Zenith Bank: Transfer Money Easily using Mobile Transfer Code

Zenith Bank:

How To Tranfer Money from Zenith Bank Account to Other Banks using your Mobile Phone


Zenith Bank Mobile transfer code USSD enables you to transfer money from your Zenith Bank Account to other Banks by using your phone. You will use a particular code which can be memorized to initiate the transaction process. See Code Below:


The Zenith Bank Mobile Transfer Code, also helps to perform other transactions as well. Like recharge your phone, Pay Bills, Check your Account Balance etc.


Transfer Money From Zenith Bank to Other Banks using your Mobile Phone


Here is the code Below, Use it to Transfer Funds from your Zenith Bank Account to other Banks:

  • *966#

When you dial the above code on your phone and send. onscreen instructions appear where you can initiate variety of services.


To transfer funds use this format instead for one click process:



  • Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# and send

e.g:  *966*100*1234567891#, this means 100 Naira will be sent to the account number 1234567891.

Replace 100 with your desired amount and 1234567891 with the account number, the money will be sent to.


To check your Zenith Bank Account Balance using your Phone


  • *966*00# and send
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

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