10 Cool Facebook Messenger features you never knew exist 2017

Hi, everyone in this post I will show 10 cool Facebook Messenger feature you never knew it exists. Facebook has come a long way since 2004 and after that, they have been adding tone and tone of feature to the Social Platform.

Facebook by early 2006 launched the messenger Platform as a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. The service works on desktop computers as well as iOS, Android, and even Java mobile devices, making it a universal way for people to keep in touch regardless of what kind of computer (or phone) they’re using or even where they’re located in the world.

However, this not only the case, because Facebook Messenger was also designed to allow the developer to build interactive chatbots to communicate with over 900 million monthly Facebook Messenger users on behalf of any Facebook Page (brand, business or cause).Build just one bot, and your experience is available on all platforms where Messenger exists, including iOS, Android, and the Web.

While most people probably know and use the basics, (sending and receiving messages with the service). Facebook Messenger has a number of cool hidden features which many users don’t even explore are available on the platform. Some users refer to them as ‘hidden messages on Facebook’ but, in reality, many of them involve more than just a simple message. These features range from secret chats to hidden games.

Now, lets get started with the list:

1. Use Messenger on PC in its Own Window

Are you only interested in chatting with a friend on facebook without interference just like Facebook Messenger app on phone? You can run facebook messager on PC without the distractions of the rest of Facebook feeds. This simpling means you can chat with friends all day on the service just as you normally on your facebook messenger app on phone or tablet.

To enjoy facebook Messenger PC, just go to messenger.com in your browser. Now you will be presented with the messenger interface where you will login in your credentials and if you are already login on the the same browser, you only need to continue as your name will appear on the page. However, the PC messenger doesn’t have all the same functionality as the mobile App version but most of the important stuff is there and you’ll be able to chat without distractions.

2. Leveraging the Facebook Chat Bot

If you are into business (sale product) or render service then you can leverage the Facebook Chat Bot. If you are new to chatbot and haven’t interacted with a chat before, there is no much different from chatting with a friend. You can use a chatbot from within Messenger, but instead of a person, it’s a computer program running artificial intelligence to compose its messages to you and reply your question.

You can get started by visiting botlist.co to see a huge of chatbot lists that you can incorporate into your business. Selecting the chatbot that suit you audience is the best way to start.

However, you can also find popular ones by just typing what you’re looking for in the To field when you start a new message. If Facebook can identify what you’re looking for, then it will autofill the To section for you with the appropriate bot.

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3. Secret Chats on Facebook messenger.

In life, there are certain conversations that require some form secrecy. Whatsapp chatting messenger has introduced end to end message encryption to protect user sensitive messenger from the third party.

However, since Sometimes a conversation with a friend may be private due to the sensitive of the information, the social network rolled out a way to have encrypted conversations on the platform. Now, you sensitive conversations can be encrypted from end-to-end, and can only be read by you and your recipient. Not even Facebook will be able to access what they entail.

If you need to make you conversation private on facebook messenger, you can simpling activate by composing a new message using the iOS or Android app. At the top right of the page you’ll see a “Secret” option on iOS or a lock icon on Android. A timer box will then appear that allows you to set a time limit on viewing the message should you want to do so. let say, you could make a photo self-destruct after just 10 seconds after view by the recipient.

4. Send Files (without email)

Sending media file over a chat platform is not new or a secret because many chat platform available allow a user to send pictures, videos and other media file. Sending file using Facebook messenger is like you send an attachment via email, you can attach files to a Facebook Messenger message and send them to friends. You can do this through Facebook Messenger web or through Facebook’s website dedicated Messenger app.

However, you can’t send files that are above 25MB in size. This is laterally basic to most messaging app for attaching files, except the user want to make use of Google drive.

5. International Calls

Facebook messenger is not an exception when it come to international calls. You can make international calls just as you can do on Whatsapp, telegram and Viber. Regardless of where your family or friends reside you can use Facebook to make video or audio call to anyone on your friend’s list for free.


However, it is important to Keep in mind, this will use data rather than cell minutes, so you’ll likely want to be connected to Wi-Fi before you dial to avoid much data consumption.

6.Change Your Facebook Chat Color

With Facebook messenger you can change the color of each conversation for all your friend in you list. that you can set your kids colour to be purple, your mum red and you best friend grey It seems simple, but if you routinely talk to several people at once using Messenger it can be a great way to keep things organized and make sure you’re sending the right emoji to the right person to avoid embarrassment.

To change the color of your conversation, click on gear icon at the top of the chat window. Scroll down to “Change Color” and then select the color you would like the text in your conversations to show up as going forward. The color change will be visible to both you and the person on the other end of the chat.

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7. Make Your Facebook Messenger Emoji’s Bigger.

One cool thing i like about Facebook Messenger is that the size of emoji are adjustable. In fact, there are actually a few different sizes of all of Facebook’s emoji’s available. You can supersize your emoji, just press and hold it. The emoji will gradually grow on the screen. Let go to have it stay at that size and be sent to your friend.

If you have the volume turned up on your phone or computer, then Facebook will play a sound effect along with the growing that sounds similar to a balloon filling with air. Just like a balloon, if you try to blow it up too big, the emoji will burst and you’ll need to try.This very pretty funny.

8.Download More Facebook Messenger Stickers

Sticker are new fun ways to make chat more funny and enjoyable. Many chat platform come with stickers by default therefore, Facebook messenger is not an exception. However, the default are usually limited and many user want to explore more of the stickers.

Facebook Messenger allow its user to download stickers in addinton to the default.. To access the options, click the sticker emoji (the smiling face at the bottom of your chat window) and then press the plus button at the top right of the window. From there you’ll be able to see all the sticker packs available and select the ones you’d like to use.

9. Play a Game

One key feature that allow Facebook messenger to standout is that apart from the regular chat function you can also play games. What that means is you can start plying a game with a friend right in the middle of a conversation with that friend, without ever having to leave the Messenger window. Yes it is possible.

To play game click on the game controller icon at the bottom of your chat window to see what games are available. Find game you like, such as Pac-Man, and play the game right there, with no need to download anything or leave Messenger. After you’re done, your friend will receive a challenge from your within Messenger to beat your score. The games are free to play, and there are a ton of options already, with more likely to be added in the future.

10. Get app for Messenger.

Lastly, you can get more app installed within the Facebook messenger app itself. You can select from the thousand of app available such as Dropbox, Tenor GIf keyboard, Giph etc.

To download and install, just click on the more icon on the chat after the microphone icon to see all the app available. You can simpling press the install button to install the one that you need. That is pretty simple.

Please feel free to share other facebook messenger features and trick on the comment box below. Thanks

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