Etisalat SocialME PACK Unlimited Access to Social Apps

Etisalat SocialME PACK Unlimited Access to Social Apps
Etisalat SocialME PACK Unlimited Access to Social Apps. Get unlimited access to social Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and BBM by opting for the weekly SocialMe Pack data plan at 150 Naira or the Monthly SocialMe Plan at 500 Naira.

To subscribe use the *200# USSD code and follow up the menu procedures for Social Apps Data or use the Below code:

Social Me Pack Weekly Data Bundle *343*6*10# and Social Me Pack Monthly Data Bundle *343*6*11#.

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Etisalat SocialME PACK Unlimited Access to Social Apps

The social internet bundles of Etisalat also 9mobile will allow for users in the Nigerian space to gain access to social media.

Thus, boost productivity and accessibility of users making essential use of the social platforms to improve their lives.

With such affordable social media internet data bundles offered by Etisalat 9mobile, more Nigerians could be able to use the network to boost their businesses, meet new friends, learn things online, advertise their products, e-commerce, share information and help one another towards social engineering.

The Etisalat 9mobile social internet bundles offered are of different types depending on the social network. Though, there is the one that covers for all of the social media, which is more higher in price.

There is social bundles for Facebook, Social internet bundles for Twitter, Social Internet bundles for WhatsApp, Social internet bundles for YouTube streaming, Social media bundles for Instagram. And there is one single one that covers for all also given in the posting above.

The social media internet data bundles for Facebook allows access to the popular social media network. The social media bundles for Twitter allows access to the Twitter network while the one for WhatsApp and YouTube, allows for chatting friends and streaming videos on both both platforms respectively.

Etisalat 9mobile social media pack have really helped to make users manage data subscription by providing more value for money.

Many people will find this social media bundles useful, as people always make use of various social media networks for various purpose.

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