How to add your Website to Free Basics

Adding your website to Free Basics or submitting your website to the Free Internet online Archive is pretty straight to the point and easy. Why do you have to submit your website to this platform. First, because many users from developing countries have downloaded the Free Basics app on their devices. Secondly, Free Basics is available in countries like, Nigeria with huge internet population.

Therefore, your website gets more visibility as well as provide information to users.

How to add your Website to Free Basics:

As said earlier, it is quite straight to the point. Since Free Basics is sponsored by Facebook alongside the stuff. You would need to have an active Facebook account first. Then you visit this url: to make submission of your website. Below is the steps.

  1. Log into your Facebook Account
  2. Visit this url in another tab on your browser:
  3. Click on the Submit button to make submission
  4. Prior to that, you have to ensure you have made a mobile version of your site whose key elements is independent on Javascript. To do this, you only need to contact a web dev person or do it your self.
  5. After submission, wait for approval and voila.

Tips to get Approval if you are Stuck in the Javascript Complaint in Free Basics

Normally when you submit your website to the Free Basics platform for indexing and listing. A team of dev will go through the compatibility of the website, to see if it works well with mobile and key elements like menus, buttons are working without employing Javascript.

Usually most websites like carousel and scrolls. Or even menus and buttons require some form of Javascript. But, even without Javascript the website key elements can still run by employing just, html/css replacements.

For some users doing these replacement in order to do without Javascript in their websites key elements may affect the look and feel of their site. So instead they are stuck and don’t know what to do.

Because, if they should add their website to Free Basics, it means removing some Javascript of Key Elements on the website and replacing them with html/css coding which they wouldn’t want to comprise.

Thus, I had found a small walk around to still keep your site intact with your normal design without removing Javascript and still making the html version of various key elements on the website to get Free Basics Approval.

Below is the tip. Most web developers can relate to this.


Use @media css with the .no-js

for example:
@media all and (max-width: 700px) {

.no-js .exampleclass img {height: 250px};}

What the above statement means is that for every 700px maximum screen whereby javascript isn’t required or not activated in the client’s browser load the element called exampleclass img with height of 250px.

Since the Free Basics platform is a browser or application that de-activates or doen’t use javascript. You simply employ the CSS code given above, tinker it to your taste to run various key elements in your sites independent on Javascript.

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