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This posting is all about the Free basics Website, as the name implies, they are pages and they are free. So What’s the concept of Free Basics? Free Basics is a like a web archive or an app archive of some sorts where multiple websites can submit their websites pages for archiving and indexing on daily or weekly basis.

This Platform in turns gives accessibility to users in exploring those websites pages already indexed for free. Therefore, think of Free Basics as that internet archive where multiple websites of different niches are listed.  Having various engaging pages for users to explore for free.

The idea was borne out of the need for developing countries or regions with limited or costly internet access to be able to explore internet pages for informative contents on various niches.

Free Basics is sponsored by Facebook. And so far have been able to cut across many developing nations. In Nigeria Free Basics is accessible by using the Airtel Network.

Therefore, if a user has any mobile device with access to internet and Airtel SIM, the person can get access to Free Basics Website or App to explore various free internet pages.

In addition, users can also download the Free Basics app in order to get access to the Free Basics service or visit the Free Basics website directly on their mobile web browser via Chrome or Default Browser through:

Websites in Free Basics:

There are many websites and internet portal active in Free Basics service. Websites that have met all the requirements needed have been added.

And more websites are archived and added on daily basis on this free internet archive.

Notable mentions include, the likes of AccuWeather, BabyCenter, Facebook, Facts for Life, Supersport, Wikipedia, etc.

How to add your Websites in Free Basics:

Adding your Website in Free Basics is simple and straight to the point. When you add your website to Free Basics you are simply indexing your website via the free network so multiple users can have access to your contents. And thereby, increase the exposure of your website.

In return, users get the required information on the pages they visited. So is more of a win-win situation. Since, your website gains more traffic from developing region and they do get information, services and knowledge from your website page.

Steps to consider before Submitting your Website on the Free Basics Platform:

  1. The first step is to create an HTML/PHP format of your website. You don’t need to uninstall your website or temper with the design to do this. Just, give a website designer and admin to help you out.
  2. The HTML/PHP format of your website will not depend on Javascript. That is the key elements of the site.
  3. When this criterion are met you can them submit your website for Free Basics listing via this link: Free Basics Add Website
  4. After submission you wait for approval
  5. When approved you can then be able to access your website like every other user via the Free Basics platform.

How to Access Free Basics Website:

As stated earlier above. You can gain access to the Free Basics website via Application or Website url.

If you using the Free Basics Application you download. Or directly on your mobile browser via

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