Telegram v3.17 apk Download: Custom Theme Feature

Telegram Version 3.17 apk Download and Install with Custom Theme Feature.
The latest version of Telegram, version 3.17, brings to your front the ability to fully create and custom the theme feature, more like custom theming.

The new update of Version 3.17 lets you build your own themes via the theme editior built straight into the application.

Telegram chatting app had really impressed many users owning to its impressive features that had evolved over the years.

The app sits comfortably as one of the best chatting apps of all times going by its features.

Comes head to head with the likes of, Whatsapp, Allo, Imo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat etc.

Some enthusiasts even rate Telegram over the above mentioned chatting messenger apps.

Due to how the app has been able to buy their love owing to the impressive features the app possess.

Some users had even compared Telegram to Google. Like, it’s another search engine. That you can literally hook up on any group you want or something or a given cause.

What makes it stand out from the rest social media chat apps and has continued to remain relevant over the years. Is it’s impressive additional features it packs.

This features, users really find engaging. So they come back and back to the app.

Telegram v3.17 apk Download: Custom Theme Feature

Notable addition, include the Dark theme feature particularly useful and exciting for people with AMOLED screen devices.

A glimpse into what Telegram is: 

Telegram is Social Messenging App just like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, simple!. What Telegram isn’t!, isn’t rocket science or something like PicArt.

What are you waiting for? Get the latest Telegram asap!, by installing straightup to your device via Playstore for all Android peeps! or use link below:

Telegram Version 3.17 apk Download and Install with Custom Theme Feature

Download Telegram Version 3.17 apk Here: 

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