Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2019/2020

In this post, are the most anticipated TV Shows of 2019/2020 many TV show viewers have been itching for to air in 2019/2020.

This post contains a list of both new series and older tv series  with newer seasons to air by 2019/2020.

Whether you are watching this shows via Netflix, Hulu or non-conventional internet movie/series sites, like, Pahe, FZmovies, o2tvseries, toxicwap, tfpdl etc. This post will give you an update of whats coming.

Without further ado, lets delve into the listing below. But before, this you may want to check out a list of our recommended top tv series/tv shows everyone should give a try.

Most anticipated TV shows of 2019/2020:

  1. The New Pope [HBO]
  2.  Homeland Season 8/final season [Showtime]
  3. Good Omens [BBC TWO/Amazon Prime]
  4. The Crown season 3 Netflix]
  5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer [Reboot]
  6. Big Little Lies season 2 [HBO]
  7. Taboo season 2 [FX]
  8. Mindhunter season 2 [Netflix] August
  9. Mr Robot season 4/final season [USA Network]
  10. Stranger Things season 3 [Netflix] July 4
  11. The Expanse Season 4 [Amazon Prime]
  12. The End of the F***ing World season 2 [Netflix ]
  13. Watchmen season 1 [HBO]
  14. Carnival Row season 1 [Amazon Prime]
  15. I Am Mother [Netflix] June 20
  16. Preacher season 4/final season [AMC] August 4
  17. The Mandalorian [Disney+]
  18. Swamp Thing season 1 [DC Universe]
  19. Money Heist season 3 [Netflix]
  20. Lovecraft Country [HBO]
  21. The Witcher season 1 [Netflix]
  22. Black Mirror season 5 [Netflix] June 5
  23. Dark season 2 [Netflix] June 21
  24. When They See Us [Netflix] May 31
  25. Peaky Blinders season 5[BBC TWO]
  26. Castlevania season 3 [Netflix]
  27. Ozark season 3 [Netflix]
  28. BoJack Horseman season 6 [Netflix]
  29. Legion season 3 [FX] June 24
  30. The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 [Hulu] June 5
  31. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels [Showtime]
  32. Tom Clancy Jack Ryan season 2 [Amazon Prime]
  33. The Hot Zone [National Geography] May 2
  34. Big little lies 2
  35. Taboo 2
  36. Atlanta season 3 [FX]
  37. The Deuce season 3/final season [HBO]

The New Pope [HBO]:

First aired 2016. To continue in 2019. More from HBO link: the New Pope.


Homeland Season 8/Final season [Showtime]:

To arrive late 2019 and contains 12 episodes. Watch trailer below:


Good Omens [BBC TWO/Amazon Prime]:

To air 31 May of 2019. Watch trailer below.


The Crown season 3[Netflix]:

To air 2019. Watch Trailer .


Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

To air 2020 on Netflix. Watch trailer here.


Big Little Lies season 2 [HBO]:

The season is to air 9 of June 2019. Watch Trailer.


Taboo season 2 [FX]:

Set for 2019 or possibly 2020. No trailer yet as of the time of writing this post.


Mindhunter season 2 [Netflix]:

Mind hunter season 2 is set for August of 2019. Watch Trailer.


Mr Robot season 4/Final season [USA Network]:

To air 2019/2020. Watch Trailer below.


Stranger Things season 3 [Netflix:

To air July 4 of 2019. Watch Stranger Things season 3 trailer below.

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  1. Nice one. Well thought out listings. Enough new series to binge.

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