Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria is an online shopping mall covering a host of African countries and other countries outside of Africa too.

The website of Jumia Nigeria is www.jumia.com.ng. No doubt the online shopping mall is one of the starters of the Nigeria online shopping thing.

And also one of the best and most reliable online shopping option in the country.

Items shipped from Jumia Nigeria literally gets to your location within 3 days in Nigeria or even less than 24 hours if you reside in Lagos.

When you visit the website you can shop from a whole lots of variety of things.

And however, small the price of the item you shop for is. It gets delivered to your location with ease.

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia also offer free promos, coupons, deals etc. Some times, depending on the item you are shopping for, you get Free Shipping.

How Does Jumia Operates:

What Jumia does is that, it connects between buyers and sellers. So as a seller you can sell your items on Jumia and also, as a buyer, you can buy items on Jumia.

Jumia ensures the interest of the buyer is at hand by making sure the transaction pass between them. And quality of goods is first ascertained before being dispensed to end users.

Items to shop from Jumia:

There are quite a number of items you can find. From Phones and Tablets, like Xiaomi, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung, Apple etc.

Notable smartphone’s you can find in Jumia include the likes of the Xiaomi Note 7, Note 6A and lots more.

Also you get Computing devices, Electronics, Home and Office stuffs, Fashion and Clothing materials, Gaming, Health and Beauty Kits, Games, Grocery, Baby Products and so much more.

Other Jumia Services:

Jumia not only deal with shopping just for smartphones, tv’s and accessories.

But, it also does stuffs like Food Delivery, Transportation, Holidaying, Housing, Flight tickets, Airtime and Utility bills etc.

These can be accessed from the links below:

How to Shop Appropriately from Jumia:

Shopping from Jumia is pretty simple and straight to the point. Any one can do it. Even you haven’t shopped online before.

Like all rules of online shopping. There are some important criteria one needs to take note of before initiating a buy from any online mall.

Just like in the series of post made on Aliexpress guide to shopping. Same steps in Aliexpress of screening for items to buy is also applicable to Jumia.

Below are some things to take note of:

  • Sellers Rating
  • Number of Purchase
  • Delivery options
  • Reviews

These are the key things to take note of when buying from Jumia.

Sellers Rating:

Seller’s Rating is quite easy to find in Jumia. Once you select item you want to buy, you would easily see the seller’s rating. For example below.

You can see the seller’s rating to the right of the arrow. Seller of the TV set has a 94 percent score.

Then you can also see the star rating too by the top. Seller has 4 out of 5 star which is pretty decent.

So it’s a good buy option. If you are considering to buy a Television set.

Number of Purchase:

Items with many number of purchase says pretty much the item is a good item to go for. You can also find this near the Star rating.

Delivery Options:

Jumia offers two delivery options, Global Delivery and Express Shipping.

Global Shipping, ships items from oversea. That means items aren’t available in their Nigeria store. This option of shipping may take between 7, 10 to 15 days at most. Just like the Aliexpress 7 days shipping guide.

While Express Shipping delivers between 24 hours to 5 days or less. Depending on the location in Nigeria.

So if you would want a fast buy. It is always good option to sort out product with the Express delivery option.

Below you could also see the example of a Television set. Which offers the Express Delivery option.


Items with good user feed back and reviews are good buys. Because, they have been tested and used by happy users. That had the urge to leave a feedback.

So when you see item with lots of bad reviews from users. You would want to search the same item again on Jumia from another seller.

Jumia Nigeria

To locate the review tab on Jumia is pretty easy. All you have to do is scroll down a little to the bottom. You see users rating in Stars and reviews.

From these reviews given in the image above. You can easily know that the item is very good buy.

So that’s all about it on finding the best items to buy on Jumia.

How to Shop for Item on Jumia:

This is very easy and straight to the point. All you have to do is create an account first on Jumia by going to the website, Jumia.com.ng if you are in Nigeria.

Or you can also download the mobile application from either the App Store or Play Store on iOS Apple or Android.

After downloading the app or visiting the web page. Simply create an account. Input your address in Nigeria and phone contact.

When done. Simply start searching Jumia app on your phone or table. Or the web platform, for any item you want.

To do this, on the home page. There are lots of categories to choose from.

You can select any of the categories you want to dig into to. Explore various items and corresponding prices from different sellers.

You can also use the search menu at the top to search for item you want directly.

Jumia Nigeria

After seeing an item that suits you. And after going through all the sellers, reviews, mode of shipping pass criteria shown above.

Then, you would want to buy it. By clicking on the Buy Now tab. Just like in the image below. A fine lady dress. Clicking the buy now tab takes you to the check out page.

Where you select the payment methods you would want to use in buying the item.

Mostly via Master Card or Visa Card from notable banks in Nigeria like, GTB, UBA, Zenith, Access, First Bank etc. And also other international cards.

Jumia NigeriaOnce you have initiated a buy, by following the various steps in checking out of the buy now page.

All you have to do. Is to sit and relax till your items get’s delivered to your location in Nigeria.

That simple. Yes!, very easy. Any one can buy online from Jumia.


That’s all about it for Jumia Nigeria. If you have any question regarding to this post. Please, do leave a comment below.

Happy buying from Jumia Nigeria!.

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