How to Borrow Airtime from MTN GLO Airtel and Etisalat

How to Borrow Airtime from MTN GLO Airtel and EtisalatSome times we may encounter situations that require us make that very important call. If there are no outlet to buy airtime to make that urgent call or other means possible to obtain that calling credit failed and you are still stuck without airtime on your phone. Well, you can borrow airtime from your Nigeria network providers and pay back for later using this codes:

MTN customers use *606# to access the Menu and follow the menu prompt with the corresponding numbers. The buzz code to remember is *606#. 

Airtel customers use *900# to access the Menu and follow the menu prompt options with the corresponding numbers to select the desired amount.

GLO customers this short code *321#, which will display the amounts the customer is qualified to borrow. To get specific denominations use the following short codes:

  • *321*50# for N50,
  • *321*100# for N100,
  • *321*200# for N200,
  • *321*500# for N500
  • *321*1000# for N1000

Etisalat customers use the Easycredit option. This gives you a more flexible way to top up when you have exhausted your airtime.  In Easycredit you can borrow airtime for voice, data and additional services on the etisalat network and repay the loan on your next recharge, just as in the case of other networks above.

Easycredit on Etisalat is available to all its pre-paid customers and can be used in the same way as normal airtime. Here’s how you can borrow for later on Etisalat using Easycredit. Easycredit isn’t automatically Enabled. You need activate via SMS and USSD:

  • First, find out if you’re eligible for Easycredit by dialing *665*3#, or by texting STATUS to 665.
  • Next, dial *665*[Amount]#, for example, dial *665*50# to borrow N50, or text “amount” to 665.

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