Heritage Bank Nigeria: Transfer Money with your Mobile Phone

Heritage Bank Nigeria:

Transfer Money with your Mobile Phone


Ecobank customers can now easily transfer monies to other bank accounts in one click. Thanks!, to the mobile codes transaction option adopted by most Nigerian banks. This makes banking more convenient and less of a stress.


With the Heritage bank mobile transfer code, you can transfer funds from Heritage account to other accounts in the country via your mobile phone at your own comfort.


NB: you can also use the Code for other services. Read on….


Lets have a  glimpse at other services you can do with Heritage’s bank mobile Code:

  • Send money to friends and family 
  • Receive money
  • Purchase airtime
  • Pay for bills, goods and services
  • Check your account


Transfer Monies from Heritage Bank Account via Mobile Phone to other Accounts


Without much ado,  here is how to transfer funds using Heritage bank mobile code:

  • Dial  *322*030*ACCT_NUMBER*AMOUNT# and send.


If you want to check your Balance using the same code format use:

  • Dial *322*030# code instead. 


You can also perform other banking services, using the Heritage bank’s Mobile Code: Just Dial, *322#.

To Pay Electricity Bills and Recharge your phone.

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