How to get Jamb UTME ePins via Internet (No Bank Stress Wahala)

How to get Jamb UTME ePins via Internet:

In this post, we would show you how you can easily get Jamb ePin for UTME registration without stressing yourself to go the bank.

All you would need is a mobile phone with access to the internet. Or a mobile phone without access to the internet and a Laptop or Desktop with internet access.

Either of the two options you decide to go with saves you all of the stress, if you are to step into a bank branch. You save yourself from all of the bank wahala and stress. No need for queuing and no need for waiting either.

One-two clicks via your mobile phone will get you a profile code as covered earlier in this post: ” How to get Jamb Profile Code“. At the comfort of your home. Maybe even while eating or watching a movie. After getting your Profile code, the next step is to head straight to payment via the profile code.

The payment can be done through a variety of channels. Quickteller and Bank branches options being the most prominent. In this post, we shall deal with the use of Quickteller option.

Using the QuickTeller option simply means both the start of the registration process. That is, getting a Profile Code. And subsequently getting an ePin will be done via your smartphone.

Without further ado, lets get started:

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How to get Jamb/UTME ePins via Internet (Mobile Phone /Laptop):

  • Firstly go to this previous post written to get a Jamb Profile Code or use this direct USSD code: [Surname, First Name & Middle Name (if any)] by text (SMS) to 55019. Maximum of 38 characters and 2 spaces between names. All summing up to 40 characters in total.
  • Secondly, head on to this link: “ How to get ePins via QuickTeller Web” to make payment via your mobile phone connected to the internet or a laptop/desktop with internet access.
  • Thirdly, after getting your ePins, simply head to the nearest Jamb UTME accredited center to complete your Jamb UTME registration.

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