GLO Weekly Plan 2016

GLO Weekly Plan 2016

With GLO weekly plan you can get access to web pages, make downloads, access social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatapp. The data allocated is 700MB, The Complete Plan cost 400 Naira. The Absolute Plan gives 700MB also, but cost 500 Naira. Both options validity is for a week.

The difference between the Complete and Absolute plan which offers 700MB for 400 and 500 Naira respectively is determined in terms of respecitive data zapping rate. With the Absolute weekly plan which cost 500 Naira for 700MB you get to enjoy more web surfing experience without the data being quickly zapped out as compared with the complete for 400 Naira.

GLO Weekly Plan 2016

To subscribe for the weekly GLO data plan simply dial *777*21*2# and follow the prompt to select either the absolute or the complete plan by reciprocating with number allocated on each.

There are also other options of data plan that you can explore with the *777*21*2# USSD just as in the image above. From the image, these options include the 3GB data plan for 1400 which last 30 days and the 3GB data plan for 1500 also last 30 days. The zapping rate applies too as in the case of the Complete and Absolute.

[ *777*21*2# then select either complete or absolute. GLO weekly 700MB for 400. ]


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You may also want to see the Airtel 500 hundred Naira Bundle for 750MB for 14 days and the MTN 500MB for 1 GB for a week.


The weekly data plan comes in handy, depending on the situation. But, on preferential basis, Airtel two Weeks data subscription does very well. Another person may prefer the MTN 1GB one Week data subscription or the GLO Weekly subscription. Whatever the case may be they all should satisfy the intended use.

You can also access GLO new data subscription by dialing the *777# USSD. This brings up a menu where you can subscribe for various data plan on GLO. Like the newly unveiled:

1000 for 2GB valid for 30 days

2000 for 6GB valid for 30 days

2500 for 10GB valid for 30 days

3000 for 12GB valid for 30 days

4000 for 18GB valid for 30 days

5000 for 24GB valid for 30 days

8000 for 48GB valid for 30 days

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