IMO vs Whatsapp Audio Video Call-Which is the Best?

MO vs Whatsapp Audio Video Call-Which is the Best?IMO CALL/VIDEO app

IMO is a social media application that let’s users on smartphones or tablets chat with contacts via text, audio and video even on low bandwidth internet connections. Why use IMO on your tablet or smartphone?.

Is IMO better than Whatsapp Calling Service

Why not use the popular Whatsapp application and the rest of video apps out there? These two questions leads us to the unique features of IMO that makes this media application stand out from the rest. Unique features of IMO is given below:

What makes IMO Cool to use(Features)

  1. IMO is free to use. Though you get not so disturbing adverts. There is also option of premium, where the advert is completely eliminated.
  2. IMO is fast to use and offer seamless navigation.
  3. Can work with low specs devices comfortably.
  4. IMO file size is small. 12MB file size can work even on smartphones with 500MB storage ROM.
  5. IMO offers Story. Where you see other live feeds of whats happening on your contacts and beyond.
  6. IMO has Live feed. Where you can share or watch whats happening via Video live stream in the world.
  7. IMO offer free audio call services which works on low internet bandwidth network.
  8. IMO offer free video call services which works on low internet bandwidth network.
  9. IMO audio call is seamless. No breaks. Just like normal network via your mobile network provider.

The points listed above are most of the features you get on IMO. The most important ones can be it’s simplicity and being light weight.  A single IMO file chat app file is around 13MB or less. While other Chat apps like Instagram, Whatsapp around 36-40MB in size or even greater. Audio call are seamless also. With ability to connect with 3 to 4 users on a group video or audio call.

How to Install IMO (Android & iOS)

To get IMO running on your device is straight to the point. Just go to Google Play store on your Android phone or Apple iOS device. Search for IMO in the search field and install.

For Android users. You can download the apk file version directly from this link. But, the recommended way to install IMO is to use the Google Play Store services.

How to begin a Conversation on IMO

  • Install IMO to your device via Google play store or App Store.
  • Open IMO.
  • Locate all your contacts in the Contact tab.
  • Select which contact to chat with
  • Begin chattting.

How to Make IMO Audio Call

IMO offers free seamless audio call to your contacts, even on low internet bandwidth. Just select a contact. Hit on the call button to initiate a call.

How to Make IMO Video Call

To make IMO video call. Select a Contact. Press the Video camera button to make a video call. You can easily switch between front/selfie camera and the rear camera when already on the call. You can also chat simultaneously when make the audio call.

How to Make IMO Group Conference Audio Call

To make IMO group audio call. Open IMO.  Press the Menu button on IMO which shows all of the options. Click on the Create Chat Group.

Add various users to the Chat Group. Name the Chat Group. When done, go back enter the Group. Place an audio call using the audio button.

This would ring all of the members in the group simultaneously. You can also add more users to the group audio call or conference by dialing other users when you are already on a Group call.

How to Make IMO Group Conference Video Call

Same procedure as of the audio call. Only that when you enter the group you place a call using the video call button. Then you can add more users to the group call even while the conversation is on.  You can switch between the front/selfie camera and the back/rear camera at will when already on the call. Just in case you want to project something via the rear camera or front camera.

IMO Audio/Video Call vs Whatsapp Audio/Video Call

  • #1. The question is, since I already have Whatsapp, which also comes with video and audio call option why go for IMO?????. Well, IMO has ability for you to make group conference audio or video call while this feature is absent in Whatsapp.
  • #2. IMO is light weight boast of 12-13MB in size and can work with low spec devices while whatsapp is heavy, around 36-50MB in size.
  • #3. IMO audio calls are really seamless even on 2G low internet connections while Whatsapp can’t boast of that.

How to use IMO Live Broadcast

Open IMO app. Go to the main menu button. Click on it to bring up other options. Go to LIVE. Click on Live. Now you can watch live feeds from various users in the world. You can click to join and chat with other users. You can also create your own LIVE FEED BROADCAST CHANNEL to share stuffs with the rest of the world.

Cons of IMO

  • You may get Google Adverts. But doesn’t affect normal app usage or navigation. The premium version eliminates the adverts completely.

Hope this little post help! What are you waiting for! Try IMO…….starting making call with friends.  If you disagree on this one, why IMO audio and video call may be better than Whatsapp calling service?, Do leave a reply in the comment section.

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