My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

These lists are my top most preferred browsers of 2016.  I like working with them often. The list is based on their relevance to what stuff am doing on the web, their simplicity, unique feature, user interface and flexibility on computers. Check out our rate system.

Google Chrome

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Top in the list is the Google chrome browser both available on desktop version and mobile. Google Chrome offers translate feature, this allows you translate language from foreign sites. You may find your self stumbling upon any foreign sites while on the web, the need for ease of translation becomes an option. So, Chrome offers quick translation because it walks you through the process. No need of any external plugin to further increase the functionality of Chrome browser for translation, it comes already in it. Some other cool features in Google Chrome include, its flexibility on computers,it gives this feeling of speed and ease when being run. It hardly  lags during operation. Its user interface and font styling its cool.

Inspect element for web developers isn’t that extraordinary since, most desktop browsers come along side the “inspect element”. The dinosaur game in Chrome is another cool stuff I really like getting my hands on while using Chrome. When no internet and I find the dinosaur icon, stirring at me!! straight up I don’t hesitate to hit the space bar key to start the game.

Chrome Language Translate Feature

rating 9


Baidu Browser

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Second in the list, Baidu browser available in desktop version.  Baidu browser offer ability to download videos directly from most video stream sites i.e youtube. It also offers cloud computing and account sync features. Its mouse gestures is another cool feature to look out for. But, what I like most about Baidu, is that, it offers faster download speed compared to any other web browser.

Baidu Download Speed

rating 9


My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Third in the list is Firefox. Why? I don’t know. May be because of its bunch of extensions. Whatever, I always find my self using Firefox or maybe it’s because it’s called Mozilla. I find Firefox very useful, when am working with web application projects, need arises when I just need to see how the projects look on Firefox. Firefox is popular, is this type of browser you can’t do with out because it has one of everything. Firefox offers seamless integration with Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) and that’s one very important feature that keeps me using Firefox on and on.

Seamless Integration with IDM

rating 8


UC Browser PC

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Fourth in the list is UC Browser on PC. Does exactly what Baidu browser does. Directly download from youtube and other stream sites, cloud and account sync, download to cloud storage and file compression. It’s user interface (UI) is awesome. It’s something everyone should give a try. But, I still rate Baidu higher considering download speed. But, UC browser it’s also cool.

user Interface UI

rating 7

Microsoft Edge

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Fifth in the list, Microsoft Edge Browser. Comes with new features that are worth given a try. Ability to use pencil and take down some notes while browsing web pages, Highlight in beautiful colors, ask Cortana wizard, distraction free browsing and other cool stuff really make’s Edge stand out from the rest browsers. The UI is cool and it offers a whole new form of experience.

Web Note

rating 6


Maxthon Browser

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Sixth in the list, Maxthon. Maxthon is kind of browser that offers quick load up when initiated and seamless browsing experience on web pages. You can create multiple instances of desktop menu’s and separate the work space Window, this particular feature really makes Maxthon stand out. It also has a torrent manager. And the UI is also awesome.

Make Separate Work Space Windows

rating 7

Internet explorer

The weird old guy. This comes as default in all Windows PC. The old folk could still find a good use or better still, use it on Bing search!!. Since, it’s an old browser that can’t just possibly be dished out from the browser family, at least for the time being. Some times, I often find my self using it due to, one or two reasons. i.e Web applications that require older java run time.

It’s an old Guy that insist to stay on the Game

rating 5


Tor Browser

My Top Most used Web Browsers of 2016

Last in the list is Tor. Isn’t the concept of security on the internet an illusion? But, Tor which stands for the “The Onion Router”, claims it can make you do anonymous browsing without your information on the internet being tracked, by tunnelling your data through millions of random anonymous proxies per seconds. Since, Tor can give anonymity on the web, you can as well use this for anonymous browsing experience.

Web Anonymity 

rating 9


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  1. mister man

    you’ve under rated Mozilla nd TOR

    1. farouk

      Nice to see you around. It’s been a while. Seems you have been busy for some time.
      Well, Firefox and tor are awesome that the reason they got 8 and 9.

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