TSTV Nigeria Features: First Indigenous Pause-able Cable TV

TSTV Nigeria Features

TSTV Nigeria Features: First Indigenous Pause-able Cable TV.

TSTV Nigeria, will be the first pause-able cable tv in Nigeria offering variety of channels for user appeal.

This means you can pause your subscription for later, when not viewing.

For example, pause the service when going to work and turn it on when around.

The makers, seek to change how people perceive and use satellite tv’s in Nigeria, by first, bringing in new features, you would not normally find in already existing satellite pay tv’s; DSTV, GoTV, STARTIMES comes to mind. And secondly, by making it affordable.

For any coin you get to let off, for this new tv service, you get in return popular channels that provide value for your money.

TSTV is brought to live by ABS Satellite TV, a European tv and satellite providers.

Read on, for more information on the price of the decoder, channel lists, subscription options and packages.

Why opt for TSTV

TSTV can be track at ABS-3 Satellite 30 degree West. With TSTV, you can watch more than 200 channels. Movies, TV shows, Football etc.

For football maniacs, you will get to watch all live matches of English Premiere League, Spanish Laliga, French League, Italian Serial A and Champions League for an affordable price.

You get 20GB Data, WiFi, Video Call  on TSTV

Yes!,  you get 20GB worth of data plus WiFi when you opt for a TSTV decoder. You can connect you smartphone via WiFi to TSTV Decoder Hotspot.

This, lets users, surf web pages to access their favorite stuffs online.

TSTV Decoder comes with an inbuilt 50GB of storage space, so you can save your favorite stuffs for later or transfer to an external device.

You can record videos and save it on an external drive, like a memory card. In addition, comes with video conferencing ability.

Snippet of Channels on TSTV

TSTV provide over 200 plus channels, Entertainment, Sports, Documentary, TV shows, Movies etc.:

TSTV Sports Channel:

  1. bein Sports MAX 4HD
  2. bein Sports 3HD
  3. bein Sports Global
  4. bein Sports MAX (Bein Sports 1 to 10)
  5. TS Sports 4 HD
  6. TS Sports
  7. TS Sports 3
  8. Yolo Sports HD
  9. Star Sports
  10. Fox Sports
  11. Euro Sports News
  12. Euro Sports 2
  13. Kwese Free Sports
  14. MS Extreme
  15. Kwese ESPN

Discovery Channels:

  1. Nat Geo Gold
  2. AD
  3. National Geography Channel
  4. Discovery Health TV
  5. Fashion One
  6. AHTV

TSTV News:

  1. AIT
  2. Core TV News
  3. France 24
  4. CCTV News
  5. Channels TV
  6. Aljazeera
  7. BBC Radio
  8. TVC News
  9. United States of America Embassy
  10. Sky News
  11. Arewa24
  12. Bloomberg TV
  13. BBC America
  14. CNBC
  15. NTA
  16. Arise News
  17. TV360 Nigeria
  18. DW
  19. TRT World
  20. Fox News
  21. Press TV

TSTV Movie Channels:

  1. Viasat TV
  2. Fine Living
  3. Fox
  4. Fox Life
  5. Star Movies
  6. MBC 2
  7. MBC action
  8. African Movie channel series
  9. Liberty Tv
  10. BC Bollywood
  11. Wazobia TV
  12. Wap Tv
  13. Star Gold TV
  14. Nollywood TV
  15. Z Cinema
  16. E Entertainment
  17. Investigation Discovery
  18. MBC4
  19. Mbox HD
  20. PCTV
  21. TS Novella
  22. TS Movies HD
  23. TS Series
  24. BET


  1. Riwa Ndu TV
  2. TS Hausa
  3. TS Igbo
  4. TS Yoruba

TSTV Kids Channel:

  1. Nickelodeon
  2. Disney Channel
  3. Boing
  4. Jimjam
  5. CN Cartoon Network
  6. Baby TV
  7. Panda Biggs

TSTV Music Channels:

  1. HITS TV
  2. MTV Base
  3. TLC HD
  4. Trace Urban
  5. Trace Africa

TSTV Price

You get both the TSTV Decoder and Satellite Dish for a price tag of 5000 Naira. As for the subscription fee, comes at a minimum price of 200 Naira and maximum monthly plan of 3000 Naira with pausing ability. For football enthusiast, you get to watch all of EPL matches. For FTA trackers, TSTV becomes viable options for live matches at affordable price.

Get yourself a TSTV Decoder by simply visiting a Dealer, see link for more info: TSTV Dealers

When TSTV goes viral, no doubt will rival popular Pay TV providers, as they seem to know the Nigerian thing. If the likes of GoTV, Startimes and DSTV remain adamant to up their game, in terms of users needs of what’s lacking and what needs to be in place. Then, new creations like TSTV will attract more and more patronage.  At the end, the user gets to enjoy the best; As, healthy competition is created within the Pay TV space.

How To Track TSTV/Frequency:

Go to this page to learn how to track TSTV using the TSTV Frequency and at least a 60CM dish.

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