Trackable FTA Satellites TV Channels East to West Africa

This post is all about Satellite TV FREE To Air FTA Frequencies East to West.
Updated List of Satellite TV FREE To Air (FTA) Frequencies from East to West Hi everyone!, this post is more of a contributory type, whereby we can all update ourselves with FTA frequencies that are working from East to West. It will be like an archive, a platform, a forum, a hub, an exchange point or whatever; whereby we all come, drop frequencies that have been tinkered and discovered, share stuffs and more.

And not to forget!, this is particularly targeted for the African audience, most especially, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, etc……But, if you are from other region, you may also find one or two things that might be of interest to you. Alright let the sharing begin!.

Satellite TV FREE To Air FTA Frequencies East to West

And not to forget! I may show more interest in the KU band frequencies, neglecting that of the CBAND. So feel free to convince me not to do so. Ok!.

I am going to be updating this post on a timely basis; with happening and fappenings, around FTA which is within my scope! You can pretty much save this page to browser’s bookmark or mark this as favorite, so you can access the page to check out new stuffs.

And also, note, I may skip so many frequencies based on their relevancy, but, you can also correct me or let me know on something not well done via the comment section. Happy Sharing!

So without wasting time, let’s get started:

Though I am a bit lazy with this, so will go at my own pace, but, you can also contribute your own frequencies via the comment section below.

And also you would observe all of the frequencies are toggled in horizontal and vertical (H/V) polarization without specifying. This is because, for any frequency to be on either Horizontal or Vertical depends on your own end. That is the orientation you have done on the LNB. Correct me if am wrong!.

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What Minimum Dish Size is Needed:

At least most of these frequencies shared below; works in most location in Nigeria with a minimum dish size of 90cm. Don’t know what 90cm dish size looks like? Well, looks like that of the DSTV or Kwese Dish. 1.8m dish and above is an added advantage, plus, an actuator to direct dish at any satellite position you deem fit.

Satellite TV FREE To Air FTA Frequencies East to West:

#1. IntelSat 20 @68.5°E

Here you get mostly Christian TV Stations plus, you may be lucky to storm upon free to air SABC channels or any Sport channel. And as proven to be stable over the years.

  • 12522V/H Sym: 27500
  • 12562V/H Sym: 27500
  • 12590H/V Sym: 1833
  • 12602 H/V Sym: 26657
  • 12575 H/V Sym: 9700
  • 12682H/V Sym: 27500
  • 12657 H/V Sym: 4883
  • 12648 H/V Sym: 2226
  • 12645 H/V Sym: 2643

Blind Scan your decoder to get the rest.

#2.  Yamal 402 @54.9°E

  • 11045 V sr 40000

Blind Scan for the rest channel frequencies.

#3. Nigcomsat 1R @42.5°E/TSTV AFRICA

There is a previous most on this one. Click the highlighted link at the top to learn about Nigcomsat. Here you get free channels. Entertainment….News. etc. It also now contains TSTV africa. So you can track TSTV Africa too on this position.

  • 12518 H/V Sym: 29500
  • 12540H/V Sym: 5000
  • FRE: 12697 H/V SYM: 29500 (TSTV)
  • FRE: 12539 H/V SYM: 4999  (TSTV)
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Blind Scan for the rest channel frequencies.

#4. Eutelsat 35B (DSTV Position) @36E°E

This one includes mostly Chinese Channels e.g. CCTV and other Chinese News.

  • 11938 V/H Sym: 27500
  • 12073 V/H Sym: 27500
  • 12034 V/H Sym: 27500
  • 12542 V/H Sym: 2220

#5. Astra 2F @28.2°E (Multi-TV/Joy TV)

MultiTv position. Contains Entertainment Channels, News etc. The base frequency is given below;

  • 12522 V/H Sym: 30000

Blind Scan for the Rest

#6. Badr 26°E (MBC * Volta TV)

You get MBC stations here. Purely Entertainment. Bollywood….Arab—and Hollywood movies. You get them here

  • 12284 V/H Sym: 27500
  • 10970 V/H Sym: 27500

Blind Scan your Decoder for the rest channels.

#7. Eutelsat 16A (2STV) @16°E

This one contains many french stations, music, Religion, News etc. And has been stable for years.

  • 10804 H/V Sym: 30000

Blind Scan for the rest on your decoder.

#8. Eutelsat 9A/B @9°E

  • 11977V/H Sym: 27500
  • 11900 H/V Sym: 27500
  • 11824 H/V Sym: 27500

Blind Scan your decoder for the rest channels frequencies

#9. Eutelsat 9B @7°E

Here you get the likes of Peace TV, QTV Zambia etc.

  • 11192V/H Sym: 3210
  • 10803 H/V Sym: 30000
  • 20977 H/V Sym: 24114
  • 11042 H/V Sym: 04166
  • 12562 H/V Sym: 30000

#10. Astra 4A/SES 5 @4.9°E (Startimes)

RTi and the controversial RT News and other cool news channels. You get them all here.

  • 12015 V/H Sym: 29950
  • 11977 V/H Sym: 27500

Blind Scan your Decoder for the rest channel frequency

#11.  TSTV Africa formerly on ABS 3A @3°W Now on Nigcomsat 42.5E

TSTV has been very unstable, switching from one satellite position to another. Thus, the need to update this post on a regular basis. Below is the updated TSTV TP and tracking degree:

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New Update (August 2019):

  • 11513 (V/H) Sym: 30000
  • 11477 (V/H) Sym: 30000

TSTV is currently at AzerSpace 2 That is Intelsat 38 at 45.0°E near NigComSat 1R Which is at 42.5°E. Therefore, to track TSTV, you can first track Nigcomsat, then tilt down a little since the around 2.5 degree apart.

TSTV Africa is now in the same position as NIGCOMSAT 42.5E. So if you have NIGCOMSAT channels running already in your decoder. Simply blindscan the decoder to nail new TSTV channels and frequencies.

TSTV Africa! came with lots of promises and expectations. All hopes high and kind of faded away leaving behind the initial momentum…But, here you go with the frequencies:

NEW TSTV Frequencies on 42.5E:

  • FRE: 12697 H/V SYM: 29500
  • FRE: 12539 H/V SYM: 4999
  • 12518 H/V Sym: 29500 (Nigcomsat)
  • 12540H/V Sym: 5000 (Nigcomsat)


  •  11168 H/V Sym: 30000
  • 11060 V/H Sym: 4166
  • 11008 V/H Sym: 30000
  • 11091 H/V  Sym: 30000
  • 10975 V/H  Sym: 30000
  • 11037 H/V  Sym: 4429
  • 11158 V/H 01554
  • 11063 V/H 08333
  • 11033 V/H 01250
  • 12168 H/V 30000

#12. Nilesat @7.3°W (MBC Series)

This one is the official MBC position.

  • 11559 H/V Sym: 27500
  • 11012 V/H Sym: 27500
  • 11057V/H Sym: 30000
  • 11094V/H Sym: 15500

#13. Eutelsat 8 @8.0°W

  • 11013 V/H Sym: 27500

To be continued……………………………………for more referencing, check Flysat or Lyngsat

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