New Frequency [PREMIUM_FREE FTA True African] @28.2E JoyTV/Multi TV

New Frequency [PREMIUM_FREE FTA True African] @28.2E JoyTV/Multi TVNew Frequency [PREMIUM_FREE FTA True African] @28.2E JoyTV/Multi TV

New free FTA channels have been unveiled in Multi TV JoyTV position at 28.2E, the channels were unveiled as Premium.Free by provider, AfricaXP and its Nigeria’s latest FTA local channel Bouquet delivered in the 28.2E Astra 2G satellite by SES.

Craig Kelly, CEO of AfricaXP, said,  “By choosing to work with SES, PREMIUM.FREE offers our channels full regional coverage for multinational language channels like Hausa. SES also offers the best possible verified reach in dynamic and important markets like Nigeria,”. “AfricaXP is well known for its compelling Nollywood catalogue and longstanding partnerships with prominent West African producers. We are confident that localization coupled with our fresh international rights will provide the kind of content blend that modern West African audiences demand. Transmitted free-to-air, this is obviously a great offer at a price point that can’t be beaten.”

“The Nigerian FTA market in particular offers great opportunities for growth, and we are proud to have engaged with PREMIUM.FREE to deliver a differentiated content package for Nigeria and offer more choice for viewers,” said Clint Brown, Vice President of Sales and Market Development, Africa for SES Video. “New initiatives like this, which focus on delivering local and international content that is attractive for the end-consumer and is offered in high picture quality will further develop consumer choice in Nigeria.”

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The transmission is made possible with SES which cuts across over 9million Home House Holds in West Africa at the orbital position of 28.2 E. If you already have an FTA receiver like, Strong Receiver or other STB boxes, you can just rescan the 28.2E Multi TV position to get the channels for free.

How to Track Premium.Free AfricaXP FTA @28.2E

If you have already have the JoyTV Multi TV FTA channels running already on your satellite decoder. Simply go to your receiver settings to add this new frequency of AfricanXP FTA @28.2E, 11095 V/H  30000 and scan.

If you don’t have JoyTV setup already then, track it with your receiver with this frequency 12522 V/H Sym: 30000 at 28.3 E. Once you nail it, scan for the channels and also input the AfricanXP FTA frequency too and scan. You can also do a blindscan, to get all available FTA channels in the 28.2E direction.

Channel List for Premium.Free AfricanXP FTA @28.2E JoyTV Position

Below is a list of free to air channels released in the Premium.Free AfricanXP 28.2E JoyTV position.

  • LOL

Frequency for Premium.Free AfricanXP FTA

  • 11095 V/H  30000

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  1. In My Strong Decoder How Can Watch Impact Wresteling

  2. adeyemi adebayo

    how can i recieve joy prime,adom tv rock tv on my strong decoder SRT4329

    1. Hi Adeyemi,
      Those satellite positions you listed are on the MultiTV position @28.2E. All you need is at least a 60CM dish to track it.

  3. Jeremiah

    How can I get cartoon, on free to air decoder?

  4. Jeremiah

    Please Sir/Ma. how can one get all, free to air frequency and symbol rate

  5. Raskeb Bulus

    How can I get set DSztv channels

  6. Willisms

    Hello please i have a joy multi tv installed already but i didn’t get any signal quality with frequency you posted. Please how do i go about it
    Other joy

    1. Godswill

      If u tried the frequncy nd symbol rate nd it doesnt work change the polarization from h to v or v to h

  7. Kellyositah

    Pls how can I get FTA sport channels on joytv strong 4669x

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