9Mobile Data Bundles USSD Codes[Updated]

This post is all about 9Mobile Data Bundles USSD Codes. Here’s a Snippet- Etisalat Internet Data Plan. Usable on all device types that supports internet. Laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, phablets, android, blackberry. You can use the purchased data to surf through web pages in Google and other internet resources.

9Mobile Data Bundles USSD Codes

  • 1.5 GB for 1000 Naira, dial *229*2*7#
  • 3.5GB for 2000 Naira, dial *229*2*8#
  • 5GB for 6,500 Naira, dial *229*2*3#
  • 8GB for 8000 Naira, dial *229*2*5#
  • 10GB for 10,o00 Naira, dial *229*4*1#
  • 15GB for 15,ooo Naira, dial *229*4*2#
  • 20GB for 18,000 Naira, dial *229*4*3#

More info on 9Mobile Data plan dial 229.

To check data bundle *228#.

The above plan may involve Auto-Renewal. To stop auto renewal, dial *229*0#. Roll over applies when you purchase same bundle.

You may also want to see the Etisalat 1k for 3GB Plan.

9mobile have been one the best internet service providers in Nigeria. The Telecom company have maintained a reliable network infrastructure across many books and crannies in the country. They have been very consistent with their internet data reliability.

9mobile, formerly, known as Etisalat in Nigeria have had numerous internet data bundles that allows for it’s users to gain access to the internet, you can learn more on various 9mobile internet data bundles.

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The above are just little snippets of some of the internet data bundles available in 9mobile. Which 9mobile subscribers can opt for.

These internet data bundles are quite numerous, but some of the most used ones, includes the likes of, 9mobile Daily Internet Data Bundles, 9mobile Weekly Internet Data Bundles, 9mobile Monthly Internet Data Bundles and 9mobile Weekend Internet Data Bundles.

All of these internet data subscriptions and bundles allows various users to tap in to the limitless possibilities of using the internet and the various perks that comes around it.

The internet data bundles of 9mobile works on all platforms and devices that connects to the internet. Whether you are using a laptop, mobile smartphone, tablet etc you get a smooth access to the internet when you subscribe for anybody the 9mobile internet data bundles.

Another cool internet data bundles that 9mobile subscribers can opt for, is the 9mobile Social Bundles, also known as the 9mobile Chat Pack.

This internet data bundles on 9mobile network allows various users to gain unlit access to social media networks like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, 2go etc.

The 9mobile Social Chat Pak comes at an affordable pricing, which is easy to subscribe by most users.

Moreso,the Chat Pak internet data bundles is one of the pioneers of social media internet bundles in Nigeria.

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