Airtel 4G Data Plan Nigeria

Airtel 4G Data Plan in Nigeria is one of the best data offers for 4G and including other network variants you would ever think of when compared to other networks provider in Nigeria.

It is evident from their data allocation for different price tag. Airtel Network possess unarguably one of the best data plans out there. When you consider speed, different types of data to choose from and value for money. For example, with 1500 Naira you can get almost 9GB of Data on the Airtel 4G. To learn how to go about this, just keep on reading the post.

When you subscribe for an Airtel one month data plan, it is almost sure it will take up to the allocated month without exhaustion for mild range internet users even with remainder.

To enjoy all the benefits and bonuses of the 4G Airtel Data or Airtel Data in itself, firstly, you have to switch your device to the 4G data mode.

Switching device to the 4G Data mode is quite straight to the point. Usually, you would have to go under Settings>>Network>> and so fort, to look for where you can find options like, 2G, 3G, H+ or 4G. So you choose the option for 4G.

Before doing the step above you must have already purchased a 4G device. If you don’t have a 4G smartphone, you can consider going for the Xiaomi brand. Which is one of the fast rising smartphone company in the world which offers value for money, plus they have several outlets in Nigeria and you can get their smartphones via Jumia also.

After getting your 4G device, you would also want to register for a new Airtel 4G SIM, which has the 4G Logo on top. If you already have a new Airtel 4G SIM then no need for this.

Airtel 4G Data Plan NigeriaNext, you would have to send a text message in the format “GET” to “141“.

After sending the message for a while you get a congratulatory message informing you of getting a 100 percent data when ever you subscribe for an internet data bundles for the next 3 months.

Next is to use this code: *141# to check for all the available internet data bundles you can subscribe for.

Below is a list of all the 4G Data bundles you can use on your Airtel:

Normal Data Bundles:

To buy any Airtel Data bundles you would need to use the following codes which gives you access to all the popular data bundles available in a menu which can be accessed by dialing *141#. or *141*241#. A screen shot is given below showing special offer.

A screenshot below shows the data bundles I bought with 1500 Naira monthly bundles by using *141# to locate the monthly bundles option. The data bundles from the screenshot sums up to nearly 9GB of data. Both bonuses and the normal data inclusive all for 1500 Naira.

You would also notice the congratulatory message of my being awarded a 100 percent of my data. To subscribe for a data plan just as I have done and enjoy all the benefits. Just follow the procedures above. After which you dial *141# to choose a suitable data bundles. After subscribing use *140# to check the data balance.

All the data bundles you can access by using *141# works well with the Airtel 4G network.

Including Mega bundles, Airtel Smartrybe and Airtel Monthly plans all can be accessed by using *141# except for Airtel Smartrybe that uses the code *312# instead for subscription.

When you eventually subscribe for any of the Airtel Data bundles simply use *140# to check your data bundles balance.

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