Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

Free Basics now in Nigeria through Airtel. Free Basics is a platform introduced by Facebook in collaboration with hundreds of developers, philantropist and governments to allow more people around the world gain access to useful information and services from around the web. The intent is to encourage more people to connect online even when internet access may be quite expensive or not affordable. In Free Basics myriads of websites and services are available for free without data charges. These websites include, contents on things like news, sports, learning, health, education and other local information aimed to bring more people online and thus, help improve their lives, especially places where internet services are difficult to obtain due to high cost of data tariff rates.

The Role of Mobile Network Operators

The Free Basics program is inviting mobile operators around the world to partner with them. When more mobile operators partner with the Free Basics program, it will inturn, boost internet outreach for areas with already established mobile broadband network. Over 85 percent of the worlds population live in areas with already existing cellular network coverage, but mobile internet data is expensive thus, difficult for people to be imparted with the benefits of the internet. By the partnership of mobile operators and the Free Basics program, people will experience the knowledge and motivation that comes from access to basic websites all for free.

Where Free Basics is Available

Free Basics is now supported in Nigeria, thanks to Airtel. Sooner or later other network operators in Nigeria may support the Free Basics platform. Free Basics is available in 40 countries. Free Basics will continue to expand to more countries around the world. Interested Network operators may partner with Free Basics on their contact page.

Africa and Middle East

  • Nigeria (Airtel)
  • Angola (Movicel)
  • Gabon(Airtel)
  • Benin (MTN)
  • Cape Verde (Unitel)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (Airtel, Tigo)
  • Ghana(Airtel)
  • Guinea( Cellcom)
  • Guinea-Bissau(MTN)
  • Iraq(Korek)
  • Kenya(Airtel)
  • Liberia(Cellcom)
  • Malawi(Airtel and TNM)
  • Mauritania (Mauritel)
  • Mozambique(Mcel)
  • Niger(Airtel)
  • Rwanda(Airtel)
  • Senegal(Tigo)
  • Seychelles(Airtel)
  • South Africa(Cell C)
  • Tanzania (Tigo)
  • Zambia( Airtel)

Asia Pacific

  • Bangladesh (Grameenphone and Robi)
  • Cambodia (Smart Axiata)
  • Indonesia (Indosat)
  • Maldives (Ooredoo)
  • Mongolia ( G-Mobile, Mobicom and Skytel)
  • Pakistan (Telenor and Zong)
  • Phillipines (Globe and Smart)
  • Thailand (DTAC and TrueMove)
  • Timor-Leste (Telkomcel)
  • Vanuatu (Telecom)

Latin America

  • Bolivia (Viva)
  • Colombia (Tigo)
  • El Salvador (Digicel)
  • Guantemala (Tigo)
  • Mexico (Virgin)
  • Panama (Digicel)
  • Peru (Entel)
  • Suriname (Digicel)

Airtel First Mobile Network Operator To Support Free Basics In Nigeria

With an Airtel sim you can access the Free Basics web services for free. The platform already features a handful of web sites like Facebook, Nairaland, Jobberman, DailyTrust, Naij, Goal etc. Free Basics it’s open and inviting more web services to add their sites on the platform from their documentation page.

How To Use Free Basics on Airtel To Access Popular Nigeria Websites

If you have an Airtel sim with or without airtime on it. Turn on your mobile data with or without active data subscription or bonus. Go to your mobile browser and type and hit enter or follow this link, the link will take you to a page where you accept and continue with the terms. On the page you can download and install the mobile app to enable quick access to the web services without using a browser. You may decide to skip the download for some other time but, you can still get access to the services using the browser.  On the browser, scroll through the various web services and click on any to gain access.

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Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

Free Basics on the Web

With Free Basics you gain access to Facebook, Wikipedia, Wikihow, Bing, BBC, ESPN and other web services. Nigerian sites that are already on the Free Basics include the likes of Nairaland, Jobberan, matchup, Olx, DailyTrust, Naij and so on. And more local web services will also emerge on the platform as they their various services on Free Basics.

Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

Some Web Services on Free Basics

There’s also a search bar to locate all services on the Free Basics Platform. Bing search tool also allows web searches.

Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

Bing Search on Free Basics

With Wiki How and Wikipedia you can source for information on various subjects and also get useful procedural information on how to execute certain task using the Wiki How.

Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

Wikipedia and Wiki How on Free Basics

Free Basics Now In Nigeria Through Airtel

We hope other network operators like MTN, GLO and Etisalat emulate Airtel to participate in the Free Basics Program in order to allow more Nigerians gain access to the service. But before that happens, if you are using MTN, GLO or Etisalat and want to gain access to free facebook, Naij, BBC, Nairaland, DailyTrust and so on simply opt for an Airtel sim to access this services for free, if you already have an Airtel sim, What are you waiting for? test it now on your browser  All comments are welcomed on how the Free Basics was like for you.



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