FCMB Mobile Code Funds Transfer to other Banks

FCMB Mobile Money Transfer Code:


First, you can transfer money to another FCMB account and as well to other Nigerian banks using the Mobile Money transfer of FCMB. All you require is have an account with the Bank.


Once, you have activated the Mobile Money Banking feature, you can perform different available transactions on the platform by using the USSD code associated with it. Simply dial the code on your phone and follow the instructions. See the code below:


How to Transfer Money from FCMB to other Banks

  • Dial:  *389*214# on your mobile phone
  • Next, follow the on screen menu to complete your transaction.

Before, you can use the service above, it is required to setup the mobile banking feature. If yours isn’t activated, see how to below:


How to Activate FCMB Mobile Money Banking

  • Dial  *389*214# on your phone. 
  • The onscreen menu shows:
    Activate with card
    Activate with Account
    Activate with Mwallet
  • Select option 2, which will activate using your account. And send
  • A reply we ask you to input your account number. Input your account and send
  • A message will appear with: “Congratulation you have been Successfully Synchronized”
  • You will get also:
    Call Contact Centre on 01-2798800
    or visit any FCMB branch to generate your PIN. Which will be sent to your mobile phone in no time. 
  • Next, dial *389*214# on your phone and send
  • Select the Security option.
  • Select Change Pin option, to change the default PIN sent to your own new 4 digits PIN
  • Done!, you can start using the services.


You can also check your account number using the mobile banking code, see how:


Check FCMB Account Number using Mobile Code:

  • Dial *389*214#
  • Follow the menu prompt to check your account.

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