How Long Should I Charge A New Laptop Battery

Charging A New Laptop Battery

How long should you charge a new laptop battery depends on some few factors depending on the battery specs in AH, your power adapter, and the Lithium inside.

Yep! the battery cells also a determining factor. Most modern day laptops are pretty smart to detect when your new laptop battery is charged to 100% and then auto disconnects the power from pumping the battery with more electricity.

As stated above, the dilemma comes in situations, whereby on the battery manual. You get an instruction like, “Charge for 12 hours straight before using and ensure your laptop is turned off while Doing that”.

This, cliche, I think it’s some what vague, cause going by the above line……provided the laptop as filled up to a 100% the laptop automatically shutdowns the power even though, in the actually sense, the power adapter is still connected to the power source.

This can be detected when your charging indicator, shows it’s already charged to a 100%. So the question, is Why keep charging your new laptop battery already when it’s fully charged?

The answer, no need for that, once your new laptop battery is full to a 1oo percent, simply, unplug the power adapter and use your battery till when its 8%.

Then charge back to a 100% again and then unplug the power adapter again and then use your laptop till it’s 8%. Rinse and repeat the this procedures!.

Below is the procedure to charge up your new laptop battery, so you can maximize the battery and not damage it on first use. Ok!, let’s start:


How to charge up a New Laptop Battery for First Use

  • Turn off your laptop
  • Remove the old laptop battery
  • Plug in the new laptop battery
  • Do not turn on your laptop on first use (If you do turn on your laptop for some reasons! Ok!, no problem, just follow the remaining procedures listed below)
  • Plug in the power adapter and charge your battery to a 100% full charge (You should know when the battery, is fully charged even while off, from the battery indicator on the laptop)
  • Now Turn on your laptop. Once, it has booted, check the power indicator bar to see whether is a 100% charged”
  • Once fully charge, now remove the power adapter
  • You can now use your laptop for normal operations (Gaming, Movies, Typing, Internet etc) until you have discharged the battery almost to the end
  • Once the battery discharging reaches 8%, plug in your power adapter. ( Do not allow the battery go below 8% and reach 0% before you plug in a power adapter)
  • Charge the battery back to a 100% again. When fully charged, remove the power adapter and discharge again until 8%
  • Repeat the following steps again.

This procedure above, ensures you get the best out of your laptop battery on first use. It also ensures, the laptop battery doesn’t get damaged on first use.

If your new battery can’t simply hold charge, after the above steps, simply return the battery back to the dealer and request for a replacement before the warranty time expires.

Caution: Do’s and Don’t of New Laptop battery

  • Never take out the charging or discharging battery while in use from the Laptop
  • Do not discharge the battery lower than 8%. Don’t use the laptop up till 0%.
  • Do not throw battery inside of fire to avoid explosion
  • Do not throw battery inside water to avoid any short circuit
  • Most batteries come with life expectancy! When the battery has gone beyond the 300 cycles time. Usually after, say 3-5 years, it is expected to replace the battery. To avoid possible case of an explosion.
  • Do not over charge your battery. Once it’s a 100% percent full, simply unplug it from the power adapter, until you have used it up till 8% again before recharging back to a 100%.
  • It is unethical to disassemble the battery for any reason. Once your battery can no longer hold charge again. Simply replace with another.
  • Keep battery away from heat, high voltage and avoid kids playing with the battery.
  • Do not use an unsupported power adapter to charge your laptop battery. As this may reduce the battery life. And cause damage to your laptop’s mother board.

Note: The above procedures, doesn’t only apply to the new laptop batteries. It also applies to older ones.

How to Keep your Battery Life Intact when you Want to Travel for Months or Weeks

  • Charge your Laptop Battery to a 100%.
  • Turn off your Laptop.
  • Unplug the battery from your laptop.
  • Put the battery inside a place free from too much heat and unfriendly environmental conditions.
  • You can strap the terminals of the battery to avoid electrostatic discharge.

Doing these steps above ensures your battery life remains intact even when you have traveled for several months or for some few weeks.

All of the things stated above and precautionary tips in general helps to get the better of your laptop battery.

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