30 Best Android Screen Recording Applications (No Root, No Time Limits & Free)

30 Best Android Screen Recording Applications

30 Best Android Screen Recording Applications

Unlike iOS, iPhone/iPad/iPod, come by default, inside of it, a screen record/capture app. Some android users may have to go through a dedicated app to replicate such feature seen in iOS.

Thus, we get the list of the 30 best android screen recording applications for your android smartphone and tablet.

In the past I have tried out one or two android screen recording/capturing apps in the google Playstore for my tablet and smartphone running on the Android operating system.

And they didn’t quite impress with the result I got after testing them out. Some of the apps were either stopping incessantly and automatically closing themselves; while recording was going on. While some others I tested may just seem too slow kind off.

Few years down the line, things have really changed; there are quite a number of cool and impressive screen grab/record apps to choose from google’s Playstore.

You too can try them out for your android device; simply have to choose the one that suits your needs and delight.

With this listing you will get a glimpse of what the best of them are capable of doing. You can then, decide to try any one that appeals to you.

Without much further ado, lets quickly delve into the Google PlayStore and travel through some of the screen recording apps that try to out do each other to give users the best recording experience.

This listing tries to sieve through numerous screen record apps and bring up the cool once for users to try out. If one of your favorite screen recording applications happens not to be included, simply indicate, via the comment section, by telling us why it’s cool. Alright! lets check all of em out!.

Best Android Screen Record/Capture apps

#1. Du Recorder:

Du Recorder is one of the best screen recorder for android in Google Play Store. The app is free to install and provides high quality screen recording with no need to pass through the process of rooting your device to use it.

Du Recorder can screen grab, record video, edit video smoothly. If you are looking to record a video game on YOUTUBE, TV shows on your device, Video calls etc, then Du Recorder is a cool option to give a try.

#2. Screen Recorder:

Screen Recorder is a completely ad free screen capturing application for android that provides a simple UI design and build, that can make screen recording in android very easy.

The app comes in multi languages. You can perform other functions too, like to insert a logo, text or an image. You can cut and trim with options to choose between night or day mode.

#3. Screen Recorder AppSmartz:

Screen Recorder by AppSmartz, provides  a quick solution to record video on android device without need to root.

This app is able to work whether the selfie/front camera of the android device works or not. You can perform other functionalities too after capturing a video of your screen like, drawing on the recorded footage.

#4. MobiZen Screen Recorder:

MobiZen Screen Recorder application for android, is one of the most popular screen recording apps in the android platform.

Provides a simplistic and easy to use interface with ability to screen record, edit and perform other operations on captured videos.

With MobiZen, you can easily record videos in the Full HD format. Requires no rooting of any sort on your device. Getting MobiZen to work on your device just requires a click of button to install it.

#5. AZ Screen Recorder:

AZ Screen Recorder for android devices, is one of the oldest screen recording apps in PLAY STORE.

The creators know their stuffs and the app as improved over the years with cool features and functionalities to provide better experience for its users.

With AZ Screen Recorder, you are not only able to record your screen in video formats like, HD and FHD.

But, you can also edit the videos. AZ recorder comes with no disturbing ads, doesn’t require rooting your device, no watermarks and no time limit. All you do, is hit the button and you set for first screen recording experience.

#6. Screen Recorder VideoShow with Audio:

This app can record games playing on your android screen, videos and other stuffs happening in your android screen with a clear video output. The app has a wide user reach and reviews.

Also comes with other functionalities, added to make recording your screen an effective and dynamic process. Does not require rooting, no time limit and no watermarks.

#7. Screen Recorder For Game, Video Call, Online Video:

As the name suggest, you can use this app to perform all of the functions listed in a breeze. Video capture is provided in high definition.

The app is easy to use with simplistic design. With just a tap of a button and another tap, you can record and stop record.

The app is stable over the years in terms of bug reports and built with user experience in mind. Comes with other functionalities like, editing recorded videos, sharing, etc.

Features, include, Screen capture, Picture Editor, Live Broadcast Creator, Facecam and other cool stuffs you will only get to explore when installed.

#8. Screen Recorder VN:

The app is a simple screen recording application for android, with also the ability to trim, edit the recorder video like many other screen grab apps in Playstore.

You can easily share the recorded video out to the world on social networks. Other functionalities include, delay recording, resolution changing, and easy accessibility to the touch button for recording. The output video format is of high quality.

#9. Rec Screen Record:

This one has almost a 5 star rating, which implies credibility from users. Has good user reviews.

The app offers an easy to use user interface that is pretty and gets your screen recording done in a jiffy.

This app, is one of the best screen recording apps, you could get in Google Playstore.

No need to buy, no need to root your device, no time limit. Can record in high quality video formats and comes with other cool features. Oops! what are you still waiting for, try check give this app a try.

#10. Omni Screen Recorder:

Omni Screen Recorder, is a free android app for android device and has a pretty decent rating on Google Playstore with also quite a number of user reviews.

The app is free to use and offer a pleasant user interface that is easy to use and you can get your first screen grab record in no time. You can use gesture, like shake the phone to stop record.

Option to record in high quality video format. No root needed, no time limit and no disturbing ads.

You can also do Gif’s as well as capture photos. You can edit the videos using a number of editing tools and also share the videos to friends on social media networks.

#11. ScreenSyn Screen:

Though ScreenSyn Screen, comes with a tiny price tag, hardly up to a dollar. The app is a simple, yet powerful app for screen grabbing and recording.

No root required, no time limits or bothering about watermarks in some of the free apps and no ads.

Video recording allows for QHD, FHD, HD, and other small resolution records. Has a pretty high rating in the Google Playstore with good reviews also from users.

If you are looking on going Pro on screen recording of mobile games, tutorials etc; then, ScreenSyn Screen, is worth the trial.

#12. Super Screen Recorder:

One of the best Screen Recording android application in the Google Play Store. It comes with lots of user reviews.

If you are looking to capture high quality video, take cool screen shots, record TV shows, Gaming etc then this app will do just fine. Record is free, the app is stable, no crashing, no need for root, you can edit videos, image etc.

#13. Screen Recorder No Root:

Though this one is a paid app, roughly around 3USD or less. The app is pretty a 5 star rating app with positive reviews and feedback from users in the Playstore.

Not a bad app to let out the coin for. Screen Recorder doesn’t need root, no ads and a small app that simplifies the process of screen recording.

The app also supports recording audio voice too via mic; like if you want to do a video guide while at same time recording your screen.

#14. Super Free Screen Recorder:

Here is another cool video screen grab recording app on Google Playstore. The app has a good rating with also good user reviews.

Easily captures your screen in high video format. You can edit as well as share the videos on social platform.

Though if you want to go pro, then it’s advisable to go for other variants. But, just for normal screen recording, this app is just fine.

#15. AirShou Screen Recorder:

AirShou Screen Recorder, is one in many screen recorder in the Google Playstore, that impresses with it’s feature and how efficient it does screen capture.

The android screen recording application comes with an almost 5 stars rating and boast of positive user reviews. In terms of design, it is simplistic and navigation buttons to get things done is user friendly.

The app can record in HD and also in the FHD quality format. No watermarks, no ads, and no time limit. No need for root too when using android 5 operating system and higher versions.

Allows you to record once face or emotions in a small window, which can be dragged freely to any position on the screen.

You can customize the size and set level of opacity. You can also record an audio via the mic and automatically mix it into the screen recording.

#16. Lollipop Screen Recorder:

Lollipop Screen Recording application, is another awesome application for screen recording.

If you are looking for a screen recording application which can save directly to an external SD card, then, you should consider Lollilop Screen recorder.

Easy to use and no disturbing/annoying ads. Light weight in size and works pretty fine. To run Lollipop Screen Recorder app, you would at least a minimum of a device running android 5.0 OS.

#17. ADV Screen Recorder:

ADV Screen Recorder application, is another easy to use, straight forward and light weight android screen recording application.

The app lets you record your screen in a snap. No need for rooting, no watermarks and other annoying stuffs.

#18. Super Screen Recorder:

Super Screen Recorder is a free screen recording application for android devices with almost a 5 star user rating in Google Playstore.

No need for root, no time limit issues,  no watermark and other annoying advertisement.

It also comes with an easy to use GUI for users. Can record in FHD quality and comes with an inside editor for tweaking the recorded video the way best fits your liking.

Also comes with GIF maker, brush tool and also video editing manager.

#19. EZ Screen Recorder:

EZ Screen Recorder, is another cool app for screen recording you can find for your android device.

No ads, easy to use interface, comes with trimming tool inside it after recording the screen.

No need for root, no watermarks and no time limit. Just click a button and begin your recording.

You can also use the front camera recording feature which allows you to customize any place you would like for front camera preview while recording the screen.

Allows for high quality recording in HD, 720p and 1080p formats.

#20. Screen Recorder with Audio and Face Cam:

This one offers you with another very cool option for recording your android screen. Has a good user rating on Google Playstore.

The screen Recording application is Free to use and easy to go about producing your first grab. Records in HD format too. No need for rooting and also no watermarks.

#21. Secret Screen Recorder:

Secret Screen Recorder, just like any other screen recording app out there, brings recording functionality to android users, but, this time with the ability to record even secretly.

The app can record everything that happens on your phone, so you know if someone enters some places in your phone.

Simple to use and user friendly. Records in HD. No need for root and comes with other cool functionalities too.

#22. Hidden Screen Recorder:

Hidden screen recorder application for android as the name implies, lets you record your screen just like any other android screen recording application, but, this time, comes with the ability to hide the recording icon, so as to assume incognito.

You can save to external storage SD card. No watermark, no root and no time limit. You can also record in HD and FHD formats too.

Comes with a simple and simplistic user interface and you can also share to friends on social media networks.

#23. Screen Recorder DMF:

Here is another average screen recording application for android. Record videos, like games and tutorials easily with just few clicks. Comes with a fair star rating. Comes with editing features too for your videos.

#24. Go Recorder:

Go recorder allows users to record game live streams, to do screen recordings, video editing and also capture screen shots in HD format.

Go Recorder, also comes with an editor inside it to turn recorded videos into any form you would want it. Comes with an almost 5 star Google Play rating. Nice user reviews.

#25. RecMe Free Screen Recorder:

RecMe Screen Recorder is another cool app for screen recording that you can give  a try in the Google Playstore.

It comes with a decent rating and also both positive reviews and negative reviews also.

You don’t get a time limit like as in other screen recording applications, no watermark and can record in HD quality.

#26. Game Screen Recorder:

Game Screen Recorder is a premium free screen recording application on android devices that works well with android game recording and screen recording in general.

Doesn’t require rooting. Comes with an editor for the video, you can share with friends via social networks too.

#27. Screen Recorder for All:

This is another easy to use and simple screen recording application for android devices.

You can record screen while tinkering with apps or while playing games. You can do live recordings. Perform video editing on the recorded screen capture.

Do Gif’s and a host of other functions. Easily share videos with friends and family when done.

#28. No Root Record to Video:

No Root Record as the name implies, is another simple to use android screen grab video recording application.

Free to use and no need for rooting. No Root Record, provides a simple user interface. Has an average rating on Google Playstore. You may just skip this one, and go to next app.

#29. Games Screen Recorder:

Though, not the best screen recording app for games, comes with ads inside. And also has time limit.

The good thing, it offers a free to use option and also no need for rooting. Just click to install and run.

#30. Smart Screen Record:

Another free and easy to use screen recording app in Google Playstore. Has an average user review. Contains ads.

If you really want to do something demanding, like several video screen recording capture project, then simply go with other options that are reliable.

The good thing about this one is that it is free. And nothing more.

On a last note, just in case by chance, your favorite android screen recording or screen grab app happens not to be included in this drop down list.

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below for other users perusal. Bye for now!. See ya’ in the next post.

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