Free Writing MS Word Alternative Tools

Free Writing MS Word Alternative ToolsThis post contains a list of Free Writing MS Word Alternative Tools that you can use and employ for your day to day writing work or projects.

These various MS Word writing tools serve as alternative to the word processor application.

Some of the tools come with both online and offline functionalities.

That is, you can use them for both online and offline projects or writing jobs.

All the tools listed are free while some of the writing tools come with premium functionalities that require subscription or one time payment to access them.

But in the actual sense, most of the tools are just free to use.

You can use them for a writing project, like book, novel, short stories, writing letters and so much more.

The things one can do with a word processor application is quite endless.

And having a free subscription-less type is even more hassle free.

MSWord, or Microsoft Word is pretty much one of the most popular and efficient word processing application that have gained so much appraisal and user base.

There is hardly anyone that has held a computer that hasn’t come across this word processor. That’s how versatile and ubiquitous MSWord has become.

However, there comes a time where one would be stock in a situation whereby for some reasons, MSWord becomes null and void or inaccessible. Thus, the need to have a backup Word processor application one could fall back to becomes a rational option.

Thus the essence of this post, is to list out other MSWord alternatives to everyone.

Without further ado, below is the listing of various free tools that can serve as free MSWord writing alternatives.

Free MS Word Alternative Writing Tools

  1. Libre Office
  2. Dropbox Paper
  3. Zoho Docs
  4. WPS Writer
  5. Google Docs
  6. Apache OpenOffice
  7. Polaris Office
  8. Free Office
  9. Eherpad
  10. AbiWord
  11. Quolli Writer
  12. Latex
  13. Calligra Words
  14. Manuskript
  15. Word-perfect
  16. Lyx
  17. PolyEdit
  18. Lotus IBM
  19. TextStudio
  20. MikText

These list are some of the many alternatives to MS Word (Microsoft Word) office typing tool. They serve as a good option when MS Word becomes unavailable.

Hope you like the listings. You can also share your favorite writing tools aside MS Word you employ in your writing project or work.

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