Torrent files and How To Download Torrents

What are Torrent Files

Torrents files contain information of contents constituting a file in a network distribution. Several computers form this network distribution whereby file contents are broken into bits of chunks and are shared in peer to peer network in order to achieve a decentralized system. Whereby dependency of a file from one single source is completely eliminated. Downloading peers achieve pacy download speeds by requesting multiple chunks of files from different computers simultaneously in the network distribution. Once obtained, these pieces are usually immediately made available for download by others in network distribution. In so doing, the issues of network downtime is spread among the downloaders or the computers in the network, rather than focusing at a central distribution hub.

A small torrent file is created to represent a file or folder to be shared, usually with the .torrent extension. The torrent file acts as the nugget of initiating downloading the actual content. To receive the shared file or folder one obtains the corresponding torrent file, either by directly downloading it, or by using a magnet link directly from the browser.

So basically, torrents serve as medium of obtaining files or contents from the internet.

Popular Websites for Sourcing Torrent Files


First in the list, known as Kickass is the most preferred for most torrent sourcing freaks ever since PirateBay were withheld with piracy issues. kickass or is the most trafficked torrent site from all indications. Sourcing for torrent in Kickass is quite straight to the point. Use the magnetic link or download the torrent file directly to your computer.

How To Download Torrents

  1. Search for the file or content from torrent sites. Like
  2. Install a Torrent Manager on your computer
  3. Download the Torrent file from the torrent sites to your computer and open it using the torrent manager. Or directly click on the magnet link from the torrent sites which automatically opens the torrent manager on your computer after being installed.

Recommended Torrent Managers for Your Computer

  1. Tixati:
    Download Tixati here. Tixati normally creates a folder named “Downloads” on your desktop by default, which contains all the torrents files downloaded.
  2.  uTorrent:
    Download uTorrent here.

You can use either Tixati or uTorrent as torrent managers.

Downloading from Torrent Sites 

An example is shown below with website and Tixati torrent manager. The aim is to download a file from a torrent file.

  1. Goto Tixati website, download and install the torrent manager to your computer. Follow all the prompts. Tixati will automatically create a folder named “Downloads” for storing the contents on your Desktop. But, you can change the destination during installation option.
  2. Next, go to any torrent website i.e and click on the magnetic link of any torrent of your choice as shown below.
Torrent files and How To Download Torrents

Torrent magnetic link


Click on the magnetic link, the link circled in red. Clicking it brings up a notification for launching an external app outside of your web browser. Just use the Launch option. This will then, open Tixati.

Torrent files and How To Download Torrents

Request to launch Tixati

Your download should begin at once. The numbers of seeders will determine how fast the download goes…So, just sit and relax while Tixati does the download. On download completion, you can access the contents from the Desktop folder named “Downloads”  except the folder path was changed in the first instance during installation to another preferred location. Whatever the case may be, find your download.

Torrent files and How To Download Torrents

Tixati downloading torrent

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