Download Freebasics App for Free Internet on Airtel

Download Freebasics App for Free Internet on AirtelFreebasics is an initiative in collaboration with Facebook and some random individuals to make internet accessible to more people around the world. Download freebasics android application here and get access to all sites on the freebasics program for free without active internet data subscription. i.e Facebook. Basically, any site that is on the freebasics program can be accessed for free. The freebasics program supports only Airtel sim in Nigeria presently. So, get an Airtel sim in order to use the freebasics free internet. You may learn more about the freebasics program and how you can fully utilize it using your web browser here.

How to use freebasics on Airtel

I already assume you have Airtel sim on your device. Simply turn on your data on your Airtel sim. Goto your browser and enter  this will inturn, take you to page where you accept the terms and conditions of the program. Or alternatively download freebasics application to get instant access to the websites straight to your device without using the web browser.

Download Freebasics App for Free Internet on Airtel

Locate the installed Freebasics app on your app menu.


Download Freebasics App for Free Internet on Airtel

Open Freebasics and start using it……………

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Here are some websites that you can gain access to, for free on the freebasics app in Nigeria, using the Airtel sim:

  • Facebook
  • ESPN
  • nibbleNG
  • WIKIhow
  • BBC News
  • Wikipedia
  • Naij
  • Girl effect
  • Nairaland
  • Jobberman
  • OLX
  • Fact for life
  • Bing search
  • Vconnect
  • Nigeria Gallery
  • Scholars4Dev
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The list continues on and on. If you have Airtel sim! Try it the freebasics stuff now…Try it on your web browser by using or download the application straight to your device.

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7 Responses

  1. Joel A. Bekcham says:

    You just included GOAL in the list of the free site accessible by freebasics which is not true

  2. farouk says:

    Thanks Joel noticed it too now!, I’ll update the post to include some sporting sites on freebasics….but, the sport lovers could as well stick with ESPN. Joel nibbleNG is now on freebasics too…….don’t forget to add it up! Thanks

  3. Why don’t you have so much feedbacks on all most all the post you put out, Is it that your blog is still more like an infant blog??

    • farouk says:

      Hi joel,
      Yeah you are right it’s barely a year old. But at least if I can have at least few people like you around I’ll keep updating…..thanks.



  5. Bola Maiyaki says:

    I wish to thank Airtel management for introducing this wonderful application, but I wish to know why I am finding it difficult to access You tube using this app?

  6. sani says:


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