Airtel Data Plan

This post is all about the various Airtel Data plans that are available in Nigeria. It centers on data bundles for all devices, smartphones, tablets, android, iPhone, Macbook and so much more. Just about any Airtel data plan that can work with all devices. You may also want to have a glimpse of MTN Data Plan, GLO Data Plan and 9Mobile Data Plan.

These Airtel Data plans are applicable to both users of 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G network technologies. It doesn’t matter whether your device runs on the newest 5G or 4G, all of the listed data would work on your device.

Airtel Data Plan

Dial *141# to gain access to the Airtel Main Data Menu

Without further ado let’s delve into the various Airtel Data Plans we have. Note, these various data bundles are subject to changes and adjustments with time as Data Plans in Nigeria are becoming more feasible when compared to way back during the advent of the internet.

Airtel Data Plan

How to Subscribe Airtel Data Bundles:

Use *141# followed by the on screen menu of your device to select the appropriate data plan you want.

You can also use *141*241*# to gain access to a special menu offer too were you can subscribe for various data bundles at mouth watering prices.

You can also use *312# to gain access to the Airtel Smartrybe menu where you can find Night data bundles and other cool data plans also.

How to Check Airtel Data Bundles:

Use *140# to check Airtel Data Plan bundles balance.

Airtel Monthly Data Bundles:

Airtel Monthly data bundles are meant to serve users for a period of 1 month before renewal. Though if the data exhaust before the one month period users can still resubscribe for another bundles. Below are a list of the Airtel Monthly Data bundles which can also be accessed by using *141# and following the appropriate menu prompts.

Airtel Data Plan

Airtel Social Bundles:

Airtel Social Bundles gives you access to all of the Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Operamini etc. This data bundles comes in a variety of types which is given in the screen shot below.

Airtel Data PlanTo get access to the various Airtel Social data bundles, users would have to subscribe by using *141# and following the menu prompts. To check data bundles use *140#.

Airtel Daily Data Plan:

This data bundles on the network is only eligible for a period of just 24 hours, that is one day. It comes at different price rates depending on the money expended.

Airtel Data PlanThe minimum amount to get a daily Airtel Data Bundles is 100 Naira. With 300 Naira, you can get 1GB of Daily data bundles on the network.

Airtel Daily Data PlanYou can use this bundles to download and surf the internet on all devices. There is no restriction what so ever. It works flawlessly. To subscribe, simply dial *141# and follow the menu prompt to select your preferred option. Use *140# to check data plan bundles.

Airtel Smartrybe Data Plan

Airtel Weekly Data Plan:

Airtel Weekly Data Plan is the 7 days  or 14 days Airtel Data Plan that works across just about any device. This data plan on the network gives you access to the internet for a period of 7 days or 14 days eligibility. That means, if you are unable to use up the data bundles before the 7/14 days period given, the remaining data bundles would be rolled back on subsequent daily data subscription.

Airtel Weekly Data PlanTo subscribe for the weekly/7/14 days bundles, dial *141# on your device and follow the menu pop-up to direct you to the appropriate plan. After subscription, you can use *140# to check your data bundles.

From the screenshot above, with 500 Naira you can get 1GB for 7 days while with same 500 Naira you can get 750MB also for 2 weeks which is 14 days.

Airtel Mega Data Plan:

Airtel Mega Plans as the name implies are quite bulky data bundles that are a bit pricey. With 5000 Naira you get around 15GB of data valide for a period of one month.

While with 10000 Naira you get around 15GB of data also valid for 1 month. The Mega Plan is applicable to all devices and uses just like all other Airtel data bundles already mentioned earlier.

Airtel Mega Data PlanTo gain access to this Airtel Data Bundles simply dial like in other cases, *141# and go the option of MEGA PLANS. Choose the appropriate USSD code and reply. Next you can choose from a list of options with allocated price which comes forth.

To check the data bundles of the Mega Plans simply dial *140# on your device. In no time, you get an SMS message with the data plan bundle balance and bonuses.

Airtel 4G Data Plan:

Airtel 4G Data Plan comes with added perks and benefits. They are the same with all of the data bundles that have been listed above.

The only difference is that when using a 4G device and a 4G enabled Airtel Sim, by sending Get to 141 via SMS, for every data bundles you subscribe for, you get a 100 percent bonus of data. When you subscribe for Airtel 1500 Naira monthly plan, you end up almost getting 9GB of data for the month. A more detailed explanation has been given earlier on Airtel 4G.

Airtel Smartrybe Data Plan:

Airtel Smartrybe is a special data bundles on the Airtel Network available for users of the Smartrybe Tariff plan. To enjoy this package, you would first have to opt to the Airtel Smartrybe Tariff by using the USSD *312#.

Airtel Smartrybe Data PlanAnd then, following the appropriate menu for activation. The Airtel Smartrybe encompasses Airtel Night Bundles and other less pricey Airtel Data.

So if you are looking for the Airtel Night Plan for 25 Naira and 50 Naira your best bet is the Airtel Smartrybe data plan.

To check the balance of your Airtel Smartrybe Data, use *140#.

Airtel Router Data Plan:

Airtel Router Data Plan is the Data Plan available on the Airtel MIFI Modem/Router It can be accessed below by using the following USSD:

  • N5,000 15GB 30days *370#
  • N10,000 40GB 30days *370#
  • N15,000 75GB 30days *370#
  • N20,000 120GB 30days *370#

You can also go to on the router to subscribe for the data bundles directly.

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