How to track NigcomSat 1R 42.5 Degree East Frequencies TV Channels

You can receive FTA (free to air) channels on NigcomSAT 1R at 42.5 degree east. Some channels have started transmitting signal via Nigeria’s NigcomSat 1R @42.5 degree east . What this means is that you can receive some satellite TV channels on NigcomSat 1R @42.5 degree east via satellite  decoder and dish setup. If you have an already existing motorized dish satellite installation, simply, use the frequency 12518h/29500 to track the channels on NigcomSat 1R at 42.5 degree east.  More details on tracking below.

How to Track NigcomSat 1R @42.5E FTA

Whether you are using Strong or any other variant of decoder, you can receive channels on NigcomSat 1R with a 60cm dish or a wider dish; like DSTV’s 90cm type, 1m or 1.8m dish and above.  All boils down to your location in Sub-Sahara Africa.Some Nigerian based channels have also started transmitting via NigcomSat 1R @42. 5 like TV News, Rayuwa TV, Peoples TV and a host of others. We also expect more channels in the long run. Since, the whole thing is still on a test phase, reception of TV stations may become unstable thereby making first time tracking difficult. Read on for more details on tracking, frequencies and channels.

Frequencies to Track NigcomSat 1R @42.5E FTA

  1. 12518H/29500 (Base Frequency)
  2. 12627H/29500
  3. 12612H/29500

NigcomSat 1R @42.5E FTA Channel List

  1. TVC News Nigeria
  2. TVC Entertainment
  3. Kids Zone
  4. Peoples TV
  5. Movie African Television
  6. MHQ
  7. Rayuwa TV
  8. AREWA 24
  9. Beats Plus
  10. Music 24
  11. Brekete TV
  12. Money Mart Tv
  13. New World Cinema
  14. TFM Senegal
  15. Ole TFM
  16. SilverBird
  17. Wazobia
  18. Trybe
  19. Spice TV
  20.  DBS TV
  21.  Dieu TV
  22.  LoveWorld Plus
  23.  La Beninoise TV
  24.  La Chreteinne TV
  25. Uniafrica TV
  26.  Untouchable Tv
  27. Dbs Tv
  28.  Rov Tv
  29.  Cgtn
  30. New World Sport 1
  31.  Dbs Tv
  32.  Amazing Discovery Tv
  33. New Generation Tv
  34.  Qtv Senegal
  35. Artv Kano
  36. Cash Chrono Tv
  37.  Last Hour Tv
  38. Preach TV
  39. Tvt Togo
  40. Gnf Tv
  41.  Rcg Tv
  42. Acbn Tv
  43. Ezekiel Tv
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And more channels ……………………………………………………..

How to track NigcomSat 1R 42.5E TV Stations on Satellite Decoder

Here are the quick steps of how to easily nail and track the NigcomSat 1R channels in Sub-Sahara Africa. Depending on your location, you need a 60cm, 90cm(e.g. DSTV dish), or 1m or 1.8m dish and above. If you are resident in Nigeria, 60cm dish may hit Nigcomsat 1R in some places. e.g. Lagos. The best way to see if a dish size works in your location, is to simply give it a try. Image of a 60cm dish below: 

Main Requirements to Track NigcomSat 1R 42.5E TV Stations

  1. Satellite Dish
  2. Satellite Receiver / Decoder e.g Strong.
  3. KU band LNB

How to Track NigcomSat 1R @42.5E TV Stations Easily

The quickest method to get NigcomSat 1R is 42.5E degree east channels on your decoder, is to first track any DSTV channel at 36.0E. After getting the DSTV channel, simply bring down the dish a little to get 42.5E NigcomSat. Pretty much straight to the point.

To accomplish this ensure:

  • The satellite dish have been well plumbed.
  • Ensure the KU-band LNB is well fixed
  • Next, track DSTV using 12245H/27500.
  • Ensure you nail the highest signal on the DSTV’s 12245H/27500 frequency.
  • Then insert the NigcomSat 1R frequency 12518H/29500 or any other into your satellite decoder or receiver.
  • Bring down the dish bit after bit; you may also add it with an additional left shift by 1 cm simultaneously.
  • Continue until you hit the green affirmative.
  • Tighten up the dish!.

NB: TV stations on NigcomSat are still running on Test Phase!, you may or may not experience difficulty in getting the stations when there is signal fluctuations. But, fluctuations aren’t much of a big deal in tracking the channels, since they come back to normal in no time. Besides, the signal strength has improved with time. Which means better reliable transmission and reception as the clock ticks by.

To Be Continued for more updates on newly added channels and frequencies…………………………….Stay tuned!.

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RE: How to track NigcomSat 1R 42.5 Degree East Frequencies TV Channels

Here are the current free to air channel list on Nigcomsat 1R satellite:

Blind scan with this frequency and symbol rate on your receiver to track the NigcomSat 1R 42.5 degree east channels.

If you are using Strong receiver:

How to track NigcomSat 1R 42.5 degree east channels on Strong Receiver:

  • go to Menu using your remote
  • Next, go to installations
  • Enter password: 0000
  • Goto Manual Scan
  • Under frequency input, 12518
  • Under symbol rate input, 29500

Latest Channel list from Nigcomsat 1R:

  • TVC Entertainment
  • Movies African
  • NTA Maiduguri
  • Kids Zone
  • On Max 211
  • Beats Plus
  • PeoplesTV
  • Music24
  • Manara TV
  • MHQ
  • Rayuwa AVC
  • Silverbird 203
  • France 24
  • Play TV
  • Arewa 24
  • Wazobia Max
  • Soundcity 212
  • LTV
  • Emerald TV
  • MiTV_NaijaFM 202
  • Wazobia_WazobiaFM 2
  • Trybe 208
  • Spice TV 209
  • Televista 210
  • MTV Base Africa
  • Fox News
  • FLN
  • Fox News
  • FLN
  • Fox Life
  • Pop Africa
  • Child Smile
  • Baby TV
  • MiTV-NaijaFM 202
  • France 24
  • Movies 24
  • Spice TV 209
  • Preach tV
  • BCS TV (StarCross)
  • MFM TV
  • Lumin Christi
  • Untouchable TV
  • Dunamis TV
  • FiTV Network

Snapshots of NigcomSat 1R Channels

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22 Responses

  1. Harrison says:

    Thanks for good update please continue for what you’re doing

  2. Anonymous says:

    can I do that in South Africa

    • farouk says:

      Yes!, you can use this frequency 12518 29500 v/h

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Can I do this in Liberia

    • farouk says:

      Yes will work! at least with 90cm -1.8m dish

  4. Elvis Dalieh says:

    Thanks. keep it up.

  5. babadee says:

    how can i track the signal with qsat decoder ?

    • farouk says:

      hi babadee, same way using strong decoder. input the frequency and symbol rate.

  6. babadee says:

    how can i track signals with qsat decoder ?

  7. Cgire says:

    how can i track it in East Africa using a 1.8 dish

    • farouk says:

      hi cgire,
      same method, track dstv first and input, frequency and symbol rate.

  8. Anonymous says:

    what model of strong receiver can you use to track

    • farouk says:

      hi anonymous, any model would work. Just input frequency and symbol rate and you are good to go.

  9. MBabayo says:

    How can i get NTA Nigeria on NIGCOMSAT and frequency.

    • ibro says:

      fre: 12518 29500 for NTA maiduguri

  10. dayo says:

    can it work on DTV

  11. Starboi_kizzy says:

    I did it and instead of getting the nigcomsat
    it tracked joytv 12522/v/27500,What should I do

    • Farouk says:

      decline a bit to get dstv on 12245/27500 then decline again and track nigcomsat with 12518 29500

  12. stephen says:

    tnks but how can the signal with a gotv decoder

    • Farouk says:

      Can’t work with a GoTV decoder. Decoder like Strong, Qsat etc or other Chinese FTA decoders will work

  13. Hills Jack says:


    • Farouk says:

      Channels list are always updated depending on the time you scan. So, you just ok, scan another time. And also try blind-scanning.

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