EcoBank Nigeria: Easy way to transfer funds using your phone


If you hold an Ecobank account you can transfer money to another Ecobank account holder or to other commercial bank in Nigeria like, UBA, Heritage, Union, Fidelity, First Bank, GTB etc. By using the mobile banking platform.

The mobile banking platform helps ease all the difficulties that may be involved in walking down to the bank counter to initiate a transaction.

By using your phone you are able to send money and pay bills without having to step an inch.

Below are the step by step process for Ecobank customers to transfer funds on their mobile phone through USSD.

Easy way to transfer funds using your phone

It is easy to transfer money to other people using Ecobank. If you are banking with  Ecobank, here is how you can transfer funds from your account to any other account using your phone easily. 

All you will simply need in transferring funds from Ecobank account to another account is a mobile USS code, which can easily be memorized. Read on for the code….

You are not only restricted to transferring funds between accounts, but, can also perform other banking features using the code. Below are other features:

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Transfer funds to friends and family
  • Receive funds
  • Purchase airtime
  • Pay for bills, goods and services
  • Check your account

Here is the code:  *326#, with this you can transfer funds easily on Ecobank, as well as perform other services supported on the platform.

How to Transfer Funds from your Ecobank Account To Another Account

  • Ensure you are using the mobile number used in opening an Account with Ecobank. Then,
  • Dial *326#
  • Follow the menu instructions to successfully transfer money from your Ecobank Account to other Nigerian Bank Account.

Other Services you can use with Ecobank Mobile Code are:

  • EcoBank account Balance
  • Pay Electricity Bills
  • Recharge your phone

If you are in Kenya, use this instead: *335#

If you are in Uganda, use this instead: *235#

*326# Code is only applicable for within Nigeria.

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