MTN 5G is up and running in Nigeria. The new network band for next gen technologies was unveiled in Nigeria, Abuja and was the first ever 5G to enter into the African space.

5G which stands for Fifth Generation Technology will enable more devices to connect and communicate with each other. The first test by MTN in Nigeria achieved a speed of around 20Gb per seconds downloads about 100 times faster than 4G network.

The new network 5G band was unveiled in November of 2019 in Abuja Nigeria by MTN. With this, MTN has become the pioneers of introducing 5G into Nigeria and Africa thanks to partnership by the Nigerian Communication Commission to make the project come to live.

With the unveil of the 5G Network in the country, it simply means users can now start surfing their data bundles by opting for the 5G Network. Which would provide more upload and download speed than when compared to the already viral 4G.

Though, some critics have argued that even the already viral 4G does not deliver up to the expected speed of 4G not to talk of the new 5G.

But however, this is a welcome development to the future of the technological space in the country.

Now you can get more faster data bundles. You can now download that movie file worth 5GB in just few seconds as promised by the 5G. This will also help in the actualization of the internet of things, iOT technologies that yet to gain ground in the African space. Like VR, AR, AI, XR, 360 videos and MR Technologies. Which stands for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality and Mixed Reality.

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Also the unveil of the 5G would also do well in cloud computing. Uploading of files and videos. Streaming live media and online gaming sessions.

 MTN 5G Data Bundles:

As for MTN 5G Data Bundles, these bundles will help to deliver more internet speed when compared to other network bands. To get these bundles simply use the *131# on your device to subscribe.

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