Airtel 4G Data Plan

This page is all about Airtel 4G Data Plan. Airtel Network in Nigeria have one of the best 4G Data Services across the Nation. And also one of the pioneers of the service, just as in GLO 4G. Spanning across various States of the Nigeria Federation.

Though, as of the time of writing this post, the world is switching switching gradually to 5G, courtesy to Huawei. Like UK and other European Countries. While, Nigeria and other African Nations are still trying to make 4G fully adopted.

More so, adaptation of the 4G network by end users in Nigeria is still very low. As most people haven’t really migrated and tested the difference in speed of data in using 4G as compared to traditional 2G/3G services.

This is mostly due to the fact that most people are still using devices that do not support 4G or they are unaware that their device have the 4G network bands of various network.

What does having 4G Implies:

It means you get faster internet surfing and downloading speed. And more bandwidth of internet. 4G LTe stands for 4 Generation Telecommunication Long Term Evolution.

Airtel 4G Lte Band:

The Airtel 4G is on the band 3 (1800MHz). Therefore, if you have a device that supports this band you can easily get the Airtel 4G provided the service is available in your location. This brings us to subscribing for various Airtel 4G Data plans.

Airtel 4G Data Plan:

There are many Airtel Data Bundles that have been given in this site for our users. Most of the data bundles can be accessed by using the *141# USSD code and then follow the prompt that comes afterwards to select a preferred data bundles.

This same procedure also applies to 4G also. But, with more bonus services. Examples of the various data bundles on Airtel include the likes of:

When you subscribe for any of the above Airtel Internet data bundles listed you get 2 to 3 times your data bundles.

How to use 4G Airtel Data Plan:

Firstly, you have to switch your SIM or register a 4G Enabled Airtel SIM card. In this SIM card you see the 4G Logo on it.

All new Airtel SIM cards as of the time of writing this post are all 4G enabled. See below image:

Airtel 4G SIM

Airtel 4G SIM

The above image shows how the Airtel 4G SIM looks like. So once you have the Airtel 4G SIM or you have switched your old SIM to this New Airtel 4G SIM. What you do is insert the SIM on your device. And then, you make your device use LTE/4G service by setting it from the Settings>>Mobile Network adapter menu.

After doing that. Just turn on the Data. You will be given 4G Data as bonus for free. Subsequently, when you activate a data bundles up to 500 Naira worth via the *121# menu. You would be given 25% of your data.

Airtel Smartphone Data Plan

After doing the above step you can the send text message in the format: GET to 141. Which then qualifies you to obtain 100% of your subscription data as seen in the image above.

Therefore, if you subscribe for Airtel 1000 Naira data, you get almost more than 4GB of data bundles to use.

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