universal appeal, which suits just about any audience reading.

There are many approaches to blogging. The way a blog, structured to target search engine traffic (SEO), might be different from a blog with social media audience target.

And so also a blog seeking to make a brand name for herself. And also a blog targeted at some specific audience.

All these factors determine how a blog would be built and the contents that would be inside of it.

But, one of the most practiced and common strategy to blogging, is to create a micro-niche site or a multi-niched site by using WordPress Theme.

And getting a Domain name and hosting platform like, Namecheap to establish the blog.

The domain name is the name of the blog which you can acquire from various domain registrars in the internet.

While, the hosting, is the internet server your web blog would be hosted on.

Usually, most hosting platforms and domain registrars offer both hosting and domain registration service. So you would want to pick just one, to do both things.

Namecheap, is a good hosting and domain registrar to start with for new bloggers. Their services are cheap and offer incredible value for money.

Afterwards using keyword research tools, like Keyword Everywhere, SemRush and Ahref, to search for less competitive keywords with a decent monthly volume to pen down ever green contents.

Next is to employ both good on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and off page SEO.

On Page SEO, means optimizing written blog post, to enable for faster caching and indexing by various Search Engines.

Normally, On Page SEO is quite easy to learn and most blog running on WordPress, uses a plugin, called Yoast SEO for that.

You can also hire the help of a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork to help out with your blog on page SEO.

In the other hand, off page SEO means anything done outside your blog to improve it’s discovering and indexing in search engines.

Example, of  On Page involves using Yoast SEO plugin to improve your WordPress Post. Normally, you would want to optimize the posts to suit the recommendation of Yoast.

You can learn more about Yoast from making research on Youtube or Google.

While, examples of off page SEO includes, sharing post through several social media platforms, creating credible back-links, guest posting on other blogs siting your blog url, running ads, creating email listings, word of mouth etc.

Finally monetizing the blog through Google Adsense or other advertisement platforms, banner ads and social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Using the aforementioned techniques given above in blogging, will get the earning to some substantial amount, just after a year when the blog might have gained some authority and transaction. And several contents that might have ranked over time.

Depending on your frequency of posting, quality of posts, social sharing, good on page SEO, contents, fast loading blog, fast hosting and dns would determine the amount of traffic and success you would make at the shortest time.

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All the listed factors are what is need to rank well for a blog. You can get your contents to people and readers via social media networks, email listings, word of mouth, creating external and good back-linking from other authoritative websites, advertising the blog and creating guest post on other related websites or blogs to drive traffic to your own blog.

With all these, you would quickly infer that, therefore, blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to start seeing results.

At least, say 2 years. But the good thing, it’s a passive income especially when you have monetized through adsense or other digital ads company.

Even though when you don’t write again, you get to earn when users click any ads on your website from your previous written articles or blog pages.

Provided the blog articles or posts continue to remain relevant to end users or audience, passive income is certain on your blog.

Another method you can also use to gain quick traction is blogging and start earning fast is by adapting another strategy.

Firstly, their are some certain things that make a domain gold mine.

They are given below:

  • Age of Domain
  • Back-links
  • Niche of Domain
  • Traffic
  • End user country

Secondly, because, most new domains have little authority due to their age. Thus, it might be quite difficult for you to start making something substantial from your blog.

Because, there are several other blogs already older writing similar contents.

Thus, search engines would most times favor those blogs on page 1. Even if the detailing and quality of your blog contents outdo the old blogs.

Therefore, to overcome this, you might want to go search on Expired Domains, for older domain names in your blog niche, say 5 to 10 years with good traffic stats and back-link.

After spotting a domain, you would want to buy it and use it for your blog posts.

Next, is to use keyword research tools, like Ahref and Semrush to find long-tail keywords with low competitions.

By employing these two methods given for niche blogs, possibility of success is a 100 percent.

Once, you start seeing traffic, next thing is to monetize the blog via Adsense or other Ad agency for passive income.

So that’s all about blogging. If you’d like to learn more about making micro-niche blogs for SEO, then check out this post on Making Micro-Niched SEO Blogs for Passive Income.

2. Android/iOS Game Design:

This one is pretty straight to the point. You learn. That is, you sit down to learn an incredible, challenging and a worthwhile skill.

Yes!, you learn how to make games. Specifically, you learn how to code, come up and craft games from scratch on the two most popular platforms, Android and iOS.

There are thousands of materials to go about this, the process may be daunting.

But at the end the thrill that comes with being able to make your game, design from scratch, make algorithms and as well earn; might just create that exciting feel.

Yes!, if you learn how to make games on these most widely used platforms, Android and iOS devices, phones, tablets etc.

You would be able to monetize these games on various platforms, when you publish these games on the Android PlayStore or iOS App Store.

You can make several 100’s if not 1000’s of Dollars if you are good with making games.

You can not only monetize, through Admob and other apps and games monetizing platforms.

But also, you can render game designing services for companies and individuals through Fiverr or Upwork, and other freelancing companies.

To learn all the intricacies of making a viral game and monetizing either via Admob or other sources, would usually take up to a year or more.

Which is dependent on your learning speed. But, at the end, it is worth it.

Whether you learn fast or go at your pace. The most important thing to take note of, is to remain forward focused.

If you are really enthusiastic about learning how to make games on Android and iOS, you could visit online Tutoring websites, like UDEMY to buy relevant courses; you can as well go for free tutorials on YOUTUBE.

One of the most popular strategies to make designing games on multi-platforms easy, is to use a GAME Engine.

A game engine, let’s you design, code, sketch up game and its various environments, to monetizing and to publishing on various platforms.

All in one single environment, called the game engine.Thus, making the process of game designing a lot easier.

Game designers, by adopting game engines in their design process, become more efficient in game making.

That is, you don’t need to design or code a separate game for iOS and Android.

You can design a game on a game engine, and publish it on various platforms by just a single click.

Some of the most popular game engines include, UNITY and UnReal Engine.

You monetize mostly your games through ad companies like Google, Admob and in app purchases.

While you optimize your games to gain the required audience and pull traffic by doing what is called ASO, App Search Optimization and promoting your games via Facebook and other social media platforms.


Freelancing typically involves rendering services online. Just about anything you can do online.

Freelancing simply involves, acquiring digital skills or hard skills and then, sorting out for customers through various online Freelancing channels.

Usually, one would need just a laptop or a smartphone to go about it at the comfort of your home or in the office.

You would also have to register for various freelancing websites you can find in the internet.

For example, you could offer to freelance on your web design skills, writing skills, transcription, copy writing skills, game design skills, blogging skills, video editing skills, social media marketing skills and several others.

Example of websites you can easily get started with freelancing, includes websites like, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour etc.

To find a listing of various freelancing websites, you can go through this posting, that have been discussed earlier, Top 30 Paypal Earning Websites.

So many people have been able to gain financial freedom via freelancing their digital skills online, through all of the channels listed above.

One can make thousands of dollars on a weekly basis, by just freelancing.

The only thing needed to succeed in freelancing, is to first acquire a digital skill, be good at it, register with one of the freelancing websites listed, be consistent and strive to satisfy your patronizers and lastly make a name for yourself.

4. Amazon Book Kindle Publishing:

Amazon Book Kindle Publishing simply involves writing ebooks, novels, how to guides etc and publishing via Amazon KDP.

Amazon takes care of getting the book out to the right audience and its sales.

When the book sells, you get a royalty for it. The book can also be published in audio format and as well the paper back format.

You can write just about anything on the Amazon platform, provided it hasn’t been written before or faces no copy write infringement.

You can write on any niche that interest you, either romance, how to guide, children’s story books, novels, life hacks, auto biography, short books, men’s health, work outs etc.

There isn’t limit to the amount of words you can write on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Preferably a book with at least up to 500 words and above.

You can make lots of money just writing and publishing e-books on the Amazon platform.

The good thing, once you’v publish a book, the earning (Royalty) is for a life time.

That is, a perfect example of passive income.

If you aren’t good with writing books or novels. There are thousands of platforms online you can hire writers to do that for you.

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But, you would have to ensure, it isn’t a plagiarized work, else Amazon bans any account found of plagiarizing someone else’s work.

5. Amazon Merch:

Amazon Merch, like Amazon Kindle Publishing, is a platform powered by Amazon, that let’s people and professionals to sell T-Shirt Designs.

How this platform works, is that, once you submit a T-Shirt design to the Amazon Merch platform, Amazon publishes the design on their platform, which covers printing of the design on the T-Shirt and as well the material; including shipping to end users destination.

Therefore, as an Amazon Merch creator, all you need, is to come up with a T-Shirt design, once a buyer, buys that T-Shirt on the Amazon Merch platform, you as the creator get a commission in return.

You can make quite a lot of money on this platform for life. All you need is a fine T-Shirt design.

You can use several photo editing software on either PC or Mobile to create a T-Shirt design and submit to Amazon Merch for publishing.

That is a summary of how the Amazon Merch platform works. You can garner more information online or via Youtube videos.

6. E-Commerce:

E-Commerce as the name implies, simply involves creating an online presence for your offline store where you can sell your products.

Typically users make payment online or use the payment on delivery option to order for products.

While, you as the seller take care of the shipping or its transportation to the destination of the buyer.

You can sell various things or provide services online. From clothing, to electronics, to apparels, to cosmetics, bags, perfumes, laundry, mobile phones, laptops, accessories and so much more.

Usually, most e-commerce websites don’t just focus on selling their items in their own stores.

But also, provide a platform on their website, where several sellers can register and also sell their products.

Example, of such e-commerce websites, includes, Aliexpress, Jumia, Dhgate, Konga, Slot, Amazon, Ebay, Geekbuying etc.

You can make several thousands of dollars on just E-Commerce.

Some of the World’s richest people, are E-Commerce owners, like Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma (China’s Richest Man).

7. Drop Shipping:

Drop Shipping is similar to E-Commerce, but also a kind of passive income whereby you serve as a mediator between the e-Commerce website and the end users.

That is, when you drop-ship an item from popular e-commerce websites, like Aliexpress or Amazon, it simply means you list products on E-Commerce websites to your own website.

And then, setting your own desired price tag on the items, in order to make profit.

Usually, at a higher price as compared to what was listed originally from which ever e-commerce website, you had fetched the item from.

Let’s say, you see an item for 5 Dollar on Amazon, you can list it on your website for 9 Dollar.

When you eventually sell the item. You get 4 Dollar profit while Amazon takes 5 Dollar.

Amazon also takes care of the shipping and delivery. Thus, your website, serve as a linking.

So when a buyer buys the product on your website, it delivers directly to the buyer, without you having to border about the shipping cost and logistics.

There are various drop-shipping platforms, which you can use to do drop-ship items.

They all come with their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular includes, Shopify, Orbelo and Alidropship platform.

You can learn more about these various drop shipping platforms and drop shipping itself when you delve into some web resources. Happy hunting!.

The good thing about drop-shipping is that, you can drop ship from one e-commerce website to another.

For example, you can drop ship an item from Aliexpress, a Chinese Store and list it on Amazon at your desired specified price for Americans to buy.

If you are in Nigeria or Africa, you can also drop ship items from Aliexpress to Jumia to sell.

8. Become an Online Tutor:

Becoming an online tutor is another legit way to make passive money online.

There are several online platforms you can register with to become a tutor.

Usually, you will have to lecture on just about anything you are good at, as a course.

People can then buy these courses online and make use of, alongside various resources which comes with the courses.

You can make a video course and sell through several online video course websites.

Example, of an online platform, that you can tutor on is Udemy

At Udemy, you can make several thousands of dollars when your courses sells via the platform.

9. Vlogging:

Vlogging is the video format of blogging earlier explained at the beginning of the post.

It is similar to blogging, but in this case of vlogging, you make a video rather explaining your thought, making reviews, highlighting your perspective and just about anything you would do on a blog.

You also have to apply all of the principles earlier mentioned in blogging for vlogging as well.

You will need to do proper on page SEO for your vlog as well as off page SEO, just as in blogging.

You will have to build a vlog channel and build your audience and followers over time.

Dishing out contents on a regular basis or on a timely basis, depending on the strategy you’d want to employ on your vlog and the niche of the vlog.

Vlogging simply as to deal with making videos on just about anything you think people will love.

Again, the video and content has to be free from copyright infringement.

When you publish these videos on various vlogging platforms, like YouTube. Ads run on them, and you get a commission when people click on the ads or view them.

There are several YouTube millionaires on the web. There are so many methods you can use to monetize your vlog channel once it goes viral or when you start getting a decent amount of views, just as in blogging.

For example, companies could come looking to make a review for them on their products.

The possibilities and the limit to earning from your vlog is endless, just as in the rest of the passive online making ventures given in this post.

10. Forex:

Forex simply involves buying-selling of currencies or other valuables like, Gold and Silver in a nutshell. With the hope of making a profit thereafter.

When you buy a currency or other valuables, you are hoping the value appreciates with time.

So when the value appreciates over time, you can sell these currencies to make gains.

The intricacies of forex trading, is so wide and the market is so volatile and fragile.

Values of currencies changes in micro seconds. Therefore, it takes a real pro to get the grasp of how things are done.

Personally, I wouldn’t advise a newbie to go into this form of online legit income due to its nature, as being quite sophisticated.

And the tendency for a newbie to loose income in Forex is high.

But again, we have had so many professionals and seasoned Forex traders testifying how they have made millions through Forex.

With the advent of computers and the internet, getting tools, tutorials and mentor-ship on Forex is readily available.

But the biggest obstacle is to get a real mentor, that’s actually doing great in the scheme.

Once you can get a proven mentor, your chances of success in Forex is high.

There are so many Forex trading platforms or brokers in the web, an example is InstaForex.

11. Domaining:

Domaining simply involves buying and selling of domain names with the hope of making profit.

Domaining can be seen as the real estate business  of the internet. It is more of an investment rather than a business.

To get the concept of domaining, first we have to understand what a domain means.

A domain name is an internet name that directs users to your webpage put simply.

Without domain names, you can’t type on your browser and access Facebook. Or on your browser to access Google.

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A domain name is simply put, as the name of your website. Most businesses use the same domain name as the name of their business.

Therefore, in order to establish your presence on the web, you would need to acquire a domain name.

Just like a landed property you would need to build on. Without domain names, you can’t have your websites or web pages.

You need a domain name to build your website. Thus, the value of domain name is immeasurable.

Domain worth could range for as low as $1 and extend up to a $1000000 or even more depending on various factors.

Like, the end users, the age of the domain, the domain CPC, the value of the domain name to the intending business and much more.

There are several domain registrars on the internet, in which, you can purchase a domain from.

When you purchase a domain from these registrars, you can decide to setup your website via various hosting services, like Namecheap.

Or you can decide to lease or sell the domain at a higher price to make profit(domaining), through various domain selling markets.

Buying and selling domains is a very profitable, passive and legit money making scheme on the web. Which requires little starting investment but takes time.

The success in domaining boils down to, the quality of domains you own, the quantity, number of end users and value.

There are mainly two common approaches to domaining, buying  and selling geo-domains and buying and selling brandable domain names.

Geo domains are domains that point out to a particular city or place. For example, This domain name gives a vivid description of the business and the place.

Thus, you can go buy unregistered Geo domains, and list out on various selling market places while also finding interested buyers online within the Geo location.

In the case of brandable domains, for example,, a transportation service.

You can buy and resell a brandable domain name using various brandable domain selling markets.

To learn more about brandable domain name, here is a link on selling brandable domain names.

If you are interested in buying and selling of domain names, the Wikipedia of it all, is at, a forum with several seasoned domain selling experts and as well newbies.

However, buying and selling domain names aren’t just limited to the Geo and Brandable types.

There are also several examples of domains, like exact match domains, numbers, ggtlds etc.

To learn more, just hop to Namepros. Another good place to learn the GEO-Domain flipping is on Nairaland Domain Selling Page.

The domain name, sold for over a $1000000 and several others you can search for online.

Imagine what the value of the domain name, will be worth.

In addition, there are two approaches to domaining, flipping and investment.

A domain flipper is someone that buys a domain to make quick sells.

His/Her approach would be quite different from a domain investor.

A domain investor, is someone that buys and keep a domain for as long as possible in order for its value to appreciate over time.

Which ever approach you’d love to imbibe, would depend on what works for you.

12. Crypto currencies Investment:

Cryptocurrency simply means digital currency handled by a decentralized network.

Cryptocurrency investment, simply involves buying and selling of cryptocurrencies for profit.

It is similar to Forex but quite simplistic and straight to the point.

Investing in Cryptos simply means you are buying a particular cryptocurrency and storing it. With the hope it appreciates later in the future.

There are several cryptocurrencies that one can get hold of. The likes of Bitcoin, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar comes to mind.

Well, the value of the cryptocurrency fluntuates with time. The value of 1 bitcoin is over 3.5 million Naira in Nigeria currency.

In 2013, the value of 1 Bitcoin was around $200. While in 2014, it rose to around $600.

In 2015, the cost of owning a single Bitcoin was around $500. In 2016 it hovered to $780.

In 2017 it became around $19700 while in 2018 it dropped. In 2019 Bitcoin was around $9000.

Thus, buying Cryptocurrency as proven over time, is a good investment.

You can just buy and store your Cryptocurrency and forget it for say, 2 years or more.

There are various platforms you can buy cryptocurrency and store for later in the internet.

A simple google search would get you started.

13. Amazon Affiliate/ Amazon FBA/ Affiliate Marketing:

This usually, involves creating a website in order to advertise products to buyers via a micro-niche website.

When you make sales, you earn commissions from Amazon or other Affiliate Market programs.

There are several Affiliate market programs both on Amazon and other websites, you can get your hands on by searching through the web.

Amazon FBA, which means fulfillment by Amazon, is an online service similar to drop-shipping earlier discussed.

But, in this case Amazon provides storage, shipping assistance and packaging to sellers.

To learn more about Amazon FBA, their are many online resources, you can lay your hands on. By simply searching in Google, the term, “Amazon FBA”.

14. Create Mobile Apps:

This is quite straight to the point and requires little or no explanation.

Creating a Mobile app, is similar to making an Android game or iOS game earlier discussed.

You would need to employ the same strategy highlighted in making games too for apps.

That is, making apps and monetizing through admob, various mobile app ad integration platforms and in app purchases.

Since these two platforms, iOS and android have become the most dominant OS for mobile phones, you would need to get an app design environment, whereby you can code for a single app and publish on various platform.

There are several app design platforms you can stumble upon just by doing some Google searching.

You would need to find the one that tickle your fancy and enables for easy integration of monetizing platforms, like Admob. Example, includes the likes of Android Studio and Flutter.

There are several apps, you can design, music apps, utility apps, educational apps etc.

Once your app, gathers enough downloads and recurring users after publishing on Playstore or the App Store. You can start earning from it.


Closing note……..I hope this post inspires someone out there to delve into one of these legit online money making businesses or rather skills, for financial freedom.

This list comprises and compartmentalize just about all the hot stuffs on the internet, you can delve into for financial freedom.

Note that all of these ventures, investment and ideas listed aren’t a quick money getting scheme.

They are skills, that when you dedicate your time to and give them your very best. You are sure to start getting good results over time.

They are invaluable skills, that you can learn online, that remains with you.

When you acquire these skills, you can also decide to share with others in exchange for cash or freelance.

Therefore, if you are looking out to financial freedom via online means, the list above presents you with “legit online ways of making passive income”.

All that is required is your interest and dedication. And most importantly consistency.

You can pick one or two skills listed above, that catches your fancy.

Strive to give it your best for a period of 1 to 2 years, get a mentor currently doing well in those skills, get online courses and resources to guide you through.

Most importantly, learn by trying and experience. In no time, you should start seeing some positive changes in your earnings.

Remember to share this post with friends, friends of friends and everyone.

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